Peerless Tangmen

  • As there are nine teams in other groups, they have three days to rest after the Shrek Academy competition. Ma Xiaotao and Dai Yaoheng have fully recovered from their injuries. However, they did not play in the round Robin or even go to the venue. This is the tactics arranged by Wang Yan. When there is no need, hiding strength is more beneficial to the following games. In the past few days, the Shrek team can be said to be good news. Xiao Xiao's body has basically recovered, that a bitter battle, finally helped her successfully break through the bottleneck of level 30, now the difference is only a third soul ring. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong in the continuous bitter battle, with the continuous practice of the power of Haodong, the two soul power in a short period of time has been upgraded to one level. Wang Dong's soul power reached level 32, and Huo Yuhao also reached level 28, further away from level 30. The most surprising thing is their experiment in the fusion technology of Wuhun. However, how many of them have succeeded, they are very secretive. Only Wang Yan knows the secret. At least, they have tried all three other possible combinations. It is also in the course of these three experiments that their soul power has made a breakthrough. After staying in bed for five days,potassium sulphate fertilizer, Xu Sanshi was beaten out of bed by Beibei. This guy is too shameless, for the care of Jiang Nannan, just stay in bed. Humming and hawing every day. Originally, he thought that Jiang Nannan would have a better attitude towards him through this incident. But who knows, it's just wishful thinking. Jiang Nannan is still cold to him. With everyone recovering from their injuries, the Shrek Academy team is back to its peak. The overall strength may not be able to compare with the original players,Magnesium Sulphate producer, but the gap is not too huge. After all, the two soul emperors and the master soul division of the original team members are still there. In addition, Beibei, the soul of martial arts, can evolve into the golden holy dragon, and Xu Sanshi, the soul of martial arts, can evolve into the powerful soul of basalt. And the different abilities of others. The overall strength is still strong. The brackets of the elimination stage has come out. Wang Yan said in a deep voice that he had just returned from drawing lots at the Xingluo Imperial Palace and immediately called everyone to a meeting. The college that we played against against 16 to 8 is an old rival. The first Academy of the Dou Ling Empire, the Royal Academy of Dou Ling. Hearing the words Dou Ling Royal Academy, Ma Xiaotao, Magnesium Oxide price ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, Dai Yaoheng and Ling Luochen's faces all changed slightly. Ma Xiaotao frowned and said, "Did you meet them so early?" Xiao Xiao said curiously, "Is this Dou Ling Royal Academy very strong?" Ma Xiaotao said, "Do you think the top four of the last year are strong?"? Anyway, it must be much better than the Zhengtian Academy you have encountered. Mr. Wang, what is the strength of the team members who came to the competition this year? Wang Yan said, "There are five Soul Kings and two Soul Clans in the selection of this year's Dou Ling Royal Academy.". Very strong. Moreover, the Royal Academy of Fighting Spirit is not rigid. Although they are a senior soul teacher Academy, they are also the best soul teacher Academy in the Empire of Fighting Spirit. Through my observation of them, I found that almost all of their team members had a Horcrux. And be able to use it skillfully in the competition. At least two of them are true soul teachers. With the strength of the soul king combined with the soul guide. This opponent is not easy to deal with. (To be continued) Episode 5 Battle of the Champions Chapter 98 Top Auction (Part 1) Dai Yaoheng said doubtfully: "Teacher Wang, we are the first in the group in the round Robin. According to the strength of the Royal College of Douling, we should also be the first in the group.". How did we draw for them? Isn't it true that the first place in the group will only draw the second place in the other groups in the draw of 16 to 8? Wang Yan said: "According to the strength, Dou Ling Royal Academy should be the first to appear in the group.". But this is not the case. There was a dark horse in their group, and they kept winning before they met them. The Royal Academy of Fighting Spirit did not know why it gave up its last match with the Dark Horse Academy. Only then did he qualify as the second place. I didn't expect to collide with us. "Is there a problem?" Asked Ma Xiaotao? Dou Ling Royal College is also an old college. They will not be unaware of the importance of the first place in the group. What is the reason for them to give up the first place in the group? Is it just to conserve energy? Wang Yan said, "I have also thought about this problem.". The difference between the first and the second in the group is only in the game of 16 to 8. After this one, there's no point. In doing so, the Royal Academy of Fighting Spirits should have something to rely on, and it must be deeply hidden. Only in the game. Fortunately, we also hid you and the key balance two people have not yet appeared, with you in charge, how will not be too big a problem. Ok, let me first tell you about the rules of the elimination stage. After tens of thousands of years of development, the rules of the competition have been constantly changing. Especially the final elimination match. In order to make the competition more exciting, but also to better show the overall strength of the participating colleges. The way of the game and the front will be different. The elimination tournament is no longer decided by drawing lots like the round Robin tournament. Each elimination match will be divided into two days. Team battles and individual elimination competitions should be carried out separately. Winning the team battle does not necessarily mean that they will be able to qualify. In the individual elimination match the next day, if they can defeat all seven opponents with less than three players, then they can turn defeat into victory. And the team that wins in the team battle, need to rely on the strength of seven people to defeat the other three people, to ensure the line. "This competition system not only reflects the importance of the overall strength of the team, but also gives opportunities to those teams with strong individual strength.". For example, in our team, there are such soul emperors as Xiaotao and Yaoheng. If we lose the team battle, but they shine brilliantly in the individual competition, with the strength of two people to eliminate all seven of the other side, then we can still win the elimination match. Therefore, the elimination match is not only a test of the whole,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, but also a great opportunity to reflect individual strength. The real strength of the college, will focus on training the top students, but also in order to turn the tide in the elimination stage of the individual competition. 。