The fox sells sugar

  • Nowadays, the trend of talent shows is very strong. It is a common phenomenon that children in their teens and twenties go to participate in the show before they graduate. When they become popular, they go straight to the stage and go back to school before they come out. Sensen worked out early and was ridiculed for her age. She never cared about it, but when she saw Han Linjie's wife's statement today, she was quite impressed. She used to be an ordinary person who studied steadfastly. This kind of complex mood flashed by, Sensen continued to "explain" to Jiang Ge, with the statement of the daughter of the mine at home, they did not need to take care of the photos last night, Jiang Ge intends to clarify all kinds of Internet rumors. When the first edition of the copy came out, Xiaoying came again: "Sister Sen, your high school teacher has come forward. He is so handsome." Sensen & Jiang Ge: "… …" Strangely, as soon as Sensen was in trouble this time, there was an endless stream of people coming to help. This was a sleepy person who handed him a pillow! On Weibo, an online post with the ID name "Chris and Miss Wang and Wanda's Home" posted a video. Chris, who is just over 40 years old, is still charming and has a few more wrinkles on his face,car radiator cap, but he is still the handsome uncle who can easily charm countless little girls. Hi, my friends, I am Chris. I have been a foreign teacher at Mingde International School for almost ten years. I am the head teacher of Miss Jiang Sen. The man with blond hair and blue eyes spoke fluent Mandarin and waved to the camera. "A video of students beating people many years ago was circulated on the Internet. At that time, the situation was like this. Sensen had transferred to Mingcheng No.1 Middle School to represent the school in a regional knowledge contest. He met several very impolite people outside the venue.." Sensen stared at Chris in the video, feeling more cordial. She has not been in contact with her former teachers and classmates since she left Mingcheng. I didn't expect Chris to take the initiative to stand up! She was very moved, But gradually feel not quite right. Chris claimed that she was verbally insulted and physical injury,DIN screw plug, Create a sympathetic image of the victim. Introduce Lu Chenyu, Said the other side is the class "a bad temper, Usually style is more tough boys, In order to protect the students to come forward, We don't encourage violence, We don't encourage So he was severely punished after the fact. How did Chris know so well when he wasn't there? Also, he actually described Lu Chenyu like this, won't he be troubled by Lu's group? Sensen couldn't help sending him a private message: "Teacher Wang, I am Sensen, thank you for speaking for me!"! Could you give me a call? I want to thank you. Chris is handsome and funny, and after the video was sent out, it quickly got a lot of attention because it involved stars. Many members of the Appearance Association who were interested in him kept sending him private messages, CNC machining parts ,metal stamping parts, causing him not to see Sensen at all. Jiang Ge watched Chris's video and looked at Sensen with complicated eyes: "Your teachers and classmates are very awesome." Sensen didn't say anything. She hasn't been in touch with Chris and Han Linjie for many years, and I don't know how they all came to help her. Han Linjie is a married woman, the initiative to come out to clarify the scandal is understandable, Chris this move is really. Sensen did not know how to describe this feeling, as if expecting something, but also afraid that she was self-sentimental. The statement to refute the rumor will not be issued first. Brother Jiang heaved a sigh of relief, "I want to see what surprising operations your teachers and classmates have." Sure enough, after Chris's video came out, there was a lot less talk about Sensen's "puppy love" and "dropping out of school". Everyone focused on the questions of "high-value teachers" and "what school is Mingcheng No.14 Middle School", "what school is Mingcheng No.1 Middle School". Fans are the most excited, not waiting for sunspots to attack, they take the lead in running, in the super words, Chris Weibo and the major marketing accounts under the brush comments. [ "Wow, don't you know?"? Mingcheng No.1 Middle School is super awesome. Only the top students in the province can get in. The people who come out there are just ordinary configurations. Oxford, Harvard and Cambridge are not too many! 】 [ "Sunspots, stop!"! High school head teacher personally praised the good students, with the strength to enter the best school in Mingcheng, why should such love beans be blackened? 】 Mingcheng No.1 Middle School has a heavy cost rate of 80%. It is the best high school in Mingcheng. How many people can't get in! We Sensen are so awesome that our humble fans should learn from Aidou. 】 We are beautiful and kind-hearted, and we are the victims in the beating video! Teachers and classmates all help out. If her character is not good, will others do this for her? 】 [ "Immortal Beauty Jiang Sen [Heart] Beautiful Heart Good Jiang Sen [Heart] Good Singing and Dancing Jiang Sen [heart] Future can be expected Jiang Sen [heart]"] Sunspots continue to struggle, saying that "when money is in place, everything can be whitewashed" and "people who are really admitted to Mingcheng No.1 Middle School will drop out of school?" Fans went up to tear again: [ "Kangkang, the company that did not act and the garbage broker, Sensen was hacked so miserably, they would only make irrelevant statements and do nothing. Teachers and classmates all stood up spontaneously. When did the garbage star have this efficiency?" 】 [ "Please don't insult education practitioners with such words as money. Sure enough, people who pretend to be asleep can't be woken up. Sunspots have dark hearts and can only churn in ditches all their lives." 】 Jiang Ge and Xiaoying are happy to watch fans and sunspots battle on Weibo, and Big V takes the opportunity to vote, "Do you mind the star's academic qualifications?" Rush to the hot search. By this time, the wind had changed, and everyone said, "If you can do well enough in a certain field, it doesn't matter if you have a poor degree." In the evening, a micro-blog from a certain research Institute brought public opinion to a new peak. Dr Yang: Jiang Sen is my classmate in Senior Two. He is a very excellent and hard-working student. Although we have different choices for life, I will remember that we fought together, which is one of the best memories left to me by youth. Attached is a link to the live video of Sensen and his classmates participating in the knowledge contest. Looking at the girl with a green face, a calm conversation,socket screw plug, and a confident press of the answer button in almost every round, the fans were surprised and cried out one by one. The doctor came out to speak, and the sunspots finally shut up completely.