Dan Feng's poem

  • Lu Sung-lin drew back his finger and laughed loudly. "It was Su Ya, the God of the six plates, who died, not me." The strange man was Su Ya, the God of Liupan disaster, who could not help but froze when he heard this. Lu Sung-lin added, "The Golden Lion's Poisonous Claw is wrong. He thinks that his invisible strange poison can cross the world and subdue all the heroes." Two frightening blue lights shot out of Su Ya's eyes. "Shang Liuqi didn't say that, and he didn't rely on the invisible poison to deter all the heroes," he said in a harsh voice. "But at least the invisible poison can be solved by no one except a few people." "May I ask who the few people are?" Asked Lu Sung-lin. Su Ya said with a sneer, "It's the first person who is familiar with a kind of'Poisoning Skill 'in the wonderful book of the Purple Mansion." "So far," said Lu Sung-lin with a smile, "there should be no one like him. What about the second?" "In today's world, apart from the prevention of the holy hand Han Kang and Lu Yan in advance, they can avoid death, but Lu Yan's tomb has been arched, and there is no successor, so don't mention it.". There are also martial arts that have been perfected, and there are few people in the martial arts world who protect their bodies and force strange poisons not to invade. Lu Sung-lin couldn't help laughing to himself. I don't know who told him that his teacher, Lu Yan, had passed away. His face turned cold and he said in a deep voice, "So Ai Danyang and the three heroes of Handan have perfected their martial arts." Su Ya was at a loss for words. She couldn't think of an answer for a moment. After a while, she snapped,plastic pallet supplier, "The old man doesn't believe that Ai Danyang is still alive. Your Excellency, please ask them to come out. The old man can't believe it until he sees it with his own eyes." Lu Sung-lin felt a shock in his mind. "Well," he said with a sneer, "a person who has a bad mouth. Not to mention Ai Danyang, even the three heroes of Handan are still alive." With a gesture, he called out, "Teacher Ai, please come out!" The figure in the hall flashed,heavy duty plastic pallet, and Ai Danyang jumped out. As soon as Su Ya saw that Ai Danyang was like an ordinary person, he could not help feeling cold. Qin Wanling, a beautiful woman on the roof like a hawk, was holding a lanky man in black in her right hand. Su Ya's body turned quickly, and a crane was pulled up into the sky. It was only three feet above the ground. Suddenly, she felt that her ankles were clasped by five copper claws. She could not help snorting and falling like a broken line. She heard Lu Songlin sneer: "Teacher Su, there is a way to come, but there is no way to go. I am wronged to stay. I still have something to say." With a loud bang, Su Ya fell in the courtyard, only to see stars in his eyes and his blood churning. Su Ya suddenly gave a loud shout, his body burst up, and his palms pushed each other out of a surge of cold air and crashed into Lu Songlin. With a slight smile, Lu Songlin turned over his right palm, and the "Five-Finger Magic Mountain" in the nine palms of the Hinayana Demon was whisked away. As soon as the power of the palm was received, Su Ya gave a loud cry. His body shook back, mobile garbage bin ,collapsible bulk container, and a stream of blood spurted out of his mouth. His face was pale, his eyes were like copper bells, and his shape was ferocious. Lv Songlin stretched out his right arm, and his two fingers flew like lightning to touch the thirteen acupoints of Su Ya. He laughed and said, "I touched the thirteen acupoints of Zunjia. In order to prevent Zunjia from taking advantage of the gap to kill himself with the poison given by the golden lion's poisonous claws, and the way I touched the acupoints was extremely vicious. I can understand it. I believe what I said is true." Beads of sweat appeared on the forehead of Su Ya, the God of Six Plates, and trickled down his cheeks like rain. Blood kept overflowing from the corners of his mouth, and his appearance was even more ferocious. A little later, Su Ya shouted in a ferocious voice, "Your Excellency is so vicious. I'm afraid the golden lion's poisonous claws may not be able to let you go." Lu Sung-lin burst out laughing and said, "I want him to know!" Qin Wanling will catch the bandits to leave. Qin Wanling immediately cut off the bandit's arms with a sword. The bandit howled miserably, and blood gushed out. She glared at Qin Wanling and fled through the air. Knowing that there was no hope of escape, Su Ya said, "Do you want to humiliate Su to death?" Lu Sung-lin said with a smile, "What Teacher Su has done is the common indignation of people and gods. It is not too much to humiliate and retaliate, but Teacher Su is under orders and can be forgiven." After a brief pause, he said, "I think the Golden Lion's Poisonous Claw must still be in Yuntai to understand the appendix of the wonderful book of Purple Mansion. There must be another master in Huaiyin City. It may not be Teacher Su." "That's a good guess," said Su Ya. "Then who is in charge?" "I only know that he is the right-hand man of the Golden Lion's Poisonous Claw. He is about forty years old. He has a white face and three black whiskers. He looks like a rich gentleman and scholar. I don't know his name and origin." Where is this man now? "When I got out of Huaiyin, I went straight to that northwest and enter a mountain forest with a dense sky. I saw an ancient temple that had been abandon for a long time. This temple is now the Huaiyin branch hall of the golden lion's poisonous claw. But it is very difficult for you to meet him.". ” Han Zhen said in a loud voice, "Is it the desolate temple where it is widely said that the seventeen masters of the twelve alliances of dragons and tigers have spent their lives, leaving behind their heads and high graves?" Su Ya was eager to get rid of the pain of being separated from the muscles and bones. She answered everything she had to say without concealing anything. "Exactly," she replied. Lu Sung-lin nodded his head and said, "I don't know one thing. Did you use the invisible poison because of someone?"? Or do it according to local conditions? Or for the time being? If it is more powerful than Yama Tie, why can Handan Sanjie and Ai Danyang escape? I know that their martial arts are the best choice in today's martial arts world. Su Ya replied, "There are many ways to apply poison, and they vary from person to person, from time to time, and from place to place. The three heroes of Handan use the Miao people to blow a needle. The needle is as thin as a cow's hair, and its nature is very poisonous. Shang Liuqi specially practiced Qigong horizontally. When the needle hit the human body, he felt as if he were unconscious, and saw the blood sealing his throat. Then why the three heroes of Handan did not die is not known by the old man." Su Ya endured the pain, and as far as he knew, after answering one after another, he was out of breath and sweating like rain. Lv Songlin pondered for a while, then stretched out two points to Su Ya's faint point. Su Ya snorted and fell asleep on his back. Ai Danyang suddenly flashed out and bowed to Lu Songlin to the ground, saying, "The virtue of rebirth has never been forgotten. Ai has always made a promise. He is willing to be sent with him in his lifetime." "I dare not," said Lu Sung-lin. "With your help, we can wipe out this man. It would be a great blessing for all the people in the martial arts world." "You are a man of God, Shaoxia," said Han Zhen! Handan Sanjie. Ai Danyang and others were reminded by his words, and at the same time they looked back into the hall, only to see Handan Sanjie with black blood at the corners of his mouth, his face blue, stunned, and sitting beside him was a stiff and cold Ai Danyang. It turned out that Ai Danyang on the table was not himself. He was a bandit captured by Lu Sung-lin who had changed his appearance. It was really not easy to distinguish under the light. At this time, they examined the body of Ai Danyang in disguise,foldable bulk container, but did not find the wound pierced by the blowing needle, which showed the thinness of the blowing needle. Ai Danyang sighed and said, "Ai really doesn't know why the three heroes in Handan are laughing." 。 cnplasticpallet.com