Yuqian raiders by Rong Guang

  • Wu Hanyue's whole person was shocked and stood there in a daze, with a mixture of shock and joy on her face. She had been born good-looking, and now she was more and more like a pearl in full bloom. It was a pity that Zhao Mengyan's mind was not on her side. Instead, she was so light that she turned her head sideways and cast a glance at the people under the arch. That look seemed to be provocative and unwilling. But Zhaoyang didn't let him get what he wanted. She heard his words, but the look on her face did not change at all. She just curled her lips at him from a distance and nodded with a smile as if to say hello. Then she led the people to the hall by their side, without squinting all the way, and did not dare to relax for a moment. Her back is straight and slender, like an inconspicuous weed, but the stubbornness and tenacious vitality in her bones are more like vines, which can entangle people's hearts carefully and closely. From then on, she never forgets. Zhao Mengyan could not tell what kind of mood was in his heart, disappointment, pain, anger, unwillingness. He lost his smile, like a lost ghost. Yeah, she doesn't care. What he said and what he did seemed to her to be just an outsider, nothing to do with her, and she could not even move her mind for him. Under the sun, the grass was ironed with fragrance. The girl of the Wu family in front of him lowered her head and asked him, "Don't you think this request is too abrupt?" He pulled the corners of his mouth but couldn't smile. "Why, you don't want to?" Fortunately, she lowered her head and could not see the smile on his face,beam impact tubes, which was worse than crying. Wu Hanyue curled the corners of her mouth and smiled briskly: "No, I do.". But you must tell me why you want to marry me. Why do you want to marry her? He paused and said, "On a whim, I suddenly want to settle down." This is the truth, paused, and added, "I do not cover up, I am a prodigal son who has been wandering for a long time,stainless steel tube 304, the flower name is outside, probably the reputation is not how.". Now that I am old and my parents urge me, a lot of things should be settled. You're a good girl, you have a good family background, and you're sincere to me. After all, it was Zhao Mengyan, who had lived among thousands of flowers, who spoke very well. I feel like old friends with you at first sight, and I would like to spend the rest of my life with you. If you accept, I choose a day to ask the matchmaker to come to propose marriage, six gifts we do not lack, I marry you into the door in style. It is reasonable to say that a girl who is not out of the cabinet is not allowed to discuss marriage with a man outside the cabinet. How can she have the final say in the order of her parents and the words of a matchmaker? But Wu Hanyue is not an ordinary person, unexpectedly three times five divided by two with him to discuss a marriage, one is a prodigal son, one is a bold girl, this matter spread out is also strange. Unfortunately, Precision steel tubes ,beam impact tubes, Zhao Mengyan did not have the joy of marrying a wife for himself. He sent Wu Hanyue back to the front hall, but his heart seemed to be dead. After all, if he couldn't get her in his life, he would try to find someone who was somewhat similar to her to replace her. He knew that he was stupid to the extreme, but in his bones he was already terminally ill, and there was no cure. Just sink, just break the pot. The birthday banquet on this day was really held in style and splendor, and everything went smoothly in the Chengen Mansion. There was a long-sleeved lady Zhao who was good at dancing, and there were ladies and daughters who were famous in the capital. There was the old lady of the Chengen Mansion who was not inferior to men, and there were three female officials from the palace in the kitchen. The most unexpected thing about this day was that Zhao Mengyan, the prodigal son, spent most of the day in the front hall, talking with Miss Wu, the granddaughter of the Minister of Rites. He smiled tenderly at her, and the second Miss Wu talked and laughed in a low voice, which was seen in the eyes of everyone, with some happy and others worried. Those who rejoiced were Lady Zhao, and those who resented were naturally the ladies who had other thoughts about Zhao Mengyan. In the evening, the Zhaoyang three were ready to return to the palace. Lady Zhao personally saw them off and handed them the things wrapped in three brocade handkerchiefs: "The girls have been worrying about my old lady for more than a month. Today's grand banquet is full of scenery. It's all because of the girls' painstaking efforts." The brocade handkerchief was heavy and must be valuable jewelry. Zhaoyang hurriedly refused, "We are servants in the palace. Our master has a destiny. Naturally, we have to work hard. How dare we ask for your reward?"? What's more, your family has spent so much thought on the birthday banquet, and we are only grateful to your family, so we really dare not take credit. Put it away, madam, for you are putting us to shame. Lady Zhao smiled. Her eyebrows and eyes were curved like those of Zhao Mengyan, but she was more delicate and more gorgeous. "You don't have to refuse, girl. If you don't accept it, I'll feel bad.". Take it. It's a little token of my appreciation. After pushing and pushing, the last three people accepted it. Back to the palace, sitting on a small sedan chair, Zhaoyang opened the brocade handkerchief, which was wrapped in an emerald green jade pendant inlaid with gold. It was brilliant and transparent, and looked top-grade. Unexpectedly, there was also a wrapped note in the brocade handkerchief. She opened it doubtfully and saw two lines of neat and beautiful hairpin flowers on it. My son Meng Yan has been naughty since he was a child. He doesn't know how to do things. Recently, he has been very abrupt. "But I hope the girl will not blame her for all the feelings of her fists." She was a little nervous for a moment, but immediately understood that this was a note written to her by Mrs. Zhao. Although she did not say it on the face, the mother saw everything in her eyes. These words were not for anything else, but to ask her not to tell others, especially the emperor, about Zhao Mengyan's affection for her and what she had done. Now Chengen Gongfu rising, better and better day by day, although than in the past, the foundation is not as thick as many old aristocrats, but in the end this world is not the past, but the future. Now Chengen Gongfu is hot, and more and more people hate it. In the end, the emperor has the final say on the future. Your grace can pull you up to the top of the tree overnight, or let you fall to the bottom of the valley overnight. Zhaoyang carefully tore the note to pieces, leaving no complete handwriting,impact beam tubes, and then put it into a handkerchief and wrapped it again. She also hoped that Zhao Mengyan, like his grandfather and father, would finally find a good girl to spend the rest of his life together. The girl outside the bamboo grove today is not bad. cbiesautomotive.com