Beautiful rivers and mountains

  • The hot palm brushed my chest, and my mind was in chaos. I tried to push him away several times, but finally I held back and held on stubbornly. His lips slid all the way down, his chest suddenly felt a chill, faded, wet lips in my side, I snorted, my back arched, trembling all over. Feng Yi took advantage of the situation to pick me up, one hand around my waist, the other hand slipped down and pulled my son away. I nervously reached for his hand, but he waved it away. Uh My mouth was dry and my throat seemed to be breathing fire. I wanted to hide subconsciously, but he pushed me down on the mat again. His body immediately covered up, and his knees pushed my legs apart. My skin touches each other, boiling hot as fire, and my fine hair stands up involuntarily, rolling layer after layer of tiny pimples on my body. Look at me. He straightened my face with his hand, looked down at me, flushed his cheeks and breathed slightly. "For the last time, do you continue or give up?" I opened my mouth, but I couldn't say a word. A voice flashed across my mind like lightning: "Trust me!"! Lihua, you believe me. I closed my eyes, and the voice kept hovering in my mind, lingering, and I bit my lips tightly until the tip of my tongue tasted a trace of fishy sweetness. Liar! Liar It's all a lie! It's just an elaborate lie! I will double the pain you have inflicted on me! Give it all back to you. I opened my arms numbly, hugged Feng Yi tightly, and offered red lips to kiss him in despair. Feng Yi's crown of hair fell off, and his long black hair cascaded down like a waterfall, covering my face like a cloud and covering my eyes. The lower part of the body slightly tight, I violently shook, he pressed me, do not let me have the opportunity to retreat. With the slow rhythm of the inexplicable tremor, that slightly swollen tingling, like a sharp blade,stainless steel welded pipe, repeatedly stabbed into my heart, the injured heart was soaked with blood. Liu Xiu. Liu Xiu. Tears surged out uncontrollably. Liu Xiu. Liu Xiu. The name read over and over again in my heart is always him, always only him! No matter what I do, I can't erase him from my heart all my life. Fall in love with him and let yourself go to hell! I sobbed, covering my eyes with the back of my hand, and the cry grew louder. I know I shouldn't cry, at least not at this time, for the man who hurt me deeply, knowing that it's not worth it, but my heart is so helpless, hesitant, sad, and even desperate. I love him, and I can't forget him all the time! Unless Wait until I stop breathing and won't miss that moment. When his hand was removed, Feng Yi gasped and gently wiped away my tears. In the tears, the sadness in his eyes was fully displayed in front of me. Don't cry! He kissed my eyelashes, slowly withdrew, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe ,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, and finally put his right hand on the mat and bounced off. With his back to me, he quickly put on his clothes and exhaled heavily, "Go back." Go back and be your queen. Lying flat on the bed, I felt that my body and mind were all powdered, and that they would be blown away by the wind at any time and anywhere, and turned into nothingness. Feng Yi didn't look back. I couldn't see his expression. He put on his clothes, opened the wooden door and went straight away. I curled my body up and wailed with my arms over my head. I want to go back, but.. I can't go back! I want to escape back to the heaven that won't make me sad, but. God did not favor me. I am doomed to be forced to stay here and become Yin Lihua, whose name has been completely forgotten and discarded. No longer exists. Beautiful Jiangshan White Tiger Volume Xuanwu Volume Abandoned Chapter Words: 2442 Updated: 09-08-01 10:45 Abandon Sure enough, it rained heavily in the middle of the night. I cried all night in the sound of the torrential rain. At daybreak, I stumbled down Mangshan Mountain, bypassed Luoyang City, and went all the way south. I didn't go back to Luoyang, and I didn't go back to Nangong, which made me sad and painful. Because of the war, there are not a few refugees along the way, in the wilderness, it is difficult to survive alone, so refugees often like to get together in groups. But the gathering of large groups of people, while helpful to each other, has made the supply of food a major problem. Apart from digging wild vegetables to satisfy their hunger, they could only beg from the residents, but if the object of begging was some rich families who were good at bullying the weak, they would often be driven away, and even those with bad conduct would be beaten by house slaves. Refugees are often unarmed women and children, and there are few men. Even if I am disheartened and numb, I can't see this kind of bullying behavior, so I have to jump out and beat them. My act of fighting violence with violence was regarded as a "righteous" act, and over time, I became the leader of this group of refugees virtually. When I left Luoyang, I didn't think clearly where I was going. Now I saw more and more refugees gathered under my hands, and many of them even came to "admire their fame". By the time we entered the boundary of Yingchuan County, it was summer in June, and people on the road kept getting sick, either starving to death or dying of illness. Some people began to play the idea of dead bodies, even to cook and eat corpses, I tried to stop them reluctantly. Looking at those emaciated faces because they can't fill their stomachs, I can't help but tremble. If I take them around again, it will eventually harm others and myself. Helplessly, thinking that the Yin family had a lot of ancestral property, it should not be a big problem to raise twenty or thirty people, so he chose to go south and planned to take people back to Xinye. Passing by the city of the father on this day, someone found out that Yang Xiahou had returned to his hometown to sweep the tomb. Emperor Jianwu Longen issued an edict to Taizhong Dafu to send cattle wine, and within two hundred miles, the prefect, officials below Duwei and the Feng clan went to the city of the father to offer sacrifices. The scene was so big that it was unimaginable. Many people urged me to go to the city of my father, because there were many officials gathered there, and it might be easier to get food, but I faintly noticed something strange. At the time of the war, he went back to his hometown to offer sacrifices to ancestors and sweep tombs, and the ostentation and extravagance were so big that Feng Yiping did not like to take credit, and Liu Xiu advocated frugality and simplicity, which was too coincidental. I had a ghost in my heart, so naturally I didn't dare to go to my father's city to find out,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, so I went the other way, far away, and hurried south.