Lord of Secrecy

  • The two men pursed their mouths in no particular order, and immediately understood that the other side was similar to what they thought. Let's go downwind. It's on this floor. Donna found a reason and pulled her brother out of room 305. Outside, Denton pressed his voice: "We're going to find Uncle Sparrow?" "The answer is correct!" Donna smiled brightly. "I saw him get into 312 before." ………… Room 312. No longer mentioning the "flame" of "Lieutenant General Iceberg", Daniz looked back at the "Red Skull" which had turned its bow and said with a smile: "They must have been frightened by the declaration of the naval cannon and the news that the pirate group had been destroyed before, and ventured into the channel to plunder, hoping to make enough money and leave the sea as soon as possible." So what if there are giant ships and cannons? There are many powerful things in the navy and the church, which have always existed, and have not caused the situation of pirates who can't go on. If we can't fight head-on, we can always escape, right? They couldn't have been escorting those merchant ships, could they? "I know, the ironclad is getting bigger and bigger, the steam turbine will be more and more powerful, the speed will one day be able to break through 18 knots, 20 knots,outdoor whirlpool tub, once they bite, they can only wait to be caught up, but the sea is so vast, tens of thousands of ships thrown down can not fill a corner, there are many unexplored sea areas for human beings, what have you done? Although dangerous,american hot tub, there are also opportunities. This guy is really a talkative type. Don't you think a crazy adventurer wouldn't care about these things? Crane withdrew his gaze and swept the room. His eyes finally fell on his leather suitcase, and then he raised his chin there: "Wash the dirty clothes inside." The expression of Daniz, who was waiting for a long speech, froze and he wanted to burn the whole ship with a fire. He felt that his anger was like a puff of steam, pushing up the floodgate called reason. Daniz opened his mouth, took a breath, opened his mouth again, took a breath. His flushed face softened, and he asked without a smile: "Is it all?" "Just brush your coat if it's dirty." Crane was almost amused by the other side's angry performance, thinking that this was the treatment that Danis deserved after robbing the innocent. Inside the suitcase were the clothes he had changed and washed last night. Because he was a little lazy, he only rubbed his underwear for the time being. Calm down, endless swim pool ,indoor endless pool, don't lose control, calm down, don't lose control.. Daniz admonished himself a few words in succession and went to Gelman. By Sparrow's suitcase. He opened it and took out the clothes that needed to be cleaned. He had just begun to work in the bathroom when he heard the doorbell jingling. Crane opened the door to find Donna and Denton. Uncle Sparrow, don't you bother? Donna's eyes rolled from side to side. No Crane moved out of the way. The two little ones came into the room and looked surprised to see Daniz starching his clothes. Where are the servants? Denton asked subconsciously. Not with it. Klein answered for Daniz. Donna said, slightly confused: "But there is a special starching maid in the first class cabin, and the charge is calculated by barrel." Before she had finished speaking, Daniz froze. He was so angry that he forgot about it. Daniz shook off the drops of water on his hands, turned around, squeezed out a smile, and said to Gelman. Sparrodau : "May I ask the starching maid for help?" Crane did not have to look at the malice of the other side's embarrassment and smiled: "I only recognize the result." Whew, Daniz was visibly relieved. The question and answer between the two made Donna realize something was wrong, and the little girl opened her mouth suspiciously: Uncle Sparrow, aren't you friends? He, why does he look different from just now? Crane found a chair and sat down, undisguised, and said flatly: "To be precise, he is my prisoner of war." "Prisoners of war?" Denton stared blankly, not remembering that there had been a conflict between the two uncles. Donna was confused, then moved in her heart and asked cheerfully: "He is, he is a pirate?" "Mmm." Crane nodded gently. Uncle Sparrow scared the Red Skull Pirate Group away? Donna asked excitedly. Crane glanced at Daniz and answered without expression: "Sort of." Donna was so satisfied that all her doubts were answered that she glanced at Daniz and unconsciously lowered her voice: Uncle Sparrow, does he have a name? No, does he have a reward? Nope! I can't let anyone know what happened to me! Daniz opened his mouth and answered first: "My name is Ziggy!" At this moment, Crane said lightly: "Daniz." "Daniz." Donna and Denton looked at each other and asked no more questions. The sister and brother did not stay long before they left, and they always felt that the pirate's eyes were fierce. Back in Room 305, seeing that Dad and Uncle Cleves were still discussing, Donna cut in innocently: "A lot of people were talking about pirates just now. Did you mention Daniz? Is he very powerful?" "Daniz.." 'Flame 'Daniz, who is the fourth boatswain of'Golden Dream' under'Lieutenant General Iceberg '.. Cleves answered simply. At this point, he was suddenly silent, his eyes adducted, as if he were recalling something. The Pirate General's men.. Donna asked curiously: "How much reward does he have?" Cleves returned to normal and opened his mouth in a low voice: "Three thousand pounds." Three, three thousand pounds? Donna and Denton opened their mouths and almost forgot to close them. The captain of the Red Skull offered a reward of 900 pounds, and that guy who looked like a servant was worth 3000 pounds? Brother and sister, you look at me, I look at you, speechless. At six o'clock in the evening, the White Agate entered the harbor again. Port Bansi? Erlan is very cautious. Daniz stood by the window,Whirlpool bathtub, looking at the darkened harbor and the high lighthouse road. Without waiting for Crane to respond, he laughed to himself: "There seems to be some bad lore here." PS: After 24 hours, you can cast your monthly ticket again. monalisa.com