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How to develop a courier delivery app like Uber for Courier?

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    May 21, 2021 8:07 AM EDT

    Step 1 – Frame a business plan

    The foremost step in courier app development is to frame a business plan. For this, you have to analyze the market trend and understand your target audience's preference. Visualizing the process flow helps to come with a better idea.

    Step 2 – Select a business model

    Secondly, you have to select the right business model as it can be implemented based on the available resources, budget, and demand. Some popular business models are the Aggregator model, Postal and courier service model, and Parcel delivery service model.

    Step 3 – Choose the features

    The Uber for Courier app has three panels: Customer panel, Driver panel, and Admin panel. Make sure you do not opt-out of the essential features. You can even consider incorporating new features to stand out from the rivals. This will make your app unique.

    Step 4 – Partner with the right app developer

    There are two options to develop the app. One is developing from scratch and the other is developing the app using the customizable, readily available solution. Join hands with an app development company for courier app development.

    Step 5 – Launch the app 

    Once done with the app development stage, the Uber for Courier app is ready to launch.