Why light green and light red?

  • Chen Mo knew that she looked silly now, but the nerves of her mouth and eyes did not cooperate with her. After a long time, she heard her own voice, "No." Then without waiting for Wentao to ask why, she took the initiative to pour beans to explain the reason, "You want money, you want power, you want to look like you, you want talent, you can say that you are a perfect golden human, if I am with you, I have no bright spot at all.." The room was silent for a long time. Suddenly there was an exclamation from the kitchen. "Ouch!" Chen Mo's nerves were full. He was afraid that the guy would die for love. Hearing this, he rushed in and kept asking, "What's wrong?"? What's the matter? But Wen Tao gasped and answered, "I was accidentally blown up by boiling water on my face just now." Chen Mo hurriedly looked up, and sure enough, Wentao's white face splashed a little thumb-sized red dot, and she hurriedly said, "Don't move." I'll get you some medicine. You won't get blisters. And quickly ran outside to take the green ointment, fingers touched a little medicine, the mouth kept the command, "bow, bow, not so high to do what?"? Move quickly,Cold Drawn Tubes, and it won't be fun when it's disfigured. Wentao lowered his head cooperatively and looked at her. Chen Mo was stunned for a moment, but suddenly felt a slight fever on her face. She almost rudely put the green ointment into Wentao's hand. He pretended to be disdainful and muttered, "So I'm wise. Who dares to find someone like you who can't even cook noodles?" Wentao, however, was not busy putting medicine on his face and asked slowly, "If I lose my appearance, I won't be a golden human any more, will I?" Chen Mo is furious, "disfigurement?"? I wouldn't want it if it was disfigured! Like a Cinderella who has been touched by a witch with a golden stick,side impact beams, Wentao has a bright and vivid smile from his facial features to his face. His lips are curved upward and his dimples are deep, which makes his face look like a fox who has just eaten seven or eight chickens. Chen Mo stared at his change and suddenly realized what she had said. She called out angrily, "Ah!" And was taken in again. No wonder that the eyes, ears, nose and tongue sound five thieves, the first to dig out is the eyes, knowing that in front of but a smelly skin, how to see the appearance of a forgotten essence? No matter how thick-skinned Chen Mo was on weekdays, he was now as red as a well-cooked shrimp. Fortunately, at this time, the noodles in the pot were open, and the lid of the pot was ringing. Chen Mo quickly turned off the gas. Wentao's expression was very innocent and helpless. After listening to Chen Mo's order in a rough voice, "fish out the noodles and pour the fish soup." How can a guy like Wentao, who can listen and speak, not know Chen Mo's mood swings? Since gladly obeyed, but only to calculate a legacy, Precision Welded pipes ,precision welded tubes, since then, always cook husband of duty, beyond redemption. Ladies and gentlemen, this is after the words do not mention. These two people ate noodles at random, although the time is still very early from lunch, Chen Mo insisted that the patient should supplement more nutrition, took a small bowl of fish soup, and sent it to his mother. Wentao, on the other hand, went downstairs with her and went to find a place to rest and change clothes. He made an appointment with Chen Mo to accompany him to the street at noon so that he could buy some gifts for Chen Mo's mother. Although Chen Mo said, "Nothing is gallant, either rape or theft." No further objection was expressed to the proposal. Home is very close to the hospital, Chen Mo-shou forced his mother to finish the fish soup, and then ran home, opened a small fire to boil the boy's bone soup with a casserole, his mother had to stay in bed for more than half a month, and his father had not come back at this time. But Chen Mo could not worry. At the moment, even the most irascible corner of her heart seemed to have been ironed by an iron, ironed flat, while doing housework quickly and humming a song in a low voice. At noon, when she delivered the meal to the hospital, her mother said with a bitter face, "Who can finish eating so much?" While eating under her surveillance, Chen Mo had a feeling that he could finally get revenge on his mother for forcing him to eat. He stared at his mother with a smile and watched her take a nap. Hearing her mother's even breathing, he crept home with bowls and chopsticks. Chen Mo is impatient and restless, so just as she gave Zhang Tingting a nickname "Motorola", Zhang Tingting returned her a nickname "Nothing Busy". So, for the rest of her life, she never tried to be late. So, although the two had made an appointment to meet at 1:30 at the entrance of Zhongshan Road, she arrived at the appointed place around 1:15. At the bustling intersection, Chen Mo looked around in boredom, and finally her eyes brightened. Less than five meters in front of her, a peasant woman was selling a basket of kittens in a basket. Chen Mo hurried over, the kitten was too dirty and knew at a glance that it was a local cat. In such a busy area, it could not cause people to stop. The Persian cat was almost the same. But what attracted Chen Mo was that the cat was so small that she knew at a glance that it had just been born, and that the sound of milk could arouse her sympathy. The second was that she was tired of standing and needed a reason to squat down and rest. Chen Mo fished out a cat from the basket, and then she suddenly found a gray-white kitten with black spots on its hooves and tail, and looked at her fearlessly with small eyes. She lowered her head and looked at the kitten. Interesting little thing. Then she asked the peasant woman, "How much is the cat?" Wentao appeared at 1:30 on time, and was greeted by Chen Mo, who was squatting on the ground and smiling, and something gray on her body. He rested for a while, then took care of himself a little, and his face became more and more like a crown jade, and his eyes were like bright stars. Far away, Chen Mo turned his head sideways and stretched out his hand to show him, "You're late." Wentao looked at his watch subconsciously, looked up and said with a smile, "It's exactly 1:30. Have you been here for a long time?" Chen Mo said provocatively, "I know the time is just right, but I just want to arrive early, just to make you feel guilty,side impact beams, how about that?" Wentao walked to her side and laughed, "I feel guilty, okay?"? What's in your hand? 。 cbiesautomotive.com