Ranni has relinquished her right to the Great Elden Ring runes

  • Regardless of the outcome, Elden Ring Items PC established himself as a formidable opponent on the field of battle.  Although this particular detail is not entirely clear, it seems that the name "Starscourge" was bestowed upon him in recognition of his mastery of gravity magic.  It would appear that Radahn possessed a gravity magic that was so potent that he was able to halt the rotation of the stars.  This may be a bit more metaphorical than it first appears to be; what this appears to be in practical terms is that cheap Elden Ring runes was able to use gravity magic spells to prevent meteors from falling to earth.  This is perhaps a bit more metaphorical than it first appears to be.

    Again, we are venturing into the realm of speculation, but I believe that this was a specifically practical move that targeted Raya Lucaria, as well as the people of the underground Eternal Cities, which we haven't discussed yet.  Again, we are venturing into the realm of speculation.  The sorcerers of Liurnia draw their power from the constellations, and a significant portion of their gravity magic is in fact directly related to meteors.  It is almost as if they use magic to pull meteors and other small celestial bodies out of space and throw them at their foes.  It would appear that this meteor magic could have been put to use in the destruction of Farum Azula, the floating city that was home to the dragons.  It's a superweapon that's in the hands of a group of people who don't really follow the Golden Order's teachings, but they still have it.  This is actually reflected in the game by the fact that all sorcereries make use of the Intelligence stat, whereas Incantations of the Golden Order make use of the Faith stat; this is almost like the conflict that exists between science and religion.  In addition to this, Liurnia did not become a member of the Golden Order until after Radagon married Rennala.  Radahn earned the title of Starscourge because he used his powerful gravity magic to render the stars incapable of falling, removing Raya Lucaria's ability to use meteors as weapons.  Radahn may not have been a fan of his father, but he was still a member of the ruling class.

    It is also possible that this action was taken with the intention of defending against assaults or incursions from other cosmic forces or from the Outer Gods.  It is said that Radahn studied gravity magic in Sellia under the tutelage of an Alabaster Lord.  The Alabaster Lords are an ancient race that are said to have originated as a result of a meteor that struck the lands between in the distant past.  There are also several creatures that are directly linked to meteors.  For example, we can find more than one Fallen Star Beast, which is a monster that falls to earth from space, and we can fight two different versions of a boss named Astel, who appears to be some kind of cosmic horror star-monster as well.  It's possible that when Radahn was younger, he had an encounter with an Alabaster Lord, and that encounter gave him some insight into the dangers that lie beyond in the void.

    After some time had passed during the Shattering, Malenia led an army southward from the fortress that she and her brother Miquella occupied at a location known as the Haligtree.  After she had finished humiliating the cowardly Godrick, she traveled to Caelid to face Radahn in the conflict between the demigods over who should be allowed to claim the Elden Ring.  During this time, she had traveled through Limgrave.  Radahn would have been her most formidable rival among the demigods, and if they hadn't fought against each other, it's possible that one of them could have amassed sufficient power to win the right to wear the Elden Ring.  But that's not how things actually went down at all.

    Malenia met Radahn on the vast Wailing Dunes of Caelid, which are located close to the continent's shores.  There, the two opposing armies engaged in combat with each other, resulting in the deaths of a significant number of individuals.  Malenia quickly realized that she was powerless against Elden Ring runes using conventional methods because he was much more skilled and powerful than she was.  Malenia gave up the pride and determination that she had been using to keep the rot that was growing inside of her at bay so that she could compete with his ferocity.  As a result of the curse, which more or less resulted in an outbreak of Scarlet Rot, she blossomed and gave the appearance of being encased in a gargantuan flower.  Infection had spread throughout the Caelid race, including to Radahn.

    The conflict resulted in significant repercussions for all parties involved.  Neither Radahn nor Elden Ring items for sale were actually able to prevail in the fight, and as a result of Malenia's submission to the rot, she suffered a loss of something important, including a portion of her sense of self and her will.  One of her Cleanrot Knights, Finley, carried Elden Ring Runes PC for sale all the way back to the Haligtree in the northern mountains, which was where she and her brother Miquella were based.  She had fallen into a deep sleep, which prompted her Cleanrot Knights to evacuate her.


    Malenia and her knights fled, but Radahn was also unsuccessful in his attempt to win


    •  Even though the infection known as Scarlet Rot ravaged him from the inside out, ER gold was unable to pass away because Marika had removed the rune that represented death from the Elden Ring

    •  Because of the infection, he went completely insane, and he never went back to Redmane Castle

    •  Instead, he simply roams around the battlefield, looking more monstrous than human at this point


    When you finally make it into the Lands Between, depending on how far you've gotten in the rest of the game and who you talk to, you may or may not find out about the  Festival.  This is determined by how far you've progressed.  You'll learn about the festival from Iron Fist Alexander, the big living jar, or Blaidd and Ranni if you've progressed far enough in their quests to hear about it from them.  The festival is held at Redmane Castle, which is located in the southeast of Caelid.  It is very popular among Tarnished warriors, and participants come from all over the world.

    When you reach Redmane, you will find out that Radahn's troops are still faithful to him, despite the fact that their lord is missing.  At this point, anyone who liked the guy wants nothing more than for him to be taken away from his misery.  If you have made progress on Blaidd's quest, you will meet a character named Jerren when you arrive in Redmane.  If you have completed his quest, you will also encounter other members of the Tarnished and Blaidd.