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What is the cost to develop the UrbanClap clone app?

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    August 13, 2021 9:06 AM EDT

    The cost of developing an on-demand home service app is based on several factors. Below are a few of the key factors that determine the UrbanClap app clone development cost.  


    Developing an on-demand service app from scratch requires an immense investment when compared to creating an app using the clone script solution. As the clone script is a readily available app solution, it will not need much time for development, so it is budget-friendly.

    App platform

    App platform differentiates the cost of app development. Developing an app for Android costs high compared to iOS. When you plan to launch the app within a limited budget, consider either Android or iOS instead of both platforms.

    UI of the app

    Choose a suitable theme for your app that reflects the nature of your business. Appropriate UI builds compatibility for the app.

    Launch screen

    As the users have different devices, your app has to fit on all the devices irrespective of the platform you choose to launch.


    The app costs primary charges when it is launched with the necessary changes. And, it will cost a considerable amount if you are considering incorporating additional innovative features.

    App development company

    An app development that you choose for UrbanClap like app development is one of the primary factors. It relies on the experience of app developers and the location of the company.