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  • "It's too much for sister-in-law!" Heard the eldest brother mentioned Rong son, my heart slightly palpitate-Hefei is the frontier foundation of Jiangdong strategy, but in turn is also vulnerable to the attack of Jiangdong army, so in any case can not take Rong son to such a dangerous place. What's more, when I go to Hefei, my responsibility is extremely heavy, and I can't tolerate any distraction. So even though it was the fifth day of the wedding, I had to be "cruel" to leave her alone in Shouchun. Gentle and sensible, she expressed her understanding of my decision, but when she left the house this morning, the bitterness and reluctance inadvertently revealed in her watery eyes almost shook my will. "Third brother, Pinger will leave it to you to hone him!" The second brother brought Guan Ping to the three of our brothers and looked at me deeply and said. Second brother rest assured, I will not let this boy comfortable! How interesting I said with a smile. Pinger, follow your third uncle to learn how to run the army, and you will surely benefit a lot in the future. "If you can't make any military exploits in Hefei this time, don't come back to see your father!" The second brother gazed at Guan Ping and said in a deep voice. Yes, Father! The child will not fail to live up to the expectations of his uncle, father and uncle. Guan Ping nodded heavily and said with a firm face. Since Runan came to Shouchun these days, Guan Ping has been following the second brother to practice martial arts, diligently repair the method of military training, and eat and live in the barracks,whirlpool hot tub spa, the original body still has a trace of childishness at the moment has completely disappeared, at this time he is more like a good man who has experienced wind and rain! But Rao is so, second elder brother still thinks he lacks experience, so just arrange him to take part in the battle of Jiangdong with me specially. OK The second elder brother nodded his head slightly, and then from the hanging hook of the weapon on the right side of the red rabbit, he lifted a long-handled broadsword, which was very similar to the Green Dragon Crescent Sword, but slightly lighter in weight,hot tub wholesale, and handed it to Guan Ping. He said in harmony, "This sword is a good craftsman in the city for my father. It is carefully made according to the style of my father's sword. It weighs fifty-two catties. It is also called the Green Dragon Sword.". Now I give you this sword for my father. I hope you can make good use of it. Don't lose the name of'Green Dragon Sword ', and don't lose the name of Guan Jia Yong Wu! "Thank you, Father!" "Pinger, take the sword!" Guan Ping took Qinglong's sword with both hands in ecstasy and said in a slightly trembling voice. The eldest brother rode back a few steps and came to a rider behind me. He said earnestly to the big fellow on the horse, "Wenda!"! If I go to Hefei, I will ask you to help Yide a lot! "General Zhang is both brave and resourceful, a famous general in the world!"! With the talent of communication, how dare you say anything to help. Master, but please rest assured, through willing to one's own strength, all waiting for the general dispatch! The big fellow on the horse is Li Tong. Since Shouchun was breached, Li Tong and his family have been placed under house arrest by me in a mansion. During this period, because of cherishing his talent, I tried to surrender him again and again, whirlpool hot tub ,4 person jacuzzi, but with little effect, just let him give up the idea of "loyalty" to Cao Cao with death, and no longer hostile to me, but the matter of surrender, he was unwilling to agree in any case, the matter of surrender was later interrupted because I returned to aid Runan. But after I came from Runan, I told my eldest brother about Li Tong. My eldest brother, who also cherished talents, cooperated with me and my second brother to ask Li Tong to defect four times in a row. Li Tong felt the sincerity of his eldest brother and finally agreed to defect. After defecting, Li Tong was awarded the post of general of Weinan, which was the same as his military position in Cao Jun, but in our army, this position was second only to the second elder brother, me and Gong Du, and was one level higher than Wei Yanshang. Perhaps because he didn't want to fight directly with Cao Cao, this time Li Tong asked to follow me to Hefei to help me attack Jiangdong. Eldest brother! Second elder brother! Zhu Gong! I'll take my leave! I fuels to eldest brother, second brother and came to see off Cao Cao and others said, then greeted a close ping, "ping son, go!" "Yes, third uncle!" Guan Ping bent down and saluted his eldest brother and second brother. "Uncle, father, Pinger has gone!" Then he turned his horse and galloped away in the direction of Hefei. . Hefei, the county government hall! "See General!" Deng Zhi, the Hefei governor, bowed to me and said respectfully. "Bo Miao doesn't have to be too polite. Please get up quickly!" Smiling, I waved my hand and said, "Since I entered Hefei County, I have heard many people praise Bo Miao all the way. Bo Miao is the only'blue sky parent official 'I have seen for decades. It is enough to show that Bo Miao has excellent administration and outstanding performance!"! He flew here to thank Bo Miao on behalf of his elder brother. "As an official, it is convenient to benefit one party. How dare Deng Zhi's share of the matter be praised by the general?" Deng Zhi said modestly and gently. Speaking of, Deng Zhi's temperament with Cao Cao is somewhat similar, are the kind of people who don't care too much about fame and fortune. Bo Miao! Where are Wen Chang and Xing Ba? I asked aloud, nodding with a look of approval on my face. Report to the general, general Wei and gan a captain, they are in the Chaohu warhorse drill. Apart from the 500 soldiers who took turns guarding the city, the rest of the soldiers lived, ate and drilled in Chaohu Lake on weekdays. Deng Zhi replied quickly. Lord Deng, with 500 foot soldiers guarding the city, the strength is slightly insufficient! Next to him, Guan Ping asked doubtfully. Little general need not worry, the defense of the city has been properly arranged... Deng Zhi calmly replied. Dingguo (the character of Guan Ping) is not mentioned in history and romance, so Zhiyu made up one according to the characters of Guan Xing and Zhang Bao! Guan Xing's character is An Guo, Zhang Bao's character is Xing Guo. If you lead the 500 soldiers to guard Hefei at this time, how do you think you can keep the city intact? I waved my hand to stop Deng Zhi's explanation and asked Guan Ping with great interest. "Knowing that I was trying to teach him, Guan Ping twisted his eyebrows and hesitated a little. Then he said in a loud voice," Uncle, if I were guarding the city at this time,massage bathtub manufacturers, I would send scouts to keep an eye on the movement within a radius of ten miles. Once I found the enemy's movement, I would close the gates and defend the city and ask General Wei of Chaohu for help; On the other hand, he still ordered the soldiers in the city to strengthen their vigilance to prevent the enemy from bypassing the scouts and attacking the city. 。