Wife's men.

  • "Wife!"! Gigi, Gigi, wake up! Don't scare me, wake up! Teng Chunyu hugged her and cried in panic. He had already lost consciousness. The moment he ran out and saw the heavy figure crash into the car, he couldn't feel anything. Let the tears flow, holding her sitting in the street, surrounded by a group of people watching, what they said, Teng Chun language can not be heard at all. It's not my fault! She came out of nowhere. My car has been very slow, the red light passed, just started, I did not know she would suddenly rush out ah! It's really not my fault, it's not my fault! The driver who caused the accident anxiously explained that he had hit a pregnant woman. If something really happened, he could not afford to pay for one corpse and two lives. The moment Xin Boqi was carried to the ambulance, Teng Chunyu collapsed. He held Xin Boqi's hand tightly, fearing that if he let go, he would lose her. Honey, I was wrong. Don't scare me so much. Open your eyes. Look at me. Think about the child. Gigi, why are you so stupid? Even if this child is not mine, I will treat it as my own. Why are you so stupid? Why did you run away? I don't blame you at all, Kiki. You're punishing me. Wife, you know how much I love you, I love you all my life, you leave me, what should I do? Kiki, you can't do this to me! Qiqi, don't you like Lijiang? When the baby is born, I will apply for a transfer to Yunnan. We will live in the ancient city of Dayan. I will accompany you no matter how crazy you want to be. You hold on, you hold on, okay? I know you're in pain, but just think of it as for me, for the sake of the child, and stick to it! "I beg you, if you pity me once,Nail machine manufacturer, will you pity me once?" Teng Chunyu clenched her hand and cried loudly. Nothing is more important than people. She just loves to play. As long as they are husband and wife, it doesn't matter. She just loves to play. If he could be more rational at that time, comfort her and tell her that she didn't hear what she said, then she wouldn't have rushed out and been hit by a car, right? As long as she is good, as long as he can keep her, then everything is not important, but at that time, why did he hesitate, why did he slow down to chase out? Xin Boqi heard someone crying in the dim light, she wanted to open her eyes to see, but the great pain made her forget, so she finally groaned out, more like crying. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts. Teng Chunyu froze, tears still crackling down, he put his ear close to her lips, Nail machine supplier ,nail manufacturing machine, heard her slight wail. Joy exploded in her heart, "Qiqi, you woke up, you scared me to death!"! You endure, we go to the hospital immediately, you endure, we go to the hospital immediately, you endure ah. "Son, my son, my son, don't kill him, don't kill them." Xin Boqi suddenly opened her eyes, grasped Teng Chunyu's hand with both hands, and clasped his hand forcefully. His hand had been scratched bloody by her. The baby is fine. Qiqi, don't worry. We'll be at the hospital soon. She bit her lower lip, the red blood stained her shellfish teeth, Teng Chunyu hurriedly sent his finger to the past, let her bite. Her empty eyes seem to be looking at you, but they seem to be looking at nothing. Her smart eyes, without a trace of spirit, are empty, like a broken doll without life. She opened her mouth wide, but did not cry out, like a drowning man asking for help. Her eyes became wider and wider, and both pupils seemed to be dilating. She was in extreme pain, and her eyes opened to the extreme and closed tightly. Kiki, Kiki? Teng Chun called her in a low voice, getting closer and closer, and his men consciously reached her lower body, which was already sticky and warm. He picked up his hand and his eyes burned with a harsh scarlet. What about the hospital! Where is the hospital after such a long walk! You gits! Did you grow up eating shit?! Hurry up and drive! Teng Chun roared, and he wiped the tears from his face. He can't cry. There's nothing to cry about. Qiqi is fine. The baby is fine. Both of them are fine. The nearest hospital to their accident was the Pok Oi Hospital. It took only fifteen minutes to get to the Pok Oi Hospital, but Teng Chunyu's hair was all white. Nurses and doctors pushed Xin Boqi and ran in the corridor of the hospital, followed by Teng Chunyu, holding her hand. Luo Bai just on duty, he saw this commotion, immediately had a bad feeling, a closer look, it was her?! The woman who peeked at him twice? She was covered with blood, from that moment imprinted in Luo Bai's mind, a lifetime has not been erased. Her long hair was messy, the blood of her lower body was gushing out, and her eyebrows were tightly wrinkled, which showed that she was in great pain. Such a delicate person, now suffering such pain. What's wrong "Dr. Luo, the patient was hit by a car." "What blood type, go to check immediately!"! Prepare for a blood transfusion! What are you waiting for? Hurry up! His brain chaos, battle-hardened he did not know how to deal with, just to see her bleeding, let people prepare enough blood, can always be used. Xin Boqi was pushed into the operating room, and Teng Chunyu was blocked outside. Before long, the little nurse inside ran out in a panic. Teng Chunyu grabbed her. "How's my wife?" The little nurse was anxious to find a doctor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, but she didn't pay much attention to him. "Your wife is going to give birth!"! You let go of me! Premature! Teng Chun hit the wall with a bang, slid slowly down the wall, and sat on the ground. It's been eight months. It's only been eight months. What did you just say? Premature? How much will she have to suffer before she gives up? How long do you want to torture her before you let her live in peace? The obstetrician and gynecologist came quickly and gave Xin Boqi an injection first. Xin Boqi woke up slowly. The pain in her abdomen made her cry out. Ah! It hurts! Ah ~ ~ ~ "She screamed one after another." Madam,High Speed Nail Making Machine, you have to push, your baby is going to be born, you have to push! The doctor propped her up on her legs and guided her with words. 3shardware.com