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  • There are more than 1,200 mokoko seeds dispersed across the numerous continents that are a part of Lost Ark. These seeds can be found in a wide variety of different locations around the world. When you have collected fifty of a specific item, you become eligible for a new reward that has been unlocked for you at that point in time. These include legendary items of rapport, extraordinary members of the ship's crew, and comprehensive maps of the treasure. As a consequence of this, it is in your best interest to collect as many seeds as you are capable of doing so in the time that is currently available to you at this point in time. In other words, it is in your best interest to maximize the number of seeds that you collect. There are seven of them in total, and each one can be located on the map in a different part of the area. These locations are all accessible within a reasonable amount of time and can be reached without much difficulty. However, in order to gain access to a hidden room in two of them, you will need to play the Song of Resonance. You will not have any other option but to wait it out in this location until that time comes. On the other hand, further down in this article you will find that we have provided you with all of the information that you require in order to locate the seeds that you are looking for.

    You should head in an easterly direction once you have exited the Guard Post Triport and are ready to continue. You'll find some defunct machinery just to the east of the rock, and just to the north of that rock is another, larger sandstone outcrop. Both of these features are in this area. These two features can be found in the same general vicinity. You will find the very first mokoko seed that you will need for the Windbringer Hills tucked away at the base of this rock, just below some delicate pink flowers. You will need this seed in order to progress through the Windbringer Hills. You will not be able to continue your journey through the Windbringer Hills without this seed. After you have finished talking to Mercenary Yona, immediately take the fork to the left and continue following the path that heads north-northeast from there. You should look for the second mokoko in the exact center of the small area that you have reached, this time at the base of a large yellow rock that is surrounded by pink plants at its base. If you find it, you will have completed this part of the quest. If you are successful in your search, you will be able to move on to the next stage of the quest.

    Find your way to the Waste Facility Triport, and when you are ready to leave, turn around and head in the opposite direction, towards the east, on the path that leads away from you. As soon as you reach a T-junction, immediately take a sharp turn to the south, and travel as far as you can before making the leap to the southeast, which will take you across the chasm. You will reach the point where you can start climbing if you travel to the east while maintaining a close proximity to the northern side of the path. After you have successfully landed on the plateau, you will immediately notice that there is a sizable nest located smack dab in the middle of the plateau. If you move counterclockwise around the nest until you reach the corner on the upper left side of the area, you will find a plant with bright red leaves growing next to some large rocks. This plant can be found if you walk around the nest in a clockwise direction. The plant is developing in close proximity to some other significant rocks. It is possible to find a seed tucked away from sight all the way at the very bottom of the plant, where it is not in plain sight. Climb down the netting that can be found on the side of the area that faces south. You can find one more mokoko seed just to the left of the netting at the very bottom, and another one just to the right of a round white rock. Both of these seeds are located at the very bottom. These are two locations that are near the very bottom of the list. These are two locations that are extremely far down on the list; they are near the bottom.


    The name "Junkyard" is used to refer to Mokoko Seeds Five and Six as a collective unit, and that name is also used for the group


    • You should continue to make your way down the slope, and once you reach the level area, you should ensure that you remain on the right side of it

    • Shortly after going around the corner to your right and coming upon a small alcove in the next room, you will come upon a computer terminal that is lit up in blue

    • This terminal is in the middle of the room

    • EU Central Inanna Lost Ark Gold is situated in close proximity to a door that can be opened and shut using a sliding mechanism

    At this point, it will be necessary for you to make your way back to the Triport and leave by the ramp that is located in the general direction of the north-northwest. You are instructed to move forward along the metal walkway that has been arranged in front of you while keeping a straight path. When it finally comes to an end and stops completely, there will be a stack of cannisters in front of you on a low platform that has a dark color to it. You can get here by going around the platform in a counterclockwise direction from the starting point.

    The location of Mokoko Seed Seven can be found to the east of the Stern Portal. If you go there, you will find it. If you leave that location and head in a direction towards the north-east, once you reach the large area that lies beyond it, you will have arrived at your destination. This is because your destination lies beyond that area. You should cross it in the easiest and most direct route possible, as if you were heading for the door that is located in the top right corner of the room. This will ensure that you do not take any unnecessary detours. Just before you reach that path, you will see a tarpaulin shelter that has disintegrated into pieces and is currently covering some crates in its current location. Another rock that is significantly larger than this one can be found very close to it. It is located in the same general area. In addition to that, the seventh mokoko seed can be found directly in front of the rock, tucked away behind a particularly tall cactus. This location is also very important. This seed can be very challenging to track down. TreasureThe only person you can talk to about purchasing this item on your behalf is Hunter Igran, who can be found on the main deck of the ship on Peyto Island. If you want to buy this item, speak to Hunter Igran. You should talk to him about it if you are interested in carrying out such a course of action. If you are interested in following such a course of action, you should discuss it with him as soon as possible. Continue on past the first small area; however, as you get closer to the main temple, you will notice a small set of steps leading down to the right just before you reach the entrance. These steps can be accessed by turning right before you reach the entrance. To get to these stairs, go to the right just before you reach the main entrance. You'll find them there. At the bottom of these steps, you'll find the entrance that leads down to the lower level of the temple. Please make sure to read over and carefully follow the directions. A sizable statue of a man has been set up in the back so that it is in close proximity to the wall. This positioning was done in order to emphasize the man's proximity to the wall. It is located behind the door you entered through.

    To move on from this checkpoint, you will need to play the Song of Resonance in front of the statue that can be found here. Only then will you be able to continue. After you have successfully completed this mission, the statue will shift to the side, and you will be able to see a glowing entrance. When you use it and cheap lost ark gold, you will be taken to a room that is located in a completely different part of the overall map than the one you are currently in. This room will not be connected to the one you are currently in any way.