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  • In contrast, Li Ling's eating is much more gentle, after all, is a family, somehow also count the identity of a young master. With a solemn expression on his still childish face, he said, "Grandpa has taken Brother Ji out of the city and will be home soon." "Oh, it's the Huns again." Xing Tian nodded, and Li Ling covered his mouth in the middle of his speech. Li Ling made a gesture of hissing and said, "You can't say that." "I know." Xing Tian nodded vaguely. General Li came to school on the first day, took a fancy to Ji Zhen's martial arts, plus his grandson day and night in front of him to mention the civil and military Ji idol, Ji Zhen had already been Li Guang brought to his side as his right hand training. Grassland in spring, lush green grass, wind and grass show the scene of cattle and sheep so that everything seems to be so harmonious. Ji Zhen meticulously monitored the secretary to count the number of cattle, sheep and horses. Rihui on one side smiled at him and said, "Brother Ji, we have cooperated so many times,Time Delay Tap, but you are still so serious." "It is a matter of loyalty to the monarch to eat his salary." Ji Zhen said. Although he is only 13 years old, years of poverty and education during this period have made him more stable than his peers. Ji Zhen, is it ready here? "Li Guang rode to Ji Zhen's side and asked. Although he was over 50 years old, he felt as if he had been put in an important position by the emperor during this period of time in Liaodong City. He felt happy and looked much younger." All right, General Lee. Ji Zhen nodded to Li Guang. General Lee, "the sun to see the old and strong Li, said to him with a smile,stainless steel toilet," heard that the Han army led by general Wei will be out of the clouds, is not what we need to help? " For Yi Zhixie, who chose to cooperate with the Han Dynasty for the time being, using the Han army to weaken the strength of the great Khan is his best choice. No need. There are many heroes in the Han army, and this battle must be able to win. Li is a soldier after all, although this kind of deal is beneficial to the Han Dynasty, but he is not willing to accept. There will be no shortage of people who betray the interests of their country for their own interests. Ji Zhen looked coldly at all this in front of him and remembered what Chen Jiao had said to him. He thought, Li is not suitable for liaodongcheng, the day of the deal is beneficial and harmless, if it is eldest brother or sister here will promise him, if it is the master, probably will not refuse. However, the nominal Liaodong chengzhu Li phosphorus transfer, Prison toilet for sale ,Flushometer valve, is the court in order to strengthen the control of Liaodong city and make the bottom of the kettle, now the big fellow can guard the border generals are not many, transfer Li to Liaodong seems to be inevitable. Ji Zhen followed Li back to the city with regret, and distributed the cattle, sheep and horses from the Huns. When he finished all his business and returned to his residence exhausted, he was sensitive to find that there was someone else in the room. Who's over there? Ji Zhen asked alertly. Master Ji, "the man emerged from the shadows as an ordinary-looking middle-aged man." Who are you "This is the letter I was ordered to deliver." The man took out a letter from his bosom and handed it to Ji Zhen. When Ji Zhen saw the envelope, his eyes lit up, because on the outer envelope made of Liaodong paper, which is still quite expensive, it was written that people looked very strange at that time, and Ji Zhen looked very kind. Ji Zhen knew that there was only one person in the world who would write his name like this, and his mouth showed a smile. Pulling out the letter paper, he read it carefully in front of some flickering candles. Unofficial history of the story named Huo Qubing above. I seem to have really become a master, and I wrote Li Ling, Xiao Zhengtai, Khan. I made a mistake about the age of the princess mentioned earlier. The kid was 12 years old. Sweat. Li Ling's date of birth and death can not be found, the above age is speculated, just a guess. The thirty-ninth chapter of the main text is the Phoenix Nest, which is separated by nine gates in the west. The thirty-ninth chapter of the main text is the Phoenix Nest, which is separated by nine gates in the west. The previous chapters have been revised. Please go back and have a look. "Go to the disease. Your home is in front of you. I won't go there." Guo Sizhi sent Huo Qubing to an alley just a few steps away from Chen Fu and said to Huo Qubing, who was only as tall as his chest. "Is Brother Guo going back?" Huo Qubing was obviously a little reluctant, although the expression on his face was still as if nothing had happened, but the bright black eyes betrayed him. For this brother Guo, who has been in contact with him for the past half month and is highly skilled in martial arts, he has indeed developed a kind of worship. Well, miss, let me go back after seeing you off. Guo Sizhi said. Brother Guo is so strong in martial arts. Why should he be inferior to that woman. When my uncle comes back, I'll recommend you to join his army. It's a real man's job to make contributions and serve thousands of miles. Huo Qubing did not have a little affection for the so-called young lady who ordered him to be kidnapped and could not catch up with his uncle. Everyone has his own ambition. Guo Sizhi smiled faintly, since experienced the matter of the master, he no longer has the kind of juvenile spirit, after the mood is indifferent, a lot of things also see more thoroughly than before. Fame and fortune are really too far away for him. All right, but, Brother Guo, I can still go to play with you in the future. Huo Qubing and Guo Sizhi have been together for half a month. They already know his temper. They don't like to talk much. They have a firm character, so they don't waste any more words to persuade him. The young lady doesn't want to deal with the official family. If you want to come, you have to hide it from your family. Guo Sizhi warned. I see Huo Qubing frowned again, thinking that he had never been so wronged in his life to associate with others. Let's say goodbye. "Brother Guo, go well." Huo Qubing nodded, watching Guo Sizhi's figure disappear between the high and low eaves,Service Sink Faucets, just turned to go home. The servant at the gate of Chen Fu immediately found the young master who had been missing for half a month. Young master, you're back. Young master, where have you been for half a month? Madame is worried to death. Huo Qubing was not in the mood to pay attention to them. He shook off their hands impatiently and walked to the gate. cnkexin.com