Spoil you in my heart.

  • This confession came suddenly, like a stone, thrown into the lake, stirring up a circle of ripples on the calm lake, but the difference was that the ripples stirred in her heart. She would miss him, too, but somehow, some words came to her lips but she was embarrassed to say them, and finally she changed them into another sentence, "Everything is going well." —— Outside the window, a shallow rainbow of seven colors hung in the blue sky. Lu Yilin opened her sleepy eyes and saw such a landscape. It was really a beautiful day, and she smiled unconsciously. She touched the mobile phone on the bedside table, and the first message that came in after turning it on was sent by Chen Mingzheng. I'm sorry for the damage to the princess's door last night. Someone has been arranged to repair it. It will arrive at about noon. All right, I have to concentrate on my work, otherwise how can I make money to pay for the door to my princess? Princess, so, to him, am I his princess? The first time someone called herself that, Lu Yilin was so happy that she rolled on the bed several times. At eleven o'clock, the maintenance personnel arrived as expected. The other side is a boy, wearing navy blue overalls, carrying a gray toolbox in his hand, after entering the door,Inflatable water obstacle course, he greeted Lu Yilin very warmly, well-trained appearance. Lu Yilin sat at the end of the bed, supervising the boy to reinstall the door, supervised for a while, unconsciously imagined him as someone, and then foolishly held the pillow and laughed out loud. When the boy heard the laughter, he turned around and saw that the beautiful owner of the room was staring at him, and his face turned red. Right now, Chen Mingzheng sends a message: "Is the door repaired?" Lu Yilin typed a few words quickly: "It is being repaired.". [Struggle] [Struggle] Chen Mingzheng: What about you? What are you doing Lu Yilin: "Watch the handsome guy repair the door [shy]" Chen Mingzheng,Inflatable water park factory, "handsome boy?" Lu Yilin: Very handsome! [Thumbs up] [Shy] This answer is absolutely from the heart, probably imagined him as Chen Mingzheng's relationship, she really felt that the repairman was particularly handsome. After the news was sent out, Lu Yilin waited for a while without waiting for Chen Mingzheng's reply. She thought about it, mischievous cells began to make trouble, deliberately sent a message in the past, "Thank you for Mr. Chen's arrangement, very pleasing to the eye!"! I can't take my eyes off him because he is so handsome. [Color]. Color [Smirks] Then, soon, she received two words from Chen Mingzheng- "Hehe." You big head ghost! Lu Yilin threw her cell phone on the bed. The boy is taking a wrench to screw there, Lu Yilin pulls the slipper to walk over, "Hey, handsome boy, I want to ask.." She wanted to care about the progress, but who knows, the words have not finished, inflatable bounce house with slide ,inflatable water slide, the boy looked up at her, his face was red, his heart was nervous, the wrench in his hand fell off, directly knocked on his instep, "Oh," a scream. Lu Yilin looked at it and felt pain. "Are you all right?" And helped him pick up the wrench. No, no, it's okay. The boy blushed, but never dared to look up at her again. He took the wrench from her hand with an embarrassed face and continued to work with his head down. Lu Yilin thought, or do not ask him, otherwise if he accidentally missed again, how to hurt himself? Come to repair the door, but also the whole work injury, that is too boring, wait for him to repair it. When she returned to bed, Chen Mingzheng's message came again, "I think he will lose his job soon.". If you want to know exactly when, it's probably when I finish my trip here and go back to G City. That's the right reaction! Lu Yilin was secretly happy. At the same time, the maintenance boy sneezed heavily. When the door was repaired, Lu Yilin sent away the handsome man who repaired it, and then took two pictures of the brand-new door and sent them to Chen Mingzheng for acceptance. The two photos are selected from different angles to facilitate Chen Mingzheng's judgment. Finally, Lu Yilin had a brainstorm and sent a self-portrait of herself. Chen Mingzheng asked, "The two photos just now are for checking and accepting the results. What is this one for?" Quench one's thirst by looking at plums. ” After the news was sent out for a long time, Lu Yilin did not wait for Chen Mingzheng's reply, is the joke too much, make him angry? The waiting time is always long, she holds the mobile phone, staring at the screen left and right, sitting or standing, feeling like waiting for half a century so long, finally before she was about to give up, received Chen Mingzheng's message. "I also have a gift for you," he wrote in the message. The author has something to say: What will be the gift prepared by Mr. Chen? Guess to get a red envelope ^ _ ^, guess to get a big red envelope! Lu Yilin's character, a little naughty element, but her past life has been too depressed, has not had the opportunity to display this talent. So do you feel that after she met Chen Mingzheng, she seemed to have found a free world [laugh]. The first time we met, she deliberately stepped on Chen Mingzheng's feet. Do you remember? This time, I made a big move. After kissing, I ran away and sent photos. Seduction or something Imagine Mr. Chen alone in a mess, haha. The author is now feeling the thrill of mischief. [Smiles] [smiles] [little smiles] Chapter 9 Lu Yilin held her cell phone, stared at the screen and waited and waited, feeling like she had waited for half a century, and finally received a message from Chen Mingzheng just before she was about to give up. "I also have a gift for you," he wrote in the message. Lu Yilin sat up from the bed and sent three curious expressions in the past. After a while, she received a call from Chen Mingzheng. His magnetic voice, coming from the receiver, grabbed all her attention. Elim, you go to the window now. Lu Yilin climbed out of bed without hesitation and couldn't wait to put on her shoes,Inflatable outdoor park, so she ran to the window according to Chen Mingzheng's instructions and stood there looking left and right. See that car parked outside? "Yes, a black car." Lu Yilin suddenly reacted, "How do you know we parked in front of our house?" You're back? Are you in the car? Lu Yilin sent out a series of questions in surprise. joyshineinflatables.com