Led Motorcycle Speedometer Is Becoming More And More Popular

  • With the increasing popularity of family motorcycles, the utilization rate of Led motorcycle speedometer is getting higher and higher, and more and more factories will choose motorcycle speedometers. For now, motorcycle speedometers can be divided into three categories: body-type motorcycle speedometers, split-type motorcycle speedometers, and plug-in motorcycle speedometers.

    1. Body-shaped motorcycle speedometer: the converter is directly connected to the sensor, suitable for on-site display.

    2. Split-type motorcycle speedometer: The converter and the sensor are connected by a signal line, which is suitable for on-site measurement environments where the environment is poor and remote display is required.

    3. Plug-in motorcycle speedometer: It is suitable for large pipe diameter measurement without cutting the pipe for installation. It is convenient to transport and cost-effective. It is often used on sites where the measurement accuracy is not high.

    Regardless of the plug-in motorcycle speedometer, let's talk about the split and body motorcycle speedometers. The working principles and points of these two products are the same, and the selection is also the same. The points are that the pressure loss is small, the measuring range is large, and the accuracy is high. When measuring the volume flow of working conditions, it is almost independent of fluid density, pressure, The influence of temperature, viscosity, and other parameters. It's just that the body type motorcycle speedometer is connected to the sensor and the converter. lcd digital speedometer is to connect the sensor and the converter through the signal cable, and the converter can be placed in any suitable place. Of course, the general split body is more resistant to high temperature than the body.