who has always been known as a treasure book

  • Eugene, who has always been known as a treasure book, looked at Qin Jue, but he did not expect that this silent teenager was not only skilled, but also top-notch in knowledge. Qin Yiyi does not want to care why there are so many strange species here, simply do not care about the region does not care about the environment of the big mixed. Looking around, the gorilla had obvious scars on its body, and in the hands of one of the people over there, a young orangutan was found, which should have been hunted by them not long ago, and the blood had not yet dried. And then the gorilla ran after him, so they didn't have time to deal with it. Qin Yiyi, a gorilla, also understands that it is polygamous, but the feelings between mother and son are very deep. Generally, a female gorilla can guard the body of a dead child for several weeks, but this is only a male, so I don't know what the reason is. Now it seems that they either hunted the baby gorilla and accidentally caught the big one, or they wanted to get both of them. Adonis's leisurely posture was in sharp contrast to the tense situation on the opposite side. "It seems that they are lucky enough to follow only one instead of a group." Gorillas are social animals, and it is estimated that these two come out to look for food or live alone. Qin Shuang looked at the two sides of the war with great interest, sighing in his mouth, "This gorilla's skill is much stronger than that little black bear, but those people are too weak, a group of people can not beat one, so embarrassed, ugly to death." Finally, he did not forget to despise others. Gorillas belong to the species closest to humans, and their intelligence and flexibility are certainly not comparable to those of black bears. And just in the mountain forest, it is also the home court for gorillas. Generally,Automated warehouse systems, even orangutans weighing up to two or three hundred kilograms have to climb trees to find food, so it is not easy for them to catch such furious gorillas in the woods at this time. The sound of "touch" startled countless birds in the forest. They actually have hot weapons. It seems that their status is not low. Qin Shuang looked at the gun in the other side's hand and sighed. Qin Yiyi's line of sight to the front of a glance, after concentrating on Meng Shichen's arms looking at the opposite, did not say anything. Although the other side has a gun, but I do not know whether it is too nervous to miss the head, or the gorilla's skill is really agile, only scratched its forelimb. Instead of working, the gorilla rushed in the direction of the crowd in a desperate rage. If it goes on like this, I'm afraid the school escort will be out soon. Although it is inevitable that there will be casualties in every big match in San Lundu, in order to prevent this situation, in fact, all parts of San Lundu are monitored. If there is a real danger, the school will send a rescue team to rescue, but relatively speaking, industrial racking systems ,push back racking system, you will lose the qualification of the trial. So most people will do what they can and will not do anything particularly brave. Qin Yiyi originally thought that Angus should have a good strength if they dare to follow him. Now, they have a good strength, but there are not a few people who are dragging their feet, such as those who are now paralyzed and screaming by the river. Shoot it in the eye! Angus thought he was going to explode. These losers shouldn't have given him the gun just now. The boy with the gun heard Angus's cry and hurried to the gorilla again, but he still missed his aim. This time it was not as good as the last time. He was directly dodged by the gorilla. Qin Yiyi laughed out loud when he saw this. "This gorilla is quite clever." "Do you want it?" Meng Shichen bowed his head and asked softly. Qin Yiyi looked at the tall and strong giant, his small eyes shining with animal light, his thick breath coming out of his big nostrils, his teeth in his open mouth were extremely sharp, and the hair on his body was messy and sticky. Similar to human form and behavior, it looks like a dirty middle-aged uncle, really do not like it. Although she is very fond of animals, but also specific, such as the human nature of the black bear. Besides, it was released because there was no need to kill it, but this one was obviously crazy, and she thought she didn't have so much patience and love to influence it. Just because he released a black bear, even Lei Zhe would ask himself whenever an animal appeared. Although they understand that they are out of the importance of her, but Qin Yiyi is still a little helpless. With Meng Shichen's understanding of Qin Yiyi, she knew what she was thinking by looking at her eyes. White as jade fingers gently stroked Qin Yiyi's black and bright hair, and the strong color difference contrast made the visual impact even greater. Facing the direction of Qin Jue slightly sideways, Qin Jue, who had been standing beside him, nodded. As soon as Qin Jue moved, Qin Shuang understood. Blood is magical, although two people are the same father and half mother, but since childhood, the feelings are very good and have experienced so much together, tacit understanding naturally need not be said. The gorilla was furious, and his long and strong forelimbs hit the ground hard, shaking the earth, and the ground was cracked by the tremendous force. Although he had just dodged, he did not know whether he was too tired or because he had a lingering fear. The gorilla stood in place and confronted the opposite human, just beating the ground from time to time, not rushing forward as he had just done. Unlike slowly crossing the river just now, Qin Jueqin leaned forward, his muscles tightened, and everyone felt a blink of an eye. They crossed the river at a very fast pace and came to the other side where Angus was. Both of them suddenly changed their momentum when they set out. Qin Jue was cold and strong. Qin Shuang was bloody and gloomy. It may be that the nerves of animals are much more sensitive than those of human beings. When they stood still, the gorilla let out a loud roar, arms and chest, and the voice was thunderous. This is the action they must make when they want to drink back the enemy, and the appearance of this action means that they are going to attack. Lei Zhe stood up when Qin Jue set out, their sudden movements did not warn at all, Eugene several people have not been able to react. Qin Yiyi and Meng Shichen in, they certainly can not move casually, and Qin Yiyi and Meng Shichen is not a busybody, this without warning Qin Jue and Qin Shuang on the hand, several people surprised at the same time,metal racking systems, more is regret. After so many days, I finally met a big guy, and they also want to do it. kingmoreracking.com