What Is a Good Crate Mould

  • With the wide application of crates in transportation and agriculture, most investors have set their sights on the development of Crate Mould factories. Whether you are a crate supplier looking to expand the scale of your factory, or you have no molding experience, we can provide you with a satisfactory crate solution.

    The crate production line includes crate molds, injection molding machines, and auxiliary equipment such as coolers, crushers, automatic material loading, water towers, etc.

    What is a good quality crate mold? First of all, you need to choose the right mold steel. Depending on the production capacity, the crate mold will choose P20 for a single cavity and DIN 1.2344 for two or four cavities. The second is the best mold structure. Taking advantage of exporting about 400-500 sets of crate tools to all customers around the world, we have an understanding of marketing and independent design and development. Last but not least is the delivery time of the mold.

    After preparing an excellent crate mold, it is also important to find an efficient molding machine for injecting the crate. We need to consider the injection speed, pressure, and molding weight of the machine and check whether it runs stably. The production of packaging boxes is huge, which means short cycle time and lowest box weight. To this end, we need to improve other equipment. The water chiller improves the cooling effect and saves the time of the automatic material loader.

    If you have any questions about crate mould and Dustbin Mould, please feel free to contact me.