The whole world knows I'm a good guy.

  • "Anyway, your grades will be announced at the parents' meeting, and then the parents will have another meeting, and everyone will be able to go home on vacation." Shi Qing yawned lazily: "Teacher, my parents are busy. Can they not come to attend?" "No." "Don't you want your family to see such an excellent self?" The old class said, "You have made great progress this time. It's better to let your parents see your progress." He said, quite proud to announce: "The teacher here, keep all your papers from the beginning of school to the present, but also made a score increase table, which time you rise, which time you fall, are clear at a glance, here I want to praise Shiqing, most of the students in the class are up and down, a small part of it, has maintained the original results unchanged." "But only Shi Qing!"! His grades have been rising,inflatable amusement park, it can be said that this time the parents' meeting, in addition to Zhuo Junli that has always maintained the first grade table, the second can be taken out to praise. Looking at the proud old class, the school bully turned to Zhuo Junli's ear and whispered, "I've been the last one before, and I have no place to fall." The young man looked at him softly and pulled his little finger gently: "The teacher is right, you are very good." I was praised by my lover. The school bully's ears turned red and gave a dry cough: "Of course I know I'm awesome." Then,inflatable castle with slide, also slowly hooked Zhuo Junli's finger. The two of them were playing tricks at the bottom. The old class above was still saying seriously: "Now you are in the second year of high school, and the third year of high school is not far away. This class meeting is very solemn. The teacher wants to tell your parents your usual grades and the degree of hard work, so that you can be better urged next. So you must come to a parents' meeting. You can't not come, do you know?" The sound of knowing sounded sparsely below. Zhuo Junli has always been able to do two things at the same time, heard the old class this sentence, the lips of the smile paused, slowly faded down. The school bully was keenly aware of his mistake and went up strangely: "What's the matter?" The young man shook his head. "Nothing." Seeing that Shi Qing really believed his words and continued to play with his fingers in boredom, Zhuo Jun left his eyes slightly dark and lowered his eyes. He thought of his father. The father who beat him from childhood to adulthood, never had a trace of fatherly love, not only did not raise him, but also tried to take away his scholarship every time. Once upon a time, Inflatable bouncer ,inflatable floating water park, Zhuo Junli could endure or escape. He is like a dormant eagle, quietly waiting for the fluff to fade. Only when they grow up can they completely get rid of the control of their violent fathers. He can endure. Anyway, he has put up with it for so long, and any more time is nothing. But now.. Zhuo Junli looked at the yawning Shi Qing. In fact, apart from the first night, Shi Qing did not recite much later, basically similar to the previous work and rest, but the school bully is a very sleepy look every day, lazy people want to carry in their arms wherever they go. Shiqing is the treasure he has for the first time in his life. He could not bear that man to spoil what he thought of him in his mind. The young man lowered his long eyelashes again, and there was no emotion on a beautiful face like a painting. The next day, the parents' meeting. The old class stayed at the door of the classroom early in the morning and said hello when they saw the parents coming. At this time, Zhuo Junli stepped forward with some embarrassment in his eyes and whispered, "Teacher, my father can't come." "Hm?"? What's the matter? Zhuo Junli, the obedient and sensible first grade, is simply the favorite student in the old class. Naturally, he also knows Zhuo Junli's family situation and what kind of person his father is. Now, as soon as he heard that Zhuo Jun could not come from his father, he immediately frowned. What kind of father is this. Even if you don't eat or drink at ordinary times, it's too much for your children to work part-time and get scholarships for their daily expenses, but you can't even attend a parents'meeting! The sadness on the handsome straight A student's face was even heavier. "His leg was broken, and he really couldn't come." Hearing that this was the case, the old class's anger subsided a little. "It's all right. If you can't come, you can't come. Your grades are very stable and you work very hard. In fact, the purpose of the parents'meeting is to let parents urge students. You don't need to be urged. Don't take it to heart." "Well, go downstairs and play for a while. You've been studying for so long, and relax." Zhuo Junli nodded sensibly and thanked him politely: "Thank you, teacher." After thanking him, he turned around and left. The old class looked at the slender figure of the young man and sighed. The child is really sensible and kind. Why do you have such a father. Downstairs, Shiqing is putting his feet up on the basketball like an uncle, basking in the warm sun. Tong, let me tell you a joke. System confused: [What?] Shi Qing: [Yesterday I called someone to ask them to break the legs of the domestic violence man so that he wouldn't come to school to make trouble, and guess what?] System: [What?] Shi Qing: [When my man arrived, his leg was broken.] System Shi Qing: [Do you know how to break it?] He said he drank too much, fell out of bed at home, and broke his leg. He took a pen out of his pocket and waved it in his hand. "What angle do you need to break your leg off the bed? That's a mathematical problem." System [System does not understand.] Shi Qing: [Popularly speaking, the domestic violence man broke his leg smoothly at an angle that is basically impossible for ordinary people to reach after someone used precise calculation.] The system was suddenly enlightened. The system fully understands. Then: [Is someone a name?] Shi Qing raised his eyes, looked ahead,Jumping castle with slide, and gently raised his eyebrows: "Someone is coming." Zhuo Junli is coming this way. In the sunshine, the young man's white face was smiling, and his short hair was covered with a layer of gold because of the sunshine.