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    Printing Paper from Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

    The special sublimation heat transfer paper for office use is classified according to the size of the paper and the number of layers, such as 241-1, 241-2, which represent the narrow-line printing paper of 1 and 2 layers, and of course there are 3...  more
    led by gaobao Gary

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    We Introduce Feeding Method of Rubber Extruder Machine

    1. Gravity feeding

    The material enters the barrel by its own weight. This method can easily cause uneven feeding, which affects the quality of parts. rubber extruder machine is only suitable for small...  more
    led by na bai

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    One Problem of Rubber Extruder Machine

    The rubber extruder machine is used in the process of plastic processing and production. The occurrence of plastic defects is also very troublesome. So what is the cause of this phenomenon and how should we deal with it? The answer is as follows....  more
    led by na bai

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    Rocket League took the competitive gaming

    Rocket League took the competitive gaming scene with the useful resource of typhoon final yr at the same time as it released.Initially launching on PlayStation four and PC,the game later ported to Xbox One,Mac and Linux.To in the...  more
    led by worldofwarcraft lee

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    Rocket League esports save is finally

    As normal,everyday-season fits are performed on-line.This isn't perfect,but it will have to make do,at least until we ultimately get a properly franchised RLCS season.Despite the majority of RLCS fanatics being actively...  more
    led by worldofwarcraft lee

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    Survival Shelters

    You Tube ATLAS Survival Shelters: tornadoes, hurricanes, civil unrest, EMP attack, Solar EMP solar storm flare, food marketing interruptions, Survival .
    led by John Gipso

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    Silicone Water Repellent-Introduction To Water Repellent

    Water-repellent agent, it is mainly used for waterproofing (spraying) of tile exterior walls, waterproofing of tile joints in bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, etc., waterproofing of concrete walls, tiles, stone, wood, cement surfaces and road surfaces,...  more
    led by ritchie silways

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    Work From Home - Yes or No

    If you have something to say about working from home, tell us!
    led by Lee Cox

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