Yueyixing evil

  • Wen Ruyu smiled and suddenly sighed, "I didn't know that Jin'er had heard of my plan, but she said," Although your old man's rare treasures are all the things that people dream of, they haven't been able to attract all the heroes in the world. If they are all useless characters, then I might as well not look at them. I thought about it for a long time before I came up with this idea. I thought it was very good, but it was completely overturned by her words. But when I thought about it carefully, I had to admit that there was some truth in what she said. Zhuo Changqing nodded in the dark and thought, "It seems that Wen Ruyu is a very clever man." But Wen Ruyu added, "a few days later, she suddenly drew three paintings of her own and asked me to have a look at them. She also told me that she wanted to hold a meeting to compare skills in Tianmu Mountain. She said, In this way, some people who are greedy for money and love treasure will certainly come, and some young heroes who are not married will certainly come. Even if there are still some people who are not moved by these two things, as long as they are in the martial arts world." Will not have no competitive heart, a listen to Tianmu Mountain has such a competitive meeting, will certainly come. She also said: "Good profit, good fame, lust, curiosity, this is the root of people, so do,Stainless Steel Toilet China, I do not believe that there are people who are neither good fame and fortune, nor curious!" "I'm ashamed," said Zhuo Changqing to himself. Although he himself is not good at fame and fortune, but the heart of curiosity, but still can not restrain, this Wen Jin to do so, is indeed the world has been caught in a net. Wen Ruyu added slowly, "When I heard this,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, I was a little surprised. I asked her," If the person with the strongest martial arts skills at that meeting was a bald and Pockmarked man, would you marry him, too? She smiled, but she didn't answer me. She just asked me if I was willing. I thought about it and agreed to her. But after I agreed, I regretted it. I thought that if I could win my martial arts, it would not be too much. Even if there were a few, they must be very old, and their appearance might not be good. If Jin married this kind of person, it would be a colorful phoenix following the crow. She turned her eyes slowly to Zhuo Changqing and said, "But when I saw you today, I realized that there are many wonderful people in the world. If a person can teach you martial arts, his martial arts must be unfathomable. Although I don't know who he is, you won't tell me, but I admire him very much, push button toilet flush valve ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, because he not only taught you martial arts." And teach you to be a real man. Hum! Some people in the world are good at martial arts, but their behavior is very mean. She casually pointed to Cen can, who was trapped in the Nishang Fairy Dance Array. Now his body was getting slower and slower, and his strength was getting weaker and weaker. "He and his master are both this kind of people," she said. In the tone of voice, the meaning of resentment, and again, Zhuo Changqing heart moved, he listened to this Wen Jiayu's words, the thoughts in his heart surged, almost forgot the matter of gambling life. At this moment, he saw that Wen Ruyu seemed to hate the young man in the yellow shirt very much, and felt a little strange in his heart. He thought that this ugly man, Wen Ruyu, and their master and disciples were birds of a feather, but she said this. Isn't it a little strange? He didn't know that Wen Ruyu's resentment against Wan Miaozhen's son was still above himself. Turning his eyes, he saw Wen Ruyu's eyes drooping and staring at his fingers, as if he were thinking about something, and it seemed that he did not know how long he would think about it. Zhuo Changqing gave a dry cough and saw that she was still unconscious. He wanted to ask her what she wanted to do. But when his eyes moved, he saw that her face was peaceful and peaceful at the moment. Her ugly face and violent spirit had gone. It seemed that she was not so ugly. Zhuo Changqing could not help sighing in his heart and thought, "What is she thinking at the moment?" It must be a very good thing. She has done evil all her life. In her life, it is very rare to have such a peaceful and peaceful look. As soon as he read this, he held back the words that had come to his mouth and turned to look at the young man in yellow shirt who was trapped in the red shadow of the sky. Those girls in red clothes were still with fluttering sleeves, graceful figures, and graceful dancing and singing, but the alternation of their figures was very fast. Zhuo Changqing could not see the figure of the young man in yellow shirt at a glance, but the yellow figure in the "red shadow" was moving more and more slowly, and it was obvious that it was difficult to support. Zhuo Changqing once fought with this young man in yellow shirt. He knew that although he was crazy, his martial arts were not weak. He was already a first-class master in the martial arts world. But now he was trapped by these young girls whose martial arts were not very high. So it seems that this neon fairy dance array does have extraordinary power. As soon as he read this, he looked at the girls carefully and observed their movements. He only felt that their movements were really wonderful. For a moment, he could not see how their figures were moving. He must have looked at it, and his eyes were reluctant to leave. It should be noted that any person who is naturally fond of martial arts, when confronted with such profound martial arts, is like a young child seeing his favorite candy. He concentrated on the changes of these girls in red clothes, only to feel that the Nishang Fairy Dance Array seemed to be similar to the Zhenshan Jiuguan Eight Diagrams Array of Wudang Sect, the first sect in Wulin, but its complicated changes were even better. Although he was a very smart man, he had not understood the mystery of it after looking at it for a long time. He could not help feeling impatient and sighed in the dark. "It seems that this ugly man Wen Ruyu's intelligence is really beyond the reach of ordinary people," he thought. "Alas, if I want to avenge this in the future, I'm afraid it won't be easy." His heart was in a state of turmoil, but there was a sneer in his ears. Wen Ruyu said coldly, "Although my neon fairy dance array is not the best in the world, it is not something you can see through at a glance." Zhuo Changqing was shocked, but Wen Ruyu added, "The key to my formation lies in my footsteps. If you only pay attention to their body shapes and palms, not to mention this moment and a half, I'm afraid it will be in vain if you look at them for another year." "I'm ashamed," said Zhuo Changqing. However,stainless steel shower tray, Wen Ruyu suddenly stretched out her palms and made a gentle sound, and the applause was clear and crisp, like striking jade. cnkexin.com