What you should do first after the ACNH 2.0 update

  • New Horizons, the massive new update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is now available, and it includes a slew of exciting new features. To learn more about New Horizons, visit the official Animal Crossing: New Horizons website. A lot of these elements aren't even brought to your attention when you first start the game, so you'll have to do a little digging to learn everything there is to know about them. As a result, it is in keeping with the game's laid-back atmosphere of enjoyment. However, there are a few things you can do right away to start the clock ticking if you are eager to see what's new (and, understandably, don't want time to skip) and don't want to wait until later. Here's a checklist of all the things you should get done on your first day on the job.

    Brewster's location should be determined, and the construction of the cafe should begin as soon as possible.

    Prior to doing so, you must locate Brewster, who will be in charge of the Roost, a new coffee shop that Blathers hopes to open within the museum in the near future. Prior to getting things started, you must track down Brewster, who will be in charge of everything related to the museum and will be your point of contact. To do so, you'll need to go on a boat trip with Kapp'n, another newly introduced element from earlier in the series that can be found in our guide on where you can find Brewster. More information on how to get to Brewster can be found in our guide to getting to Brewster. After you have completed the necessary preliminary steps, construction will begin the following day, and the coffee shop will open the following day after that, on the following day after that. Perhaps, after two full days of waiting, this is the most important thing you could possibly do at this point.

    Make a donation of 100,000 bells to assist a shop that is just starting out in its business venture.

    You can open a shopping center on Harv's Island, but it will take several days to complete the project. This is necessary due to the fact that each individual shop requires a donation of 100,000 bells, and that once that amount has been raised, no further donations can be accepted on that particular day. However, we recommend that you begin with Leif's so that you can begin purchasing the items required to plant new crops, which will in turn allow you to begin exploring the new cooking features that have been added.

    By passing an ordinance, you can put a law into effect.

    As a result of your conversation with Isabelle, you will be able to put into effect a municipal ordinance. Examples include keeping stores open late (and villagers awake late) or ensuring that everyone on the island contributes to making the island more beautiful (which seems like they should already be doing, but what are you going to do about it?). has a different impact on the body than the othersAs there is a limit to how many can be in effect at any given time, and issuing one will not cause it to go into effect until the following day, make your decision now so that you can start enjoying the benefits as soon as you receive them. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

    Extend the amount of storage space that you have available to you.

    Tom Nook will allow you to increase the amount of storage space available in your home, which will be a welcome development if you've managed to fill up all of the available storage space in your home already. The number of items you can store in your account has increased dramatically from the previous limit of 2,400 items. You can now store an incredible 5,000 items in your account. We'll be finished with this home improvement project in a single day. The fact that you should purchase the previous upgrades as soon as possible, including the 2,400 slot one, is also important to remember because it is a requirement for being able to purchase the new storage shed from the Nook Stop in the near future. It can be purchased for 6,000 Nook Miles, which is a small amount of money in comparison.

    It is possible to order items fromBuy Animal Crossing Items and have them delivered the following day.

    Although it is not necessary to visit the Nook Stop in order to purchase the storage shed, it is recommended that you do so anyway because there are numerous new items available for purchase withBuy Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets at the location. Among other things, it's possible to purchase an island-themed notebook, which contains new reactions as well as recipes for new fence types, as well as a variety of items for use in decorating the island, among other things. It is necessary to ship the physical items by mail, which takes one day, so make sure to order the ones that you are most interested in when you make your purchase. buy animal crossing art is also necessary to ship the physical items by email, which takes one day. Remember that you have a daily limit of five items that you can order from this website, so prioritize your wishlist and place your orders as needed.

    Fill the hole in the ground with the gyroid fragments you've collected.

    If you've already tracked down Brewster (possibly in addition to any other gyroid fragments you may have discovered on the island where he was hanging out), you should have already received this fragment in your in-game inventory. Burying them on your island and watering them overnight will, on the other hand, result in a complete gyroid the next day. In addition to being a functional piece of furniture, it can also be used to entertain guests and annoy your neighbors at the same time. Consider planting anything and everything you can get your hands on in order to get the growing process underway.