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What are the attributes for developing an Uber for courier app?

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    July 6, 2021 8:17 AM EDT

    As the courier delivery service business moves swiftly to digital, an app like Uber for Courier will help you to have a strong online presence. As a result, you gain a more customer base. Meanwhile, you have to consider a few of the attributes while developing your app. Here are as follows.

    In-app verification process

    The delivery person upon registering with the app, they have to submit necessary documents for verification. Therefore, make sure the in-app verification process makes the delivery person do it with ease. Once the verification process is completed, they will be allowed to take up courier deliveries. This verification process will help to gain the trust of customers.

    Various payment options

    Customers can choose either cash or cashless payment method depending on their convenience. So, integrating your on-demand courier delivery app with various payment options is necessary nowadays. 

    Contact information

    Once the delivery executive is assigned to deliver a courier, a concerned delivery executive’s details such as reviews, ratings, phone number, and location have to be available to the customer. 

    Package tracking

    Live Tracking has to be included in the Uber for Courier app. This allows the customers to check the package status. Also, they will receive messages via text from the delivery executives on exactly where the package is.