Military goods, power and color

  • With a cold hum, he glanced at her and threw the camera in his hand to her without resistance. Director Yan has no common sense. Video? Of course I have connected it to my home computer. What do you need this camera for? All right, if you want it, I'll give it to you. Why grab it? You.. You Yan Rong took a look at the camera and threw it out. His chest was so angry that he couldn't say anything. How am I?! Take color shallow voice, lips with a sarcastic smile, "you rest assured, you do not remember love, I still remember love.". For the sake of elder sister Quan, I won't release the video easily. However, next, it depends on the performance of Director Yan. Yan Rong gnashed his teeth and stared at her with red eyes, wishing he could bite her flesh. Zhan Se, you shameless fox spirit, how dare you play with me? Zhan Se shrugged his shoulders, smiled easily, brushed his wine-stained clothes, and threw back what she had just said to her. Do you have the ability to play with me? Yan Rong was extremely angry, and his beautiful face was somewhat distorted. "Don't think you won like this.". I tell you, even if you go to the Criminal Investigation Department, you will work under my hands. What do you think you can get? Wake up! Zhan Se glanced at her, imitating her contempt just now. If I can play you once, I can play you twice. Director Yan, I also tell you, don't think I'm easy to bully. Staring at her with a ferocious face,uns s32750 sheet, Yan Rong almost went mad. All right, if you want to expose it, you can expose it. It's just a video. Who do you think will believe you. Do you think public opinion will be on your side? Don't forget that in this society, public opinion is also manipulated by power! "Oh, are you really going to wear the imitation sheepskin to the end?"? Unconvinced, wait and see, goodbye! The wine on his body made his clothes wet, and Zhan Se had lost the interest of entangling with this woman. He lifted his lips and laughed derisively. Out of the corner of his eye, he swept Du Xiaoren,uns c70600, who was standing beside him at a loss and looking anxious. He sneered in his heart and turned out of the box without looking at her again. Behind him came the sound of Yan Rong's frantic scolding. Champ, you wait for me! I'm not done with you. Cool color of light, floating on the eyes of the color. Not finished? It's better if it's not over. In fact, she is not sure whether this video will be useful, after all, Yan Rong's eldest brother Yan Zhongqian status is there, otherwise it will not cause her so arrogant personality. To put it bluntly, how much hatred does she have with Yan Rong? The first time I saw her, it was Wei Jibei who sent her back to the juvenile detention center. At that time, seeing the obvious hostility in Yan Rong's eyes, she just thought that these people were naturally cold and reserved, and did not care. The second time I saw her, because Wei Jibei asked her to go home, and Wei Cuo's dependence on himself, Yan Rong was even more furious. But even so, she did not expect that she would hide such a killing. Seriously speaking, it's just a trivial matter. She's used to manipulating other people's lives. She's used to being on the top of the power. Her unreasonable mind makes trouble. It's estimated that she has long forgotten what the "law" is. And this time, x70 line pipe ,x52 line pipe, she is to let her remember, this world, there is still "law". Holding this video in his hand, he said that it was no problem for Yan Rong to compromise when she was small, and that if she did not compromise when she was big, it would be entirely possible for her to lose her reputation if she was really exposed. After all, what people want is justice. No matter how powerful her Yan family is, she can't cover the sky. Back to Jinshan Villa, she first took a bath and changed her clothes, and then played the video that Sun Qing had sorted out for her from the computer again, and found that it was really wonderful. To put it on the Internet, it is absolutely a villain official image. Of course, taking care of the elder sister and brother-in-law of Quan Shaohuang, Zhan Se will not really release this video on the Internet at this moment, let alone take the initiative to stir up trouble. What she wants to see next is Yan Rong's reaction to this. These days, Quan Shaohuang comes home very late. She had dinner, coaxed thirteen to sleep, and made a phone call to Allen to "report safety", and by the way, she heard the news and reaction of Ai Muran and Yan Rong from her. Finally, as usual, she sat in the study and began to sort out the files. Previously, the main direction of her research was to link the 317 case with the kidnapping and murder case of the juvenile detention center and merge them in order to find out the clues of the latent spy. But that guy was really hiding so deep that she was tearing through the files and couldn't find any additional clues except for the last crime portrait. Think carefully, she is ready to change the strategy and tactics, first shift the focus to check Wang Wei that adulterer above. In this way, things will be much easier. With her fingers propped up on her forehead, her mind repeatedly played back the scenes in Wang Wei's home, playing back the information that she was already familiar with in her chest. Character, life, love outlook, criteria for choosing a spouse.. For a moment, her thoughts were confused, and she wanted to turn on the switch that seemed to hide the mystery, and one after another fragments of analysis hovered in her mind. In the end what kind of man can have that kind of charm, let Wang Wei willing to die for him? Spy, adulterer, Wang Wei, what kind of clues are used to connect the three?! Time slipped by little by little. Through the study of Wang Wei, the spy's problem was not considered clearly, but the theoretical image of Wang Wei's adulterer slowly had a vague outline in her mind. Clap, clap, clap With a smile on her lips, she quickly tapped on the keyboard. About ten minutes later, as soon as she typed out the conclusion, the mobile phone on her desk rang. Only a text message on the screen, the sender is only the number, no name, but it is easy to guess, it is Yan Rong sent over. Zhan Se, you are cruel. You win this time. But between us, it's not over! Is it not over again? If it's not over, who's afraid of who? Grey Wolf always said he would come back. What was the result? I've never eaten mutton in my life. Put down the mobile phone, switch on and off the phone,x56 line pipe, occupied the color of the mood happy to the extreme, stretched a big lazy waist, she walked out of the study quickly. One o'clock in the morning.