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What Would Be The Cost For PayPal Clone App Development?

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    December 6, 2021 8:44 AM EST

    When you are sure about launching an app like PayPal, you have to know how much it will cost for PayPal Clone app development. To be precise, no one can determine the cost without knowing what the requirements will be. Thus, there are several factors that will determine the cost. The following are the factors that have an impact on the online payment app development cost.

    • The feature set included in the app
    • The technology stack used for development
    • The size of the app development team 
    • Time required for the development
    • The UI/UX design

    In short, the app requirements are the basis for deciding the app development cost. Regardless, the payment app developed from the beginning would be expensive compared to choosing a PayPal Clone Script. If you have to know the exact pricing details of the online payment app, reach out to a reliable company, specialized in delivering the best app.