Pirated C Luo

  • In fact, Carlina Ferro is not a rich person. She is a student at Lisbon Industrial and Commercial University. She lives in Coimbra, northern Portugal. Because her grandmother lives in Akchit, she temporarily stays at her grandmother's home. Carina Ferro chose to work on Christmas Eve in order to reduce the burden on her family and earn tuition fees for herself. Such an optimistic and cheerful girl is respectable, and Ronando even thought that if he was in such a situation, he would probably make the same choice as Carlina Ferro and rely on his own efforts to get through the difficult times. Carina Ferro's grandmother's house is a very shabby small building, said to be a building, in fact, the area is very small, sandwiched between other houses. Good night! Little C Luo, go back and have a good sleep, tomorrow will have a good mood! Said Carlina Ferro, suddenly standing on tiptoe, pecking Ronando in the face, turning and trotting briskly into the small building, her long hair shaking twice and disappearing.. "Ugh!"! Is this my first kiss? Ronando stood half silent and raised his hand to touch his face, feverish. In fact, Ronando also understands that in Europe, it is normal for a man to send a woman home or be kissed on the cheek by a woman. There is no need to make a fuss at all. That may only be a kind of courtesy. However, Ronando, who was lonely at the moment, could not avoid a ripple in his heart. The fact is very clear, two men and women in their respective difficult times, have some good feelings for each other, but at this time, Ronando is really at an absolute low ebb. In other words, although Carlina Ferro is not a best beauty, but also beautiful, for Ronando this local turtle, or exotic girl, coupled with C Luo this body, so that he can not help but start restless up. Chapter 19 the black brother of Amendola. On Christmas Day, Ronando was busy in the square for 10 hours! Such perseverance is absolutely worthy of "admiration"! However, Carina Ferro stayed in the square all the time, even though her job did not require her to stay there for a whole day, but she did not leave. Sometimes she helped Ronando pass a bottle of water, and more often she watched Ronando run and shoot. Near midnight, when the work was over, stainless steel 304 pipes ,Precision steel tubes, Ronando could barely stand, but he managed to send Carina Ferro home. Although she knew that Ronando had to walk a long way to send her home, it must be very hard, but Carlina Ferro did not refuse. As they walked, Carlina Ferro sang to Ronando about a Portuguese girl standing on the beach, waiting for her fishing boyfriend to return. Ronando couldn't understand something, so she stopped to explain it to him slowly.. When they reached the small building, Carina Ferro kissed him on the cheek again. However, this time she almost threw herself into Ronaldo's arms and put her chest on Ronaldo's strong chest. She said: "Ronaldo, I believe you will become the best player in Portugal!" What a bold Portuguese girl! Ronando laughed, and he said to himself, "Of course!"! I will not only be the best player in Portugal, but also the best one in the world! All difficulties are paper tigers. If you are frightened by them, you will lose. If you rush up bravely, he will run away! One day after Christmas, Ronando went to Amendola alone. He was going to find Ze Zoe, a black Mozambican. He has no relatives in Lisbon. Now he has a friend, Carina Ferro, but she is just an ordinary college student. Apart from encouraging him, she can't help him in football. Now Ronando needs to know more friends related to football, which can bring more opportunities. The neighborhood of Amendola is shabby, cluttered with low-rise houses and crowded alleys, far worse than Elvash, and most of what you can see here is black skin. However, such an environment makes Ronando feel comfortable. "Ze Zoe?"? You go down the street to the end, and there's a court, and they're always there. When Ronando grabbed a random person and asked, he immediately got such an answer. In fact, where is a "stadium"? It was an open yellow field, on both sides of which stood two bare doorframes, without even a net, and a large group of black boys were running and chasing on the field. Seeing Ronando coming, the tall Ze Zoe rushed over excitedly and gave him a bear hug. Hi! Arrogant Madeira boy, are you ready to challenge Amendola United alone? Then come on! We'll beat you until you cry and go home to your mother! Ze Zoe cried out in a strange voice. This way of speaking makes Ronando feel very kind! Ronando has been suffocating in Akchit for so long that even after two days of running in the square of the supermarket, he is basically stuffy and silent, and the tone in his heart has long been unbearable. Hi! Brave Madeirans will show you who's the one crying! Ronando shouted back. There were more than 30 black boys of different ages in the open space. They were divided into two groups. The older ones played football together. Other children gathered next to them. Their clothes were varied and varied. Some even wore ordinary undershirts. The only thing they paid attention to was the shoes. All of them wore formal football shoes on their feet! The way they distinguish their teammates is also very simple. They hang two pieces of cloth on their chest and back with ropes. One side is the red team, the other side is the green team. Ronando can not help but sigh, these people are obviously very poor, living in dilapidated places, there is no regular stadium, but such energy is not comparable to the children of the country, no wonder European football is developed,side impact door beams, these people, perhaps some of them will become stars while kicking. Ze Zoe roared, and the Negroes stopped and ran up to greet Ronando. cbiesautomotive.com