Beauty attaches great importance to desire

  • What are you going to do with me? Can you give me a clear understanding before I die? Xiao Weiyu smiled eerily: "You will know later. Don't try to run away. You can live a little longer if you can't run away." He turned to look at the man in black: "Why haven't you responded yet?" "What's your hurry?" The attitude of the man in black towards him was quite different from the previous one, and he looked familiar and cordial. The second time, the shock was stronger. The snow on the top of Chuchen's head rustled down and hit her head. He bowed his body tightly and ran out. He stood at the mouth of the pit and looked nervously at Chuchen. With pleading and anxiety in his eyes, Chuchen looked nervously at Yanxin: "Shall we go to the avalanche?" Yan Xin looked at the man in black again and finally made up his mind to retreat and avoid the disaster first. As soon as they filed out of their hiding place, Xiao Moyun pointed at the man in black and shouted, "Stop!"! Can't you see it's going to avalanche? Hsiao Wei-yu sneered, "Do you still think you are the nine royal Highnesses?"? How dare you order me around now that I'm a knife and you're a fish? Xiao Moyun shook his head and sighed, "Brother Yu, I don't know what you want to do, but I always want to leave you a way out for the love of the same clan, but you don't appreciate it." Hsiao Wei-yu's face did not change: "You can do whatever you like." He looked at the stone slab attentively, but he did not take the threat of Hsiao Mo-yun to heart at all. "If you don't believe me," said Xiao Moyun with a smile, "you'll know when you look back. How could I be fooled by you so easily?" Ce Shu and those who had fallen before stood up and surrounded Xiao Weiyu and others in the middle. "Why don't you go down without a fight?" Hsiao Wei-yu sneers: "Your heart will not die until you reach the Yellow River." (Full text novel reading, all in ω (1 1ka. n. Wen . Learn the net Suddenly, he turned to Xiao Moyun by mistake and put his weapon on his neck. Xiao Moyun looked incredulous. "Are you surprised that you fell into my hands so easily?"? The effect of itching powder is not only to make your whole body itch. Xiao Moyun opened his mouth and suddenly realized, "Have you set up this game long ago?" Xiao Weiyu ignored him and urged the man in black: "Hurry up!"! Hurry up! "Do you really want to bury your bones here?" Xiao Moyun tried his best to stop their madness. Hsiao Wei-yu sneered, "Your Highness, we are not as lucky as you. When we leave the palace,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, we are welcomed back by the scenery. Everything is yours. We have been waiting for so many years, and we are waiting for this gamble." "What are you talking about with him?" Said the man in black in a cold voice. There was a loud noise at the third stroke of the hammer, the earth shook, the mountains trembled in horror, and more than one place was full of snow and fog. Sure enough, there was an avalanche. Like an arrow, Yao Yi jumped toward Hsiao Wei-yu and others. That's the bottom. People who live on the snowfield all know that when an avalanche comes,stainless steel squatting pan, you can't run down. You have to run to a high place outside the range of the avalanche, because you can never run past the snow flow like a monster. Yao Yi's choice is obviously a big taboo. In the end, people can't believe its judgment and flee by instinct. Yan Xin hesitated for a moment, and finally chose to trust his own judgment. He dragged the early morning who was going to run with him, and ran to the left ridge line with all his strength. However, it was too late. The devil-like snow hit them, as if it would swallow them up in the next second. After running a few steps in the morning, it stopped. Yan Xin pulled her hard and dragged her behind him. Her face was livid and her mouth roared loudly. She could not hear what he was saying, only to see his mouth open and close. She pointed to the hole and let him see. Yan Xin was about to scold her for not knowing whether she was alive or dead, but when he looked back, he was stunned that the safest place was not the direction they were running, but the open space at the entrance of the cave. In the clearing, Snow Wolf When sitting on a huge stone at the mouth of the cave, Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, majestically looking down at the crowd, Xiao Moyun, Xiao Weiyu, and Xiao Weiyu's people, all looked at the strange scene around them with an incredible look of shock. The terrain of the open space where they were was particularly strange. As soon as the snow dragons galloping down from all sides arrived there, they all leaked around the open space. Although the open space is shaking, it is the safest place. Yan Xin also regardless of Mou Xing they can hear or not, roared a voice, took the lead in pulling the early morning to run there, the snow flow has been behind them, the huge thrust caused by the avalanche pushed them forward, early morning felt like flying clouds and fog, involuntarily rushed down the hill to reach the destination, she looked at Yan Xin, just to his eyes, he was trying to say something to her. A wolf roared through the crazy roar of the snow dragon. It was the snow wolf God, who stood up majestically, straightened his neck, and let out one cry after another to the sky. The mountains were angry, releasing enough terror to destroy everything. This time, unlike before, all the snow poured into the open space at the entrance of the cave, which was no longer a safe place. The cold snow fog covered the early morning and Yanxin's mouth and nose in an instant. Then their bodies were knocked to one side, and they could not escape. Early morning struggled to maintain her balance, trying to breathe more smoothly, but the overwhelming snow and fog made it more difficult for her to breathe. Yan Xin rushed over, encircled her with an iron arm, pressed her head into his arms, and at the same time curled his body down, burying his own mouth and nose in her neck. Early morning put his backhand around his waist, and both of them got breathing. The snow swarmed over them, too. Early morning felt that they were quickly washed away, where to rush, when to stop, everything is unknown, she only knows that every organ of the body is clamoring can not stand, time has become very long, every second is torture, the only consolation is that this time, she is not alone in the face of death, she and he have always been tightly together. She's still in a coma from suffocation. Yan Xin was also in danger of suffocation, but after a narrow escape from death, his ability to react and survive was better than others,Self-closing Faucet, so when he touched a hard protuberance, he desperately freed one hand to embrace the protuberance "empty" with a light sound, which made him unexpected. He rolled into a long corridor with Chuchen in his arms.