A good marriage is planted in the field of medicine

  • From then on, those classmates who used to bully him in the Imperial College were directly weak. When they saw him, they either flattered him or made a detour. Only on that occasion, he borrowed the name of Princess Chu by mistake because of Lin Hai, the rest of the time, how he should read and how to read, never thought of what to compare with others, after all, his origin is there, how can not compare with others. Listening to Du Xiaoyu's advice, Ding Wenzhi nodded, "I really don't have any plans to get married yet." After all, I am only eighteen or nineteen years old, and it is more important to focus on my studies. Knowing that he had packed up his things and would return home when the rain stopped, Du Xiaoyu asked people to prepare a lot of gifts for him to take back, saying that he had a small one now and could not get away, and that he did not know when he could go back to see them. He also asked Ding Wenzhi to help ask the two elders how they were. Ding Wenzhi received the gift prepared by Du Xiaoyu and left directly from the Prince of Chu after the rain. Du Xiaoyu wanted to arrange for someone to see him off. Ding Wenzhi said no, he didn't adapt to such a big show. Du Xiaoyu had to give up. Not long after Ding Wenzhi left the palace of the Prince of Chu, he met Lin Hai, a classmate who had come on horseback. Lin Hai said he was a classmate and came to see him off. Ding Wenzhi did not refuse, let him get into his carriage, Lin Hai that crooked temper,stackable plastic pallets, soon enlivened the atmosphere, all over the world nonsense, Ding Wenzhi has long been used to his temper, from time to time to answer twice. Outside the city gate, Lin Hai couldn't see you off any more. After getting off the bus, he straightened his face and said, "Brother Wenzhi has extraordinary knowledge. I'm sure you can't be trapped in the countryside. I'll take a good exam when I go back. I hope I can see you on the list of Chunwei next year." Ding Wenzhi did not dare to boast, but nodded with a smile, "I will do my best." 313,plastic trash bins, Ding Fu's teachings, catch up with the exam (the first watch) When Ding Wenzhi returned home, it was already late July and early August. Neither Ding's father nor Hu had received the letter in advance. At first glance, when they saw their son standing outside the gate of the town government office, they thought he was dazzled. It took them a while to welcome him in. When Ding Wenzhi left home for the capital, the Ding family was still living in Baitou Village. His parents, brothers, and sisters-in-law relied on digging in the fields to support him to study. Unexpectedly, when he came back after a few years of separation, his father had already become the mayor. Looking at his mother's style, although there was still some gap with the rich wives in the capital, it was also very similar to that. Hu was overjoyed to see his son again after several years of absence. As soon as Ding Wenzhi sat down, he made tea for him and asked him if he was hungry. She went to make some food. Ding Wenzhi said with a smile, "Then I'll bother my mother." "You child." Hu's heart is happy, "Niang is looking forward to your coming back all day long, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic wheelie bins, thinking about cooking for you every day, there is nothing to bother about." When Hu finished, he put on his bib and went to the kitchen. Lian came in with Ding Ansheng. When he saw his uncle sitting in the hall, he greeted him a few words. Then he pointed to the little one beside him and said, "This is Ansheng." As she spoke, Lian said to Ding Ansheng, "Ansheng, that's your uncle. Call him uncle quickly." Ding Ansheng walked over and was embarrassed to shout at first. When he saw Ding Ansheng taking out candy from the book basket, he was willing to open his mouth and shouted sweetly, "Little uncle." Ding Wenzhi smiled shallowly, touched his head, gave him the candy, took a look at Lian's big belly, knew that sister-in-law had a second child, and asked casually, "sister-in-law, where is eldest brother?" "Sister Xiaoyu's orchard needs help," said Lian. "Old Miao has been invited. I'm afraid he won't be able to come back before dark." Ding Wenzhi knows. In the absence of the man, Lian did not have the nerve to sit in the hall with his uncle. He gave Ding Ansheng to him and said, "I'll go to the kitchen to help my mother cook." As soon as she got to the kitchen, Hu took a look at her big belly and said, "Don't bother about it. Go to rest in the hall. By the way, don't you want to send Ansheng to Kaimeng?"? Wen Zhi came back and asked him to help guide him. Maybe my grandson will pass the exam in the future. Lian Shi laughed, "Niang thought that the examination of fame was as simple as planting crops. After ten years of hard study, there were many people who failed.". ” Hu Shi insisted, "Didn't the little fish girl often say at that time that we should fly out of this gully in the future?"? Although my grandson's father is not promising, maybe his father's talent has been inherited to him. Hurry up, go back and ask your uncle to help you. It will be better to pass the exam in the future. If you can't pass the exam, you can also recognize a few words. It's better than digging in the field for food from generation to generation. Lian's mind moved slightly, and instead of arguing with her mother-in-law, she slowly paced back to the hall. Ding Ansheng was sticking to Ding Wenzhi at the moment. The little guy was greedy. When he saw that his uncle had brought delicious food back, he couldn't move his feet. His eyes were rolling. From time to time, he glanced at Ding Ansheng's book basket, but he didn't dare to turn it over. When Lian Shi came in, he pulled him to a chair and sat down, giving him a warning look. Ding Ansheng immediately behaved himself. Lian looked at Ding Wenzhi with a smile. "It's autumn soon. Is Wenzhi coming back for the exam this time?" "Mmm." Ding Wenzhi nodded. He had been away from home for a long time, and all the people he made friends with outside were classmates. He usually spoke more casually, but when he suddenly returned home, he couldn't find any topic to talk to his sister-in-law. So he answered every question Lian asked, which made Lian a little embarrassed. But thinking of her mother-in-law's instructions, Lian Shi also thought that her uncle was not sure if he would go to the provincial capital to take the exam this time. If he passed the exam, he would have to go to the capital to take part in the Spring Festival next year. He didn't have much time to stay and guide his son. He simply steeled himself and said, "Well, Wenzhi, your eldest brother and I are going to send Ansheng to Kaimeng. Do you see if you are free? When will you help guide him?" When Ding Wenzhi heard that his nephew was going to Kaimeng, he was overjoyed and said, "I'm free these days. I'll teach him sometime." Lian Shi asked, "Will this delay your study?" Ding Wenzhi said, "When I was in the Imperial College, I read almost everything I should read. It's not bad for a while. What's more,drum spill containment, I shouldn't be too nervous before the exam. It's good to relax properly." Lian was relieved. Then she thought of something and said, "My sister-in-law has never been to the capital, nor has she seen what the Imperial College looks like. Is it much more elegant than the county school?" 。 cnplasticpallet.com