How to build a guard/small forward with two-way ability to play

  • The Two-Way Playmaker has a solid build and appears to be well-rounded on the court. . . . As the name implies, "2 Way" indicates that this player is equally capable on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball, with numerous badges unlockable for Defensive/Rebounding/and Playmaking abilities on both the offensive and defensive ends.  This build will allow you to make plays, and it will provide you with enough shot points to allow you to obtain 10 or more shooting badges, which will allow you to remain effective on the offensive side of the game.  While your finishing will be a weak point in your game, your driving layup and dunk should be enough to keep you competitive in the paint.  You'll most likely want to experiment with your weight and wingspan once you reach the physical attributes portion of this equation.  However, we recommend that you maintain your height of 6'5", low weight, and wide wingspan.

    Small Forward with a tall playmaker’s frame
    Because of the player's size, this Playmaker Build is extremely lethal.  You're going to be a 6'6" 6'7" Small Forward for your team.  A total of 30 Playmaker Badges, as well as an abundance of shooting badges, will ensure that this player gets their own myteam coins 2k22 on a consistent basis.  As is always the case, these builds can be modified if you prefer a few fewer playmaking badges in exchange for more shooting or defense.

    Sharpshooter with a lockdown stance
    You want to put together an unstoppable squad in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM, don't you? Are you a good defender and a good shooter? There are plenty of Defensive Badges on the Lockdown Sharp, and there is also plenty of shooting on the Lockdown Sharp, making it a highly competitive build that is equally proficient on both sides of the court.  Consider the likes of Michael Jordan in his later years or, to a lesser extent, Kawhi Leonard.

    Shooting Guard/SF who is a pure sharpshooter
    In order to get the most out of your shooting, it's best to try to make the Pure Sharp build as soon as possible.  As you might expect, this is a heavily green build that will grant you 30 Shooting Badges and all shooting stats of 90 or higher when you reach 99 overall.  In almost any situation, this will be a lethal shooter, especially if they have some ball handling skills to get open on their own.  Sharpshooter builds can be customized to create Playmaking Sharps, Lockdown Sharps, and other types of Sharpshooters.  If you want the Pure Sharp, however, put all of your points into your shooting and then rain jumpers on your opponents.

    Moving the glass cleaning power forward or center is recommended.
    Even though the Power Forward and Center positions in 2k basketball are a dying breed, they are still extremely important on a five-man team.  A dominant big man has the ability to crash the boards, and this build will be entirely devoted to cleaning the glass.  In order to accomplish Switch 2K22 MT, you will devote all of your points to the Defensive and Rebounding Skills and end up with a total of 95 points in Offensive and Defensive Rebounding Skills.  Some of these stats can be improved even further by altering a character's physical attributes.  However, while it is desirable to have a taller center or power forward, it is likely more beneficial to keep their height around 6'9 or 6'10 in order to maintain their speed.

    Paint Beast – Power Forward in the Center
    If you want to get a sense of what the Paint Beast is, think of Shaq in the early 1990s.  Someone who is slightly smaller than Shaq, but then again, who isn't? The Paint Beast is a paint finisher who has 90+ potential for all dunks, close shots, post hooks, and overall post moves.  He also has respectable overall post moves and is a good overall post mover. 30 Finishing badges will give you the ability to finish in virtually any situation.  It will be impossible for the Paint Beast to play outside of the paint; this is not a player who will be able to play a versatile game in terms of shooting outside of the paint.  This one-dimensional player will simply attempt to outnumber those in his or her lane of play.