The Cold Runner Has a Shorter Life Than The Hot Runner Crate Mo

  • You may want to ask what is the difference between a cold runner crate mold and a hot runner Crate Mould . Here I have calculated some differences:

    1. Cold runner can save investment in hot runner, and cold runner is most suitable for recycling plastic materials;
    2. The hot runner crate will have no runner waste, while the cold runner crate will have a small runner tail. Therefore, the hot runner can save plastic materials.
    3. For the same crate, the cycle time of cold runner slat mold will be slightly longer than that of hot runner slat mold, but the difference is not big.
    4. The injection pressure of the cold runner slat mold will be higher than that of the hot runner slat mold, so for the same crate/same steel plastic crate mold, the cold runner slat will have burrs besides the injection port. The hot runner slats do not.
    5. Due to the high injection pressure, the life of the cold runner mold is shorter than that of the hot runner mold. in China

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