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  • New Products factory The Linear LED In-ground is a luminaire designed for ground recessed lighting applications, including wall washing, wall grazing, asymmetric, flood and wayfinding applications. The unique flow thru design and screwless optic module facilitates simple installation. The YS305E2 outdoor linear in-grade produces up to 48w/m, The YS305 series is designed for easy installation, with a unique flow-through layout and screwless optic module. Various light distributions are available in color temperatures from White Red Green Blue to RGB RGBW. Feature and Advantage 1) There are 2 pins at the both end of the buried box. When continuously installation, as long as there 2 pins are aligned, all the lights are on a horizontal flush line, and there will be no unevenness a the installation site. 2) The lamp body and the buried box are fixed by magnetic attraction, which can save a lot of installation cost and installation time. 3) Screws are fixed at 2 sided, no traced of screws are visible from the top trim. Very clean and tidy. And there is no dard area during continuous installation. 4) Based on the picture that the body are absorbed on the buried box, so even if the installation site drainage system is not good enough and there is water in the buried box, it will not have any effect on the waterproof performance of the light. Specifications ItemIn-Ground linearPN#YS305E2 HousingExtruded aluminum+Tempered glassDimensionL1000*W53*H115mm Optics8掳15掳30掳45掳60掳Color2200k 2500k 2700k 3000k 3500k 4000k 5500k RGB RGBW VoltageAC100-240V / DC24VWattage24W/36W/48W InstallGround recessedFinishAnodized oxidation ControlON/OFF DMX DALIListedCE ROHS Product advantages 鈼?Plug and play installation 鈼?Push-lock connectors simplify installation and connection with no need to compromise IP68 sealed design 鈼?Exceptional uniformity 鈼?Asymmetric wall wash capacity allowing every uniform illumination 鈼?Colour changing 鈼?Monochromatic color RGB RGBW color mixing 鈼?Unequalled versatility 鈼?Choice of sizes, outputs, beams, colour temperatures, colours and controls. 鈼?Durable solution 鈼?Sturdy construction, Lumen maintenance 50000hrs at L80B20. 鈼?Ture asymmetric wallwash 鈼?Unique optic delivers standout uniformity at close range, with generous spacing between fixtures. 鈼?Power reach 鈼?Up to 48w per meter in white color. 60w per meter in RGBW color. 鈼?Light your way 鈼?All new fixtures come in standard mode. If you need any custom mode for your project. Warmly welcome contact us. Specifications 鈼?Voltage: AC100-240V. DC24V 鈼?Wattage: 24w 36w 48w 鈼?Color temperature: Monochromatic color RGB RGBW 鈼?Beam angle: 8掳15掳30掳45掳60掳鈼?Lifespan: 50,000 hours 鈼?Waterproof rating: IP67 鈼?Housing color: Black or customized Linear In-ground LED Lights The Inground is an LED luminaire designed for ground-recessed lighting applications, including asymmetric wall washing, grazing, and linear wayfinding. An innovative, plug and play design simplifies installation, protecting the system from water infiltration and ensuring long-lasting performance. Featuring second generation LED technology, the Inground is available in four different sizes (30cm, 50cm, 100cm), with a wide choice of outputs, colour temperatures, colour-mixing systems, optics and controls. A unique asymmetric wallwash distribution is also available, providing exceptional uniformity and brightness for walls and signage.New Products factory website: