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What are the features required to develop TikTok clone app?

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    May 6, 2021 7:10 AM EDT

    Consider the following features for developing a feature-rich TikTok clone app. 

    Social media login

    Typically, users can log in with the app using their email address or phone number. Apart from this, you can let the users register using other social media accounts like Facebook. This process seems to be easy and simple as they do not have to enter their personal details manually.

    Create and manage profile

    Users can create their profile by providing essential information like name, image, contact details. Upon creating their profile, they can make changes whenever they need.

    Create video

    As this is a short-video sharing platform, users can create a video by lip-syncing the audio file. They can dance, share their expressions, and perform more for showcasing their creativity.

    Apply filter

    Once the users create a video, they can enhance the visual impact by adding filters. After that, they can upload the video in the TikTok clone app. 

    Watch video

    Users can watch videos posted by other users in the app. They can like and comment on the videos. They can also see the location of the other users if they have specified it in the video. 

    Above these are the necessary features to be considered during TikTok clone app development. Despite these, you can consider some other new features to attract more customers.