Break the sky

  • Lavender smiled and whispered, "The ancestor of the Xiao family is called Xiao Xuan.." "Xiao Xuan?" With a murmur in his mouth, Xiao Yan immediately laughed and said, "You deserve to be the ancestor of the Xiao family. Your name is domineering enough.." Lavender helplessly white Xiao Yan one eye, so charming appearance, see the latter some eyes, this Nizi a few years no see, charm is getting bigger and bigger, a frown and a smile, are full of natural charm that is hard to hide. Xiao Xuan's tomb, also in the ancient world, but the tomb, but there is a kind of strange power, the ancient people, can not get in, although some of the strength of the ancient people Tongxuan can be forced to enter, but Xiao Xuan, after all, is kind to the ancient family, they dare not wantonly rush, so for so many years, no one can enter the tomb.. At this point, Lavender looked at Xiao Yan and said thoughtfully, "If what I expected is right, only you, the Xiao family, can enter that ancient tomb. If you have a chance to go to the ancient world, maybe you can go there to have a look. I don't know what else you can get.." Hearing this,hydraulic fitting supplier, Xiao Yan's face became much more solemn. He said in a deep voice, "Of course I want to go to the tomb of my ancestors. If I have enough strength in the future, I will transfer the tomb of my ancestors to the Xiao family and let the descendants of the Xiao family worship day and night." "If senior Xiao Xuan could hear this, I'm afraid it would be very gratifying." Lavender smiled softly and immediately seemed to think of something. "Yes," she said, "you are a descendant of Xiao Xuan's predecessor. Try not to spread it outside. Although the Xiao family was prominent in the mainland for a time, it also offended some overbearing forces. Some of those forces have remained to this day. If they discover it, it will inevitably bring you some trouble." "Are these forces as strong as today's Ice Valley?" Xiao Yan rubbed his chin and asked. Zhongzhou above the forces, you can not be completely summed up with a hall, a pagoda,pipe fittings manufacturer, two Zong, three valleys and four pavilions, Zhongzhou is so vast, among which there are many hermit forces, such as my ancient clan, is also not in this arrangement, but anyone who knows, dare to say that the ancient clan is not good? Lavender shook her head helplessly and said, "Above Zhongzhou, some seemingly low-key forces are no weaker than those in the dark. After all, if you put them there, there will always be some old monsters who are not born. And even in the Ice Valley, it's not just the forces you see on the surface.." Xiao Yan took the lead, some of the tongue, worthy of Zhongzhou, really worthy of the four words of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Brother Xiao Yan, lavender can't stay too long this time, otherwise it will bring you a lot of trouble. After I leave, you still have to rely on yourself, stainless steel tube fitting ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, so you must not be careless.. Lavender jade hand gently rubbed Xiao Yan's face, voice soft tunnel. Hearing that Lavender was about to leave, Xiao Yan hugged her slender waist arm and could not help exerting herself a little. She stared at the charming face in front of her and said, "When can I go to the ancient world to find you?" Hearing this, lavender could not help but lift a touch of sweet and greasy radian on her lips and said, "As long as you have confidence in yourself, when can you come? Anyway, brother Xiao Yan only needs to know that lavender will stand on your side.". ” Hearing this, Xiao Yan nodded slowly, hugged Lavender tightly, and whispered, "Don't worry.." I know how many challenges and troubles I will face when I go to the ancient world. I will not be reckless, because I want to let them know that your vision is the best! Since the ancestors of the Xiao family were able to make the whole ancient clan so awed by them, Xiao Yan believed that sooner or later he would be able to reach that point! At that time, even if he wants to be with lavender, presumably within the ancient clan, no one can stop him! Lavender smiled and nodded her snow-white chin. She didn't care about Xiao Yan, but she was worried that Xiao Yan would be discriminated against and looked down upon in the ancient world because of his lack of strength. Xiao Yan bowed his head and looked at the charming smile that was close at hand, this beautiful smile, only alone in front of him, would blossom so perfect and moving. Eyes tightly staring at the lavender, Xiao Yan's eyes unconsciously emerged a lot of heat, that holding the slender waist of the palm, but also can not help but quietly paddle, and then break through the clothes, touched the warm and greasy as jade. Feeling the mischief of Xiao Yan's palm, Lavender's cheeks suddenly became hot, and the eyes of the autumn water, at the moment, were rippling with a lot of fog. Xiao Yan's throat rolled gently, there was a dry feeling in his mouth, and the evil fire that had previously jumped up in his lower abdomen suddenly surged up at the moment, making his eyes surge with a lot of lust. Seemed to be aware of some changes in Xiao Yan, lavender cheeks are more and more shy and crimson, immediately, because Xiao Yan in the waist slowly swimming under the palm, issued a slight sound of exhortation. This slight groan, like a magic sound, made Xiao Yan's heart beat fiercely, and finally he couldn't help holding the lovely child in his arms, and when he went up and down his hands, he also kissed his seductive mouth. Two mouths touch, that a touch of soft greasy, so that two people's bodies are at this moment, suddenly hot! Chapter 1112 solve the magic poison spot. The body stiffened for a moment, immediately Xiao Yan's body was enveloped by a more intense fire of lust, while the lavender's body stiffened, the tongue forced in, immediately like a robber wantonly plunder! Lavender was also frightened by Xiao Yan's sudden bold move so that her head became confused. When Xiao Yan broke in, she struggled slightly like a conditioned reflex. But at the moment, her hands were particularly weak. The terrible power of punching through the void in the daytime seemed to have completely disappeared at the moment. The fire of lust was burning in Xiao Yan's chest, and the palm of his hand, which was wandering around his waist, moved up slowly involuntarily, and after a moment, he finally touched a touch of softness that made his mind ripple. Suddenly the soft touch, like the spark of explosives, Xiao Yan's palm, quietly untied the blue clothes, revealing the skin like snow. "Cough.." Miss,14 needle valve, I have something to look for. Just as Xiao Yan's palm was gradually about to peel the person in his arms clean, an old dry cough suddenly sounded outside the room, and its voice was clearly transmitted into the room.