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WoW: The mission table and its future

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    December 30, 2021 12:21 AM EST

    WoW: The mission table and its future

    There is silence in the Kyrian pact headquarters. Now and then you can hear the soft clacking of golden shoe soles, which is lost in the vastness of Bastion. Three times an hour a cheerful provost hops down the aisles to serve pastries and refreshments to those present. The calm is interrupted when a gray-haired dwarf paladin with clinking armor stomps up the gigantic staircase in the middle of the fortress and leans against the adventure table with a rumbling sigh. The dwarf’s face speaks of indignation and a lot of sleep deprivation. “Shall we go again, huh?” His voice is harsh like old rock. He takes a quick look at his anima display, then grimaces in displeasure. When he sets up his champions with a few brief movements of the hand, he mumbles sullenly, “Ask me why I’m still doing this.” He snorts so that his whiskers are blowing. “Must be that darned sense of duty.”To get more news about safe wow gold, you can visit official website.

    In the background a young blood elf rogue strolls through the magnificent colonnades. When he arrives at the adventure table, he winks mischievously at the ancient dwarf. “For fame, honor and the light! Right old man?” He laughs as clear as a bell at his own joke and waves it away. “Let’s be honest, we’re only doing this for the booty anyway, huh?” The dwarf growls grumpy and pushes his champion Pelodis into the front row in front of Kleia. The entire champion squad disappears with a quiet plop. “My boy.” The paladin turns his head with tectonic slowness. “I was already here when the thing,” he points to the table in their midst, “was still called the mission table. I dragged the monster with me for four expansions. To Draenor. To Azeroth. To Kul Tiras. And now to the damned afterlife myself. I’ve seen the poor table degenerate from a symbol of financial freedom to an anima-guzzling employment machine. No, I’m not doing this for the ‘booty’ my boy. I’m doing it because we’re going to war against the jailer have to win. ” The blood elf rolls his eyes and smiles pityingly. “Okay, boome-“

    Minutes later, the elf wakes up on a silk divan with a throbbing skull. An attentive provost blinks his owl face at him as he wipes his forehead with a cool rag. “Awake again, boy?” The villain fends off the little owl’s gifts with waving hands and gets up. When he sees the dwarf still bent over the mission table, he carefully steps up and raises his hands. “Don’t hit me anymore, okay?” The dwarf looks at him from under bushy eyebrows and nods barely noticeably. Encouraged, the blood elf leans forward. “You have to admit that you are exaggerating a little. Some things are simply better these days! How about the Autobattler, for example? The rewards? The effort!” “You don’t get it, my boy,” growls the dwarf. “See, if the stakes are higher than the rewards, the whole game is no longer worth it.” “Better than everyone just sitting in their garrisons and printing money!” Both pause and look at the adventure table for a while. “Tell me …” begins the blood elf. The dwarf interrupts him and slowly nods. “Right. Let’s continue the discussion over a cool mug of beer.” The two of them leave the room with a low murmur. In the background the Provost wipes the floor as if he were a quiet thing! hears and waddles in front of the mission table. The words “Adventure failed” floats in transparent red letters above the table top. Big dark owl eyes blink in confusion. Then the Provost nudges the “off” switch with the handle of his mop.

    Sometimes WoW shapes features and terms that then spread like wildfire through the online world. For example, Blizzard made the word “transmog” socially acceptable in practically all online role-playing games – although The Lord of the Rings Online established the concept under the catchphrase “outfitting” three years earlier. With the pet fights, which were rather ridiculed at the beginning, WoW even cut a large piece of the coveted Pokémon cake. When the mission table was announced with Warlords of Draenor, many players hoped for a similar course: Blizzard grabs the concept of a time-consuming mobile game, works its voodoo magic and makes a great feature out of it that we like and often from this point on to use. Why not, because the concept makes perfect sense: play even when you’re not playing! Also stay at work in Azeroth, because while you toil, your loyal followers collect resources for you.

    The result was a solid, albeit controversial, system that combined the “get them” mechanics of pet fights with crisp rewards. However, the concept got cracks as the mission table was further trimmed with each expansion. In this overview, we examine how the table has developed over the years and whether it still has a right to exist in WoW in its current form. Because seriously: If Shadowlands had started without the mission table – would you have missed it?