Begonia's idle wife

  • Begonia squinted. The light cast from the high windowsill. Right in her face. She couldn't get used to it for a while. He turned his head sideways and looked around. Begonia. There you are. A voice came out from the corner, and Begonia fixed her eyes on it. Ye Weiyu was sitting on a stone bed in one corner. Although his white prison clothes were stained with a little dust, they were still neat. His gray hair was tied in a bun at the top, and it was not messy at all. His face was clean and his expression was indifferent, not at all like the prisoners he had just seen outside. Come and sit down. Oh, it's a pity there's no chair, so you can make do with it. "Father." Begonia still made a salute and sat half sideways on the stone bed. Ye Weiyu smiled, "you are still willing to come to see me.". I'm very happy. He thought Ye Haitang would not come. I didn't expect it to come. Of course the daughter should come to see her father. She doesn't want to, but what can she do. The boss opened his mouth. Ye Weiyu stared at Begonia. There was a strand of broken hair hanging down in front of her forehead. She reached out to touch it for her. She didn't want to let her head go. She raised her hand and stayed where she was. Her eyes were a little lost. She withdrew her hand and smiled shyly. "My daughter has grown up." Begonia awkwardly pulled the corners of his mouth, after all, the man in front of him is a stranger, so close to his own behavior is not used to, "Dad looking for his daughter, but something to order?" Not feeling any concern from her, Ye Weiyu was a little disappointed. "Well, in a few days, your fourth brother, fifth sister,Flush valve price, and the rest of the family will all go to banish the army. Can you help me?" "All right, I'll arrange it." Even if it is to help Ye Haitang. Ye Weiyu cast his eyes on the window, "Ye Jia, you are the most blessed, your mother really picked a good marriage for you." "The daughter is really blessed by her mother.". Dad, you don't have to worry, although the emperor is banished,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, but now there is no war in the frontier, want to save a life, it is not impossible. "Children and grandchildren have their own blessings, and I can't take care of them.". You're here, too. Maybe after tomorrow, I'll go down to the grave to accompany your mother. But do you have the face to see her? Chengyi's life, you didn't try your best to protect it, and now you have ruined the Ye family. Begonia looked down and thought. Quiet for a long time, accompanied by a sigh, Ye Weiyu murmured, as if talking to himself, "You look more and more like your mother, Self-closing Shower Valve ,Concealed Flush Valve, but your temperament is not like your mother at all.". It's strange to think that although I hit you at the beginning, you don't have to hold a grudge until then, do you? "Don't mention the past again." In the Yingtian Palace, I felt very strange, and later when I came home for dinner, you were not very close to me. Why? Is it because of Chengyi? Ye Weiyu refused to let her go. No Ye Weiyu looked at her side face, shaking his head, "I know, Cheng Mi also told me that Fang Chuting has been investigating the matter of that year." "The second brother has already said how the eldest brother died." Begonia had to answer directly. There was no sound for a long time. Begonia turned his head sideways and saw the tears in the corner of his eyes. His heart softened and he called out softly, "Dad." Your eldest brother has been smart and gentle since he was a child. I was always worried that he was too weak. I didn't expect that he would choose such a way in the end. Among the children, Cheng Mi is the most like me, but do you know? He once told me that of all my brothers and sisters, he was not the one who was most like me. Begonia was silent, which had already been said by Ye Chengmi. Why are you a daughter? So what if it's a man? The men of the Ye family are either dead or banished. Who will come to a good end? Quiet down in the cell, Ye Weiyu looked at the window thinking, "I think Ye Weiyu in the officialdom for decades, and finally ended up with such a result.". If, like Fang Tingsong, he had not formed a clique with the prince, would he have been able to watch his children and grandchildren die of old age? Begonia looked at the light from the window. The light and shadow had moved a little to the west. He had been sitting there for a quarter of an hour. She doesn't want to spend any more time with him in this cell. Dad, it's getting late. The child is still waiting for me at home. My daughter will leave first. Is there anything else you need your daughter to do for you? "I want to be buried with your mother." Ye Weiyu spat out this sentence gently. Well, I'll try to arrange it. Didn't the beheaded man just find a place to bury him? Can the family take back the body? Ye Weiyu waved his hand, and just as Begonia was about to knock on the door, a word came from behind him. How did Cheng Mi die? A chill rushed up the back of Begonia, which made her feel cold and thought for a moment. Didn't I tell you that day? "Begonia, Jinhonglou." He swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty and looked back at him, his voice trembling. "What did you say?" "I just want to know the answer." Ye Weiyu stared at her and did not answer her question. Begonia pursed her lips and spoke with some difficulty. "He died because of me." The man opposite squinted. The voice was cold and frightening. "If you want to kill him, why are you poisoned?" "I didn't kill him." Begonia hesitated for a moment, then looked at him bravely. "But he died because of me." "Die because of you?"? Is there anyone else? The emperor's men? Ye Weiyu is a little strange, his own secret room, do not know many people. Shaking his head, "I accidentally crushed the wax pills." Begonia finally decided to tell the truth. After all, this is the last request of a father. Wax pills? When Cheng Mi died, he held a wax pill in his hand. "You wanted to kill him, so you brought poison?" "Take the poison with you, just in case.". I admit, I had a heart. However, "Begonia's eyes drift up, and her voice is so light that only she can hear it." Killing is not a simple thing. He deserves to die again. I still can't make a decision. "Hm?" The voice was so small that Ye Weiyu doubted his ears. Begonia seemed to be talking to herself. Perhaps too afraid, my hand a force, wax pills broken,Time Delay Tap, but I do not know. Looking back on that night, I was still afraid that if I was found later, I would die too.