Green Blood Sword

  • Yu Zhenzi already knew that this woman was charming in appearance and her words were pleasing, but she could not tolerate her actions. But she thought she was invincible in martial arts and didn't care. She said, "If you lose, you have to go back with me." "Did you lose?" He Tishou asked with a smile? I don't want you to follow. Double hook Huo Huo, attack quickly. Yu Zhenzi did not dare to be careless, and when he saw the move, he immediately fought together. Mei Jianhe grabbed Sun Zhongjun. When they saw that He Tishou had knocked down the Feng brothers, they also said that the two young men were not good at learning the art. At this time, they saw that she was the enemy of the evil way. Her body was light and agile, and her moves were strange. Her double hooks turned into a yellow light and a black gas, and she struggled against Yu Zhenzi's sword. They could not help but be shocked. Each person to come forward to help, but see two people fight so fiercely, advance and retreat to avoid, the blade split the wind, swift and incoherent, thought martial arts far less, dare not intervene. Two people fight to the deep place, the move is faster and faster, suddenly ding, the golden hook was cut off by the jade true son sword. With a wave of his sleeve, a hidden weapon flew out of his cuff, and with the sound of the wave, it spread out in front of Yuzhenzi and turned into a pink smoke. At this time, the dawn, under the light,euro plastic pallet, is incomparably beautiful. Yuzhenzi leapt out of the slanting stab and snapped, "Are you from the Five Poisons Cult?"? Why are you here? When a gust of wind came, Shi Jun and Feng Buwei stood downwind, feeling dizzy and fainting to the ground. He Tishou said with a smile, "Now I have changed my ways and joined the Huashan Sect.". Would you like to go straight and worship me as your teacher? I said, "Little Taoist, you'd better kowtow quickly!" Yuzhenzi Yun palm wind, whir twice, palm wind pushed away the crimson fog in front of him,wholesale plastic pallet, followed by a palm, like an avalanche hit over. He Tishou saw that his swordsmanship was exquisite, but he did not know that the power of his palm was equally powerful. As soon as he turned over the bottom of his wrist, he took the scorpion's tail whip in his hand, turned sideways to avoid the power of his palm, and rolled the tip of the whip around his wrist. Yu Zhenzi thought to herself that when she came up the mountain today, she was going to pick up the Huashan Sect with a single sword, but she didn't know that the master hadn't seen her, so she let the girl take these many moves. This time, she couldn't take apart the three moves any more. Seeing that the whip was coming, she stretched out her left hand and clamped the scorpion's tail whip firmly with two fingers. He wore a steel sleeve on his fingers and was not afraid of the stinger on the whip. He Tishou didn't lead the way, but the other side handed over his sword. He quickly withdrew his whip and said with a smile, "I've lost. I'll take you as my teacher." Said Ying Ying prostrate. Yuzhenzi laughed and threw the scorpion's tail whip to the ground. Suddenly, the blue light shone in front of her eyes. She knew something was wrong. She brushed the sleeve of her robe and jumped up. A tiny steel needle went into the grass. He Tishou used the hidden weapon of "innuendo" when he was prostrating himself. This time, he changed into a weapon. There was no warning in advance. He had to be hit, but he didn't know that Yu Zhenzi had excellent martial arts skills. He avoided it when he was not allowed to do so, but there was only a thin line between life and death. He was so angry that in midair, plastic pallet supplier ,spill plastic pallet, he rushed forward and pounced on He Tishou like a goshawk. Chapter 20 Empty Negative An Bangzhi Sui Yin Goes to the Country (2) A Jiu was watching the battle. He was on tenterhooks all the time. Why was he so worried? Because his arm wound was not healed and his martial arts were too poor, he could not help him. Seeing that Yu Zhenzi was coming fiercely, he immediately raised his hand and fired two green bamboo darts at him. "Then!" He shouted. Throw the Golden Snake Sword at He Tishou. Yu Zhenzi brushed her long sleeve and shot at He Tishou with a bamboo dart. He Tieshou avoided the palm, received the sword, smashed the dart, and made a move. The four things were accomplished at one go, and in a twinkling of an eye, he made a hand with the enemy. At this time, she was holding a sword that cut off gold and jade, a sword in her right hand, a hook in her left hand, and a great advantage on the blade. Yu Zhenzi could not fight for a long time, and he was anxious in his heart. He immediately pulled out the whisk with his left hand to assist him. As a result, the blade was strong and soft, and the power was greatly enhanced. He Tishou was not good at using the sword, and the iron hook in his left hand could barely support it, but the golden snake sword in his right hand was gradually restrained by him. Everyone saw that the situation was critical, and they all came to help. Hearing the sound of the whisk brush, Liu Peisheng had a sharp pain in his shoulder. It turned out that there was a golden thread in his whisk silk, plus a strong internal force. If he changed to a person with poor martial arts, he would have to be swept down on the spot. Mei Jianhe said to Sun Zhongjun, "Go and ask Shifu, Shi-niang, Shi-bo and Shi-shu to come." He saw that Yu Zhenzi's martial arts were so high that it was rare in his life. He was afraid that it would take several masters to work together to control him. Sun Zhongjun turned around and suddenly exulted, "Taoist, come quickly, come quickly.". ” They were fighting so hard that they had no time to turn around, only to hear an old voice say, "Well, it's you!" Yu Zhenzi brushed several swords and forced the crowd away. He jumped out of the circle and said coldly, "Hello, Elder Martial Brother." Only then did they turn around, only to see Musang Taoist holding a chessboard, two bags of chess pieces, standing behind. The disciples knew that Taoist Musang was a good friend of Shizu, and his martial arts were on a par with those of Shizu. With him, no matter how powerful the opponent was, he could not win over him. But they were very surprised to hear that Yuzhenzi had called him Shige. Mulberry was livid. "What are you doing here?" He asked. Yu Zhenzi said with a smile, "I'm looking for someone to settle an account with a young man surnamed yuan of the Huashan Sect, and then I'll accept three female apprentices." Musang frowned and said, "Haven't you changed your temper at all for more than ten years?"? Go down the hill quickly. Yu Zhenzi snorted and said, "In those days, Shifu didn't care about me, but Shige had to worry about it." "Think for yourself," said Musang. "You've done a lot of bad things over the years. I've long wanted to come to Tibet to find you. Yu Zhenzi said with a smile, "Well, we haven't seen each other for a long time." "Today I advise you for the last time," said Musang. "If you don't hate me again, don't blame Elder Martial Brother for being heartless." Yu Zhenzi said with a sneer, "I run amuck all over the world with one sword. No one has ever said anything rude to me." Musang said, "The Huashan Sect doesn't interfere with your river water. You hurt their disciples like this.". When Elder Martial Brother Mu comes back, teach me how to explain. Yu Zhenzi sneered and said, "All these years, no one knows that I have already broken up with you.". Mu Ren Qinglang has a false reputation, and others are afraid of him. Since I,plastic bulk containers, Yu Zhenzi, have the courage to go to Huashan Mountain, I don't care about the old monkey of this magic sword and ghost sword. Who says that the Huashan Sect and I don't interfere with the well water? I didn't offend Old Monkey Mu. Why did he send someone to Shengjing to make trouble with me? 。