Huanzhu Landlord _ Shushan Swordsman Biography

  • After a few steps, he suddenly saw another stone wall in front of him. The door in the middle was tall, like the door on the second floor. In front of the door stood two rows of guards with bows and knives. There was a faint red light coming out of the door. People look inside, inside is much taller than outside, there are strange stones rising from the ground everywhere, cliffs are dangerous, the size is uneven, isolated peaks and mountains, hills and valleys. Because of the stone-shaped terrain, covered with thousands of small houses, high and low scattered, quite strange. In the middle of a wide flat road, straight to the end, there is a large stone platform with a radius of several acres. Hundreds of square and hexagonal houses were built on the platform, about ten feet high, about twice as high as other houses. These houses, no matter how big or small, are all square and hexagonal, as neat as cut tofu blocks, so exquisite and exquisite. The color is not consistent, in addition to the middle of the king is white, the rest of the colorful,plastic laminted tube, everything. I don't know what kind of paint was used to paint these wooden houses, but they were so bright and bright. There were no lights in the whole cave, but it was bright and subtle everywhere. As soon as I looked at the source of the light, I saw that there were many treasures hanging about twenty feet from the ground. There are no fewer than dozens of luminous pearls with a diameter of inches. The rest of the shellfish, pearls and jade, all kinds of exotic treasures, but also do not know how many, some luminous,custom cosmetic packing, some not luminous. Sometimes there are things commonly used in the world, such as shovels, ploughs, shotguns, fishing rods and so on, but the number is very small, only seven or eight pieces, hanging in prominent places. Probably things are precious when they are rare, although they are only a few of the world's fishing and animal husbandry that are not surprising for making a living, they have all become precious products, which are equal to rare treasures. Each of these treasures was tied down from the roof of the cave with a piece of hemp that had never been seen before, and there was one on the roof of almost every house. The camel girl said, "The treasures here are very rich in the past Dynasties.". Because it is often found in the mountains that nearly two generations of Lao Wang do not pay much attention to it. In addition, although the name of the villain is high or low, because of the group of people living together, metal cosmetic tubes ,plastic packaging tube, except for the king who can give orders, serve his subjects, and choose life and death, his treatment is not much worse. In order to be appreciated by the subjects of the clan, they were hung outside together, not hidden, and never stolen. As for the seven or eight utensils for fishing and animal husbandry, we didn't seem to care about them, but after the first two generations of Lao Wang went through all kinds of hardships and hardships, braved many dangers and dangers, and went hundreds of miles away to hide in the mountains of the country of adults for many days, they were familiar with their uses before they came to steal. According to their style, they were transformed into small ones and used for use, and the whole clan knew how to plough the fields and fish. They often say that precious jewels, except for those that shine instead of fire, are just for everyone to see. There are only a few things that are of endless benefit, not to mention the fact that they were obtained through the death of Lao Wang. Every time I get something from the kingdom of adults, after imitating it, I always hang the original thing high, which is a first-class national treasure. As he spoke, Yunfeng had risen with Xiao Wang. Although these little people run in the mountains and forests, a vertical number of feet, those steps, each step is more than two inches high, in the concrete and subtle, Yunfeng is very funny. As soon as he got to the stage, before he entered the room, Xiao Wang suddenly led the two imperial concubines back to Yunfeng and knelt down. Immediately, the drums burst out, and the sound of the music was very strange, quite different from what was heard outside. Some are like birds singing, some are like animals roaring, thousands of roars are mixed, and the sound is loud and loud, with empty echoes, more and more deafening. Yunfeng helped Xiao Wang and the two imperial concubines twice. Looking back at the two sides of Siwaitai, two bands suddenly appeared, with as many as 100 members. There are many styles of musical instruments, all of which have never been seen in my life. Most of them are made of bamboo, wood, stone and stone, with different sizes and complexity. Some of them are played by five or six people. I don't know when thousands of little people appeared in front of the houses on the short peaks and cliffs, cheering and dancing with the music. Each of them was wearing a hexagonal square, wearing long clothes and dragging behind their feet, and the snow all over their bodies was white. High and low, sparse, respectfully standing on the hilltops at the foot of those peaks, between the dangerous cliffs, the action is neat and not disorderly. There is a different scene on the end,tube lip gloss, which makes people happy. After Xiao Wang and his wife got up, they pulled the corner of Yunfeng's clothes, and the camel girl left Yunfeng outside and slowly backed into the middle of the palace. Two rows of bands on the left and right of the stage began to play again.