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    To pay tribute to Michael Jordan, the tagline Be like Mike appears in NBA 2K22's season 2, Build your Empire. Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time, and the phrase "Be like Mike" appears in the game's second season.According to the game's official website, the second season of Cheap MT 2K22 introduces new tiers that can be reached in order to earn free rewards, with the level 40 reward now revealed to be the lightning-fast go-kart, which can be obtained by completing the game's objectives.With the initial announcement of Season 2, we also learned about the level 1 reward, which is a pink cancer awareness shirt in honor of Pink Ribbon Day, which takes place on October 22nd.

    However, while the level 1 reward in NBA 2K22's MyCareer mode isn't particularly noteworthy, progressing through the levels of season 2 will provide players with an array of intriguing prizes from which they will be able to choose.

    Every detail about the How to buy mt NBA 2k22 full season 2 level rewards list is conveniently located right here.
    In NBA 2K22's MyCareer mode, players must collect XP points in order to progress through the game's various levels, as most gamers are already aware.Various animations, accessories, boosts, and other clothing are currently available to be earned for free, and a variety of other rewards can be unlocked for each level. Each level also has its own set of specific rewards that can be unlocked.Aside from that, players can earn a variety of player packs, tokens, and boosts by progressing through the seasons of NBA 2K22's MyTeam mode, among other things.
    T-shirt for Breast Cancer Awareness, at the very beginning of the game.
    Second Season - Build your Empire ball on Level 2 of the second season.
    The third level is represented by the Player Indicator.
    In the NBA Current Series 1 Base League pack, you'll find yourself at the fourth stage.
    Several new banner options are available at the fifth level.
    Level 6: A commemorative tee commemorating the NBA's 75th birthday.
    Level 7: A green release animation is displayed on the computer screen.
    Emotes from season two are available at the eighth level.
    Level 9: Double XP for a total of 30 minutes (at the most).
    Level 10: From the ground up, design your own Empire T-shirt and medallion.
    You will receive Gatorade Boosts (5 games) when you reach Level 11.
    Season 2 emotes are available to use at the level of twelve.
    A number of new banner options have been included in Level 13.
    You will receive 2K Breakthrough Gear (+1 Interior Defense) when you reach Level 14.
    15th level: This is an indicator for the player.
    Season 2 emotes are available to use at the 16th level.
    Increased XP for one hour (if available) at level 17.
    Level 18: MyTeam Base Set Sapphire 85 OVR (Optional Value Rating), which is the highest possible rating.Michael Jordan is a professional basketball player who represents the United States.
    A new set of banner options has been added to the Level 19 menu.
    Season 2 emotes are available to use once you reach level 20.
    Park After Dark 2K Wizard hat is the twenty-first level in the game.
    Ability enhancements (10 games) are available at the Level 22 level.
    Level 23: 2K Breakthrough Gear (+1 Pass Accuracy) Level 24: 2K Breakthrough GearLevel 24: Breakthrough Gear worth 2K.
    Two MyTeam promotional packs and three tokens are among the rewards for reaching level 24.
    Emotes from Season 2 are available at the level of 25.
    Level 26: Increased Daily Reward Opportunities are available to you.
    Level 27: There are several new banner options available.
    Level 28: Double XP for a maximum of 1 hour (at the highest level).
    The 29th level is dedicated to the construction of your Empire Top Hat.
    On Level 30, there is a vehicle with a gold trike.
    You will receive 2K Breakthrough Gear (+1 Close Shots) when you reach level 31.
    Double XP for Level 32 (for a period of two hours).
    At Level 33, Gatorade Boosts (10 games) are available for purchase.
    A new set of banner options has been added to the Level 34 menu.
    On Level 35, there are PUMA LaMelo MB.01 sneakers to wear.
    Amethyst Player with the Base Set at Level 36 on MyTeam Amethyst
    Constructing your Empire Suit will help you reach Level 37.
    For the first two hours after reaching level 38, you receive double XP.
    Awarded 1+ Badge Point (for the first time) at level 39.
    The Skeleton Mascot is the 40th level in the game.



    Obtaining higher tiers in NBA 2K22's MyTeam mode will also grant you the opportunity to collect the following rewards:
    Level 1: Unrestricted free agent with a 93 overall rating (overall rating).Michael Jordan is a professional basketball player who plays for the Chicago Bulls.
    Slasher Badges for Level 2 in a set of six.
    Level 3: You will receive one token.
    At Level 4, you can purchase a Gold Shoe Pack (which is optional).
    Ascension to the Fifth Level of Development!
    Base '22 is the sixth level of the base system.Pack of awards for the NBA's Series 1 championship game
    Level 7: Gold, with an overall rating of 78.Ben McLemore is a professional basketball player who plays for the Sacramento Kings.
    A total of three tokens are required for Level 8.
    The Post Scorer's Pack (Level 9) is a set of items that helps you keep track of your goals.
    Season 2 (Achievement Level 10):Construct your Empire ball from scratch.
    Ascension to the eleventh level of achievement!
    Pack of badges for the Glass Cleaner achievement on Level 12.
    The Emerald 82 OVR is the thirteenth level in the OVR progression.Aaron Brooks is a basketball player who represents the Houston Rockets.
    The Gold Shoe Boost Award Pack can be obtained after reaching Level 14.
    Shot Creator Badges for Level 15 are included in this package.
    Level 16: A total of five tokens are given out.
    Level 17: '22 is the industry standard in terms of difficulty.Pack of Rim Protector Badges for Level 18 in the NBA's Series 1 Award Pack. Pack of Rim Protector Badges for the NBA's Series 1 Award Pack.

    Ascension to the next level of achievement!
    Sapphire has an OVR of 85 and is at level 20.James Posey is a forward for the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association.
    The Lockdown Defender Badge Pack can be obtained after reaching Level 21.
    Ascension to the next level of achievement!
    Level 23 is the same as Standard '22 in terms of difficulty.The award pack for the NBA's Series 1 Ruby 88 OVR is at level 24 at the time of writing.
    Danny Ainge is the general manager of the Boston Celtics.
    Level 25: You will receive ten tokens as a reward.
    Ascension to the 26th level of achievement!
    When you reach Level 27, you can purchase the Sharpshooter Badge Pack.
    The following are the outcomes of Level 28: Level 28:Amethyst 90 OVR is a rare and valuable gemstone.The Barry Carroll Deluxe '22 level is the 29th level in the game.
    Pack of awards for the NBA's Series 1 championship game
    Achievement of 30th level of advancement!
    Participating in Dunktober on Level 31 earns you an award package.
    At level 32, you can purchase a package of diamond shoes.
    Adrian Dantley of the Utah Jazz is ranked 33rd on the Diamond 92 Overall Player Rating scale, according to OVR.
    Level 34 grants you 30 tokens as a reward.
    The Diamond Consumables pack becomes available when you reach level 35 in the game.
    Ascension to the 36th level of achievement!
    (At level 37, you can get the diamond contract package).
    Diamond Show Booster is included in the Level 38 package.
    At Level 39, you can start putting together your Empire Hall of Fame Badge Option Pack.Pink Diamond 95 OVR at Level 40, which is the highest level.
    Kevin Garnett is a professional basketball player who plays for the Boston Celtics.
    A 95-rated featured Kevin Garnett card has been included at the end of the list in order to entice those who are playing NBA 2K22 to purchase it.