Weird cultivator of the other world

  • "Do you like it?" I said, handing the staff to the demented Cauchy. Cauchy stroked his staff and said foolishly, "My God!"! I didn't dream again, my God! After feeling it for a while, Cauchy quickly handed the staff back to me and said, "No, no!"! This is too valuable! I can't take it. If my father finds out, I'll be finished! Da Wen laughs: "You are taken, the thing that our teacher sends can be good thing, poor our teacher does not send.". You can take it and hide it. All right, don't hesitate, take it! Davin shoved the staff into Cauchy's arms and made a gesture that if you took it out again, it would be endless with you. Embarrassed, Cauchy put the staff into the ring and looked at me gratefully. "Thank you, teacher." I laughed and said, "It's good if you like it. What's there to thank?"? This staff is useless to me. All right, Sven,push back racking system, don't look. I'll give you one, too. I can't stand the look in Sven's eyes. I gave Sven the same sword for Kara. Anyway, the old man Kara didn't want it, so I couldn't throw it away. After Sven got the sword, he happily put it into the ring, as if he was afraid that someone would take it away. The envious eyes of the other students made me feel helpless, and I had nothing to give them. I had to say that if they got a good result in the competition,industrial racking systems, I would give them a good one. That's a little more balanced for them. Chapter 73 Opening Ceremony of the Competition! 16K Fiction Network Updated: September 14, 2010 12:27:57 Words in this chapter: 3192 Then we officially started shopping, that group of girls is happy, but can be bitter is our group of men, women's shopping, the degree of hope is really no space and geographical boundaries ah! In the end, I had no choice but to put all the things they bought into the ring. I told them to ask me if they forgot what they had bought. Anyway, I remembered everything. My action saved the boys from fire and water, and their admiration for me reached a new level. In the end, after the girls repeatedly visited every place nine times, they finally gave up. All the men except me were lying down, but the women were still in high spirits. After this shopping experience, heavy duty cantilever racks ,drive in racking system, these men are determined not to go shopping with those women, they would rather practice in the room than suffer with those women! In this way, five days passed quickly, and the Mainland College Exchange Competition officially began. The four of us took the students to the competition venue. Of course, we are not going to compete today, because according to the usual practice, there is an opening ceremony for such a large-scale competition, even in a small college. What's more, such a continental competition is equivalent to an international competition. According to my assumption, the opening ceremony is certainly not short. When we arrived at the venue, we were assigned to our own seats, and the management here was very humane and even prepared stools. I looked at the meeting place and found that there were 170 college representatives, big and small! There are quite a lot of colleges in the mainland of Sagra. This is because I found something wrong with my students. They all glared in the same direction. I followed their eyes and found that they were all staring at the students in the other two national colleges. It seemed that they were all members of their families, and they were the people who used to bully them. Then Cauchy came over with a smile and came to me and shouted, "Teacher Long, you're here!"! They look so excited! What's going on here? Cauchy looked at my group of excited students with a puzzled face. I smiled bitterly. Can the enemy not be excited to meet. I took one look at them and said, "Now calm down. When it comes to the game, how do you want to beat you? If you are maimed, I will support you!"! But no one can make trouble for me now, do you understand? As soon as they heard this, they quickly withdrew their eyes and trampled the grass on the ground. The grass around them was harvested without any disaster, and they lost it all. After almost half an hour, two people walked slowly on the stage. They were a man and a woman dressed in gorgeous clothes. They were about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. Their appearance was not bad. When they came on stage, they said they were going to sing a song. At first, I was very happy, because it was the first song I heard in this world. I don't know what it was like. But after a while I looked at these two people speechless, these two people are singing, how like in the poetry recitation ah! I was speechless and took out a multi-function player and listened to it by myself, because the recitation was really bottomless. It had been half an hour and it was not over yet. Tussaud looked with anguish at the two intoxicated troubadours above. These two troubadours are not bad. They are also two young troubadours who are very famous on the mainland. Otherwise, they would not be qualified to sing here. Recite. Tussaud looked at me and saw that I was holding a strange thing in my hand and a strange thing in my ear. I didn't know what I was doing. Tussaud whispered to me, "Oh, God, what are you doing?"? What's that on your hand and ear? Smiling, I took an earphone and put it in her ear. Tussaud, who had been confused, was shocked. Then she touched the earphone on her ear incredibly and whispered, "Ah Tian, what is this?"? Although I can't understand what is sung in it, it sounds good. I waved the player in my hand and said,heavy duty cantilever racks, "It's called a multi-function player. It's used to play music.". The language of those people is my native dialect, and it is natural that you don't understand it. You like it? If you like it, I'll give you one. I have several of them. 。