• "Feng Sheng Nu, you are the master of today's Zongmen trading meeting, I'm afraid it's not reasonable to be so partial to one side, is it?". Wei Xiaoming knew that his tone was a little weak, but he was forced to do so. He gazed deeply at the slight flaw in the painting: "I have asked myself that there is nothing against the purpose of the trade meeting. Her Royal Highness is doing this. It is hard to guarantee that it will not chill the participants.". Aren't you afraid that it will affect the reputation of the Phoenix clan? Smell this word, in onlooker somebody cannot help muttering: "Chilling a fart!"! If the Phoenix Clan let you Bat Zong attack Pang Fanyun, we will really be disappointed! Without waiting for Wei Xiao to follow the sound, the man shrank to the back. His words have also aroused a large number of quiet approval. As you can imagine. If Bat Zong wins today, his arrogance will soar. I'm afraid the life of small sects will be even more difficult in the future. With a slight smile, she turned her head and looked at the smoke and clouds, which made the other party look puzzled. At a glance. The slight flaw in the painting did not stop, and then he turned his head, and the little doubt in his eyes disappeared like smoke and clouds. Her clear voice was like pearls and jade rolling down a silver plate. The crisp sound of words falls into the void. Startled a piece of treacherous mind: "As the smoke suzerain said, I stand out, just on behalf of me personally!"! Wei Xiao,Flush Retrofit Kit, you somehow also is a generation of legend strong, everywhere with clan forces these boring excuses to do psychological stratagem, it is also too much on the table, right. Small The remark that the painting was slightly flawed was said without mercy. It was like a roulette wheel hitting Wei Xiao heavily in the face. It made him dizzy for a while. Yanyunluo's eyes brightened slightly. When I looked at the slight flaw in the painting, I was a little more clear: the same claim of "representing myself" was the same maintenance and beyond doubt, which seemed to be the little girl of the Phoenix clan. "In that case,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, Wei Mou did not say much!"! Don't take it amiss if there is a little damage to Her Royal Highness later! Wei laughed heavily and shouted. Language fall, Xuan yuan, teach boat, night Kun Wu congealed forward. Step by step, such as shaking the void! Wei Xiao made a quick calculation. With his current state of full strength enough to stop Ling Feng and painting slightly flawed hand in hand, the remaining three people should be enough to eat each other's two Lingzun level strong! Think like this. His heart was at ease. "I'm afraid today's battle is the most miscalculated one for Your Highness," he said with a sneer! Even if you join in, the outcome of today's battle will never change. Wei Xiao clenched his fists and waited for a sudden wave. All of a sudden. A voice so cold that it seemed to freeze the earth for nine days fell, "Really?"? So, what if I kill the lover. Shock! Facing the eyes that came like a surprise. Step on the void on a cold moonlit night. Every step of the collapse has a piece of ice crystal condensation, Manual Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, carved so step by step to step on the ice crystal, it is like a man of God walking slowly from the starry sky. The tip of the long knife carried upside down in his hand was filled with an endless chill, "cluck.". The sound of space is endless. Everyone's face changed, especially Wei's smile. The faces of Xuanyuan and others are even more ugly! Not because of how strong the cold moon night is. But as soon as he stood up and showed his position, he immediately offset the poor advantages of Wei Xiao and others! There is nothing to be proud of! Wei Xiao does not know how many times he has been shocked in a short time, he just feels that even if the peak of the three clans of dragons and phoenixes is strong for a while. Taste out for Ling Feng's words, since there will not be half a minute surprised how charming this child is. How can so many people work for him? Wei smiled and did not ask, but Xuanyuan could not bear it. "Cold moonlight night!" He shouted! Do you want to help the people who are doomed to be destroyed for the sake of a little increase in the interests of yuanzhang? As long as you're willing to back out. I can guarantee that you will get no less than ten times the proceeds! Cold moonlight night body shape a meal, looked back Ling Feng one eye. There was only a smile on his face, as if he was not worried that the cold moonlight night would be touched by it. His cold face immediately returned with a warm smile. Cold and warm, a very strange opposition, but there is a strange unity. This smile appears on his face unexpectedly makes a person have a kind of dazzling meaning, he continues: "Ten times benefit?"? Xuanyuan suzerain is really generous! I don't know if someone is using ten times the benefits to make you abandon the alliance in the future. Will the suzerain of Xuanyuan leave without hesitation? Once the introverted person Leng Lu speak will be particularly fierce, cold moon night is so, he this refutation on the spot so that Xuanyuan can not speak, more difficult to make any lure again. Because in that case, it clearly means that from the heart, he doesn't care about the most sacred covenant of the endless wasteland! Even Zhixuanyuan Zong's accomplices would despise this practice. A sensitive person is shocked to look at Ling Feng, cold moon night such words is clearly declared that Chuangzong and killing love between the alliance, he more with practical action to show that this alliance is indestructible. Chuangzong, or how much charm does this young Ling Zongzhu have, which can make the big faction leaders who are accustomed to the wind and rain so careless? More careful people suddenly thought, dragon, phoenix, bat sect, killing love sect, Yulan sect, Xuanzhu sect, Aoki sect, split sword sect, except for the demon clan who did not come to attend the trade meeting of the clan and the power of protection. Unprecedented grand occasion! If this battle explodes, it will be recorded in the history of the endless wasteland and handed down to future generations. Although the direct fuse of this battle was Pang Fanyun and Wei Xiao, it was Ling Feng who really pushed it to the white-hot. One had no reputation at all before. A youth rising like a rocket! Master! In the distance, wearing segmented leather armor. Yu Wenye, who appeared to be extremely agile,Time Delay Faucet, called out in a condensed voice. Uh Master and disciples have been together for many years. Shi Yingzhao naturally knew what she was thinking, and after a slight hesitation. He shook his head and said, "It's too risky.".