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What are the features of flower delivery app?

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    August 25, 2021 8:21 AM EDT

    Features and functionality are the two factors that shape an on-demand app and pave the way to sustain it in the competitive market. Are you planning to enter this market with a similar app like Uber for flower delivery? Some of the differentiating features to consider during flower delivery app development are given below.

    Personalized gifts

    Users prefer to send gifts on special occasions. It would be fascinating if you provide customized notes or gifts according to their wishes. This attracts many users to opt for the Uber for flower delivery app.


    You can provide virtual assistance for the users. This way, you can even let the users place an order with ease.

    In-app chat/call

    It became an essential feature in the on-demand app irrespective of the services offered. This feature connects the users, florists, and delivery person hassle-free. In case of any queries/doubts, they can contact each other via the app.


    When you plan to operate it across many cities, it is necessary to incorporate the multilingual feature during flower delivery app development. It paves the way to reach a global audience. Users can use the flower delivery app in their native language.

    Inventory management

    This feature is available in the florist app. It will let the florist manage the products listed in the app. They can remove the existing products or add the new products based on availability.