Crossovers between Animal Crossing: New Horizons and other game

  • Nintendo announced in November 2021 that Animal Crossing: New Horizons would no longer receive major updates for free the following year, as part of the company's ongoing commitment to transparency. This announcement followed the release of version 2.0 of the game's update in November of the same year. It was also announced that the Happy Home Designer DLC for New Horizons would be the first paid-for DLC to be included in a game, making it the first-of-its-kind in the gaming industry. Happy Home Designer DLC for New Horizons is available now for purchase on the PlayStation Store. It is understandable that the only new content planned for New Horizons in the near future will be minor updates and cross-overs with other Nintendo franchises. Mayor Mori is a popular YouTuber who is best known for his Animal Crossing videos. He recently shared his theories about which games might collaborate with New Horizons in 2022, which you can read here.

    Given this, as well as the fact that crossovers have always been a popular feature in the video game industry, the prospect that Animal Crossing players will be able to access crossover content is extremely exciting in and of itself. As reported by ACNH, some of the titles with which the company might be able to collaborate in 2022 include the following:

    This video game, The Legend of Zelda, was developed by the Japanese company Nintendo and published by the company in 1996.

    There are a slew of new Zelda additions that will be released in the year 2022. The game's 35th anniversary celebrations will also continue, and it is expected that this will be a watershed moment in the game's history. As part of the festivities, it is highly likely that a crossover between ACNH and Zelda will take place. Keep an eye out for any announcements about such a crossover! A previous collaboration between the Legend of Zelda franchise and the Animal Crossing Bells For Sale franchise, which dates back to the first Animal Crossing title, is also worth mentioning. Therefore, when New Horizons releases its next major update in 2022, the Zelda crossover will be among the most highly anticipated additions for fans of the series.

    This year will also be significant for the Splatoon franchise, as Splatoon 3 is set to be released in 2022, marking the franchise's third installment in the game series.

    With Splatoon-themed villagers previously appearing in New Horizons, it will come as no surprise if the two franchises work together once more following the release of New Horizons: Awakening, the most recent title in the series.

    When referring to someone who goes on a monster-hunting expedition, the term "Monster Hunter" is used to refer to that person.

    A new title in the Monster Hunter franchise, similar to the Legend of Zelda and Splatoon franchises, is expected to be released in the following year, making the year 2022 a significant year for the franchise. This is also true for the Legend of Zelda and Splatoon franchises. Players should expect to see some sort of ACNH crossover in order to promote the game in some way, which should go without saying given the nature of the game.

    The fact that Nintendo has stated that ACNH will not receive any major free updates in the future despite the fact that crossovers with other games have the potential to make the remainder of this year extremely exciting for fans of the life-simulation gameThe fact that Nintendo has not officially confirmed any of these crossovers at this time should not deter fans from treating them with caution until such time as the company confirms them officially. The villagers are among the most endearing characters in ACNH Natural Designs: New Horizons, as they contribute to the overall enjoyment of the game by instilling a sense of belonging in the player. Right now, you are only permitted to accept a total of 10 villagers as permanent residents on your island, and this number will increase in the future. Individuality is a characteristic that distinguishes each villager from their fellow villagers and aids in the identification and classification of each one as a distinct individual. While collecting villagers, the vast majority of players enjoy the challenge of amassing as many as they can with personalities that are similar to their own.

    Since the introduction of Sanrio villagers into the game, a number of players have speculated about whether or not they will see another Sanrio villager's collaboration in the future. The appearance of other crossover characters who will be returning to New Horizons in the not-too-distant future is also a pleasant surprise, which is fantastic news. Aside from that, there is sufficient evidence in the game's files to support their reappearance, which is a promising development.

    Players were given access to a comprehensive update in March 2021, which included all of the Sanrio villagers and their outfits from the New Leaf expansion, as well as a number of other improvements. The community was extremely grateful for this update, which allowed them to conveniently gather some of their favorite Sanrio villagers in a single convenient location, as a result of this development. Another consideration was that it was a significant collaboration for the time period in which it took place.

    1. Despite the fact that Nintendo has collaborated with Animal Crossing on a large scale before, this will be the first time that the company has done so in this capacity

    2. The Hello, Amiibo update has introduced several new crossover characters to New Leaf's roster of playable characters, expanding the game's overall roster of characters

    3. It was through an interplay between The Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, and even Monster Hunter: World that Nintendo was able to introduce these characters to the general public for the first time

    4. In all likelihood, each and every one of these characters will be reunited with their friends and loved ones on New Horizons in the near future

    5. When a group of players discovered that some of the villager's mottos were missing from a comprehensive list of all villagers' mottos, which can be found on the villagers' photograph, they decided to investigate further

    6. That this had occurred to any of the players was the first time it had occurred

    7. These mottos aren't currently visible in the game because they haven't been included yet, which suggests that Nintendo is planning to add more villagers in the future

    8. This development increases the likelihood that these future villagers will appear in crossover stories by a factor of several orders of magnitude

    9. There was no way anyone could have predicted that Nintendo would release Sanrio villagers, but that is exactly what happened

    10. Although some players may believe that these are simply unfounded rumors, no one anticipated Nintendo to release Sanrio villagers, which is exactly what happened

    11. Additionally, it was unexpected that Nintendo would release Sanrio villagers; however, this turned out to be correct

    12. A final point to clarify: Nintendo will release Splatoon 3 later this year, and it would be beneficial to the game if ANCH included Splatoon-themed items or characters from New Leaf to help promote the title

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