The President's Nine Contracts

  • Her eyes were instantly misted by a layer of mist, and she dared not even blink her eyes, letting the mist grow thicker and thicker and gradually turn into drops of water. The next second, the silver figure that she thought about day and night was still so heroic that it came into her eyes. She gazed at his impeccably perfect face, as cold as ever, freezing the outline of his knife chisel, thick sword eyebrows outlining the domineering silver Zhan pupils as clear as diamonds, but bottomless as thousands of years of ice, which easily made people shudder. All the handsome and deep European faces showed his beauty and evil. The black hair with the mysterious color of the East was meticulously blended with the winged eagle with black lines on the eyebrow bone. Wherever he goes, he is always the most fascinating one. She is no exception, easily let him take away the soul. Watching him walk towards the dance floor step by step, her eyes were already misty with tears, and she dared not move. I almost forgot that Tang Jin was still holding her waist, forgetting everything around her, even forgetting herself. In her eyes, in her world, he was the only one. And gazed with tears in his eyes. Tang Jin twisted his brows but refused to let go of Wen Qing,plastic pallet box, looking at the arrival of Li Tianzhan's evil and cold eyes, which immediately raised a burst of displeasure. Instead, Donner was not surprised to see an old God sitting on the sofa drinking coffee. It seems that Li Tianzhan is not the place where you should come. Tang Jin pulled his lips and looked at Li Tianzhan, dressed in silver, with mixed feelings in his heart. Chen Wenqing felt that only this man made him feel bad. Li Tianzhan's pace stopped in front of Tang Jin, which was only one meter away. A pair of sharp eyes swept over Wen Qing's tearful eyes. His heart was not soft, but when he gazed at the place where Tang Jin's hands were put aside,plastic pallet manufacturer, he immediately felt very cold. So here -- The corner of his lips raised a touch of evil and cold radian, and his eyes glanced at Wen Qing's waist, which was not the place you should touch. But Tang Jin deliberately hugged Wen Qing more tightly, and there was a trace of provocation in her eyes: Why didn't she see you when she was in prison? Where were you when she was wronged? Li Tianzhan, I hate people who are hypocritical. Wen Qing was suddenly surprised. Only then did he realize that Tang Jin was so frightened that he trembled all over and struggled to get out of his arms. Tang Jin asked you not to let me go so quickly. Today is my birthday, are you so cruel to make a person who never abandons you sad? When you are most in danger, he doesn't care about you at all. Even if you are pregnant with his child, how can a cold-blooded and heartless person like him not care about you at all? Why do you jump into this bottomless abyss and suffer such hardships? Every sentence of the Tang and Jin Dynasties comes from the bottom of my heart. Indeed, when Wen Qing needed help most, where was Li Tianzhan? Chapter 10: Blood Sacrifice Deed 62 Zhan, Happy Birthday Wen Qing pursed her lips and her firm eyes were filled with tears. Please Tang Jin, I know you are very good to me, plastic pallet bin ,wholesale plastic pallet, but you also know that the only person I have been waiting for is him. Sometimes it's really hard to push away a person who is good to you, because he is kind to you, but you just can't give him love. There was a trace of injury at the bottom of Tang Jin's eyes, which suddenly dimmed and loosened Wen Qing's waist, but his eyes were staring at Li Tianzhan. Why on earth do you have all her love? Why on earth do you have all her love? Just by- At the end of his voice, he deliberately dragged a soft and evil voice, which was full of endless banter. He pulled Wen Qing into his arms and then covered her softness. Those pearly tears slid down her cheeks and into his lips. Salty and bitter It was the man she had waited for half a month to look forward to the stars and the moon. Wen Qing closed her eyes and felt the late familiarity. His coldness was just as it had been in the past. His domineering was just as it had been in the past. Even the taste of his kiss on her was still as easy to intoxicate her as it used to be. The pair of silver hugs finally found a meeting point and kissed brightly in the light. However, his cold silver eyes with the eyes of victory tightly locked Tang Jin, as if to show off this woman, he did not dream of this life. Li Tianzhan dragged Wen Qing's waist with one hand and stroked her naked shoulder with the other. The soft and greasy touch was still his familiar yearning. He took a deep breath of her sweet fragrance and wanted to rub her into his body. Finally kissed Wen Qing almost suffocated, he pulled away from her lips and hugged her into his arms. His lips were contemptuously hooked to Tang Jin and he continued to say, "With this, Tang Jin, don't let me see you touch her again, or I will never forgive you." Li Tianzhan-Tang Jin held back his anger and clenched his fists to attack him, but he knew he had no position. Because Wen Qing doesn't love him. I'm sorry, Tang Jin, I really appreciate your care for me and my mother, but there was a trace of guilt in her eyes. Enough, I don't want to hear this. Tang Jin raised his hand and felt sad from the bottom of his heart. He had heard enough of her apologies. It was really enough. Li Tianzhan, if you want to take her away, you can. But today is my birthday. I have a request. I hope she will dance with me again. Hao Wen Qing answered in a soft voice. Almost at the same time, his low, cold voice refuted her without any room for discussion: "No!" Why was Tang Jin injured in a mess and his birthday wish was rejected more cruelly than ever? Li Tianzhan's cold eyes glanced at Tang Jin in an evil and cold way, and he immediately bent down and picked up Wen Qing horizontally, acting overbearing but gentle, with a cold sneer at the corners of his mouth. Because it's my birthday, too. The voice fell, and in the cry of Wen Qing, he turned around and strode out of the ball night with his legs. The falcon troops immediately disappeared in the sight of Tang and Jin. Tang Jin was left standing in the middle of the dance floor with clenched fists in shock, pain, anger, humiliation and helplessness, watching him leave with Wen Qing in his arms. Donner came over with a sneer and patted Tang Jin on the shoulder and said: Son, if you want that woman, you must defeat the eagle. Father promises to help you in any way he can. As soon as Tang Jin's lips were curled, there was a wave of sadness running through his eyes. He mocked and said goodbye coldly. He wanted to use me to achieve your despicable purpose. Unless you let her fall in love with me, it would be useless to defeat anyone. Silly child, she will never fall in love with you if there is an eagle. [Odd `book `net `whole.. Reason 'mention.. Supply ] Wen Qing buried obediently in Li Tianzhan's arms,collapsible pallet box, listening quietly to his steady heartbeat as if it had been a century. She held her breath and dared not make any sound for fear that it was a dream, for fear of waking herself up. He finally came tonight. What she didn't expect was that tonight was also his birthday. Happy birthday, Li Wuleng. Her voice is as small as a mosquito.