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  • But across the universe, he survived the great collapse of the last cosmic era and emerged from the big bang of the new cosmic era. In this long process, the yuan Realm itself will consume astronomical amounts of materials and energy, and at the same time, the imperial powers in the yuan Realm will also suffer serious losses. So the yuan world gradually evolved an extremely terrible ability-to devour the source! Every time a new universe is born, the primordial world, along with the mother of origin, emerges from the singularity, and at the same time, the primordial world begins to devour the original power of the mother of origin, along with all the matter and energy that make up their bodies. In this way, on the one hand, the strong human race in the yuan world and the yuan world can quickly restore their own strength, on the other hand, it greatly weakens the strength of those original creatures in the new universe, so that the strong human race in the yuan and yuan worlds can receive much weaker resistance in the process of conquering the universe. Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian _ Tang Chapter 1492 inheritance of the main gods (2). When this universe was born, the Primordial Realm began to devour the matter and energy of the nearby Mother of Origins in accordance with the old practice, according to the information that Hell received from the Primordial Realm Core. The world tree, the mother of the origin of the elves in this cosmic era, has a very high rank. If he can escape the vicious hands of the yuan Realm and successfully impregnate and mature the first generation of original creatures of the elves in his body, Ashitdale, the body of the Green Moon Queen, can at least have the strength of a royal king. Unfortunately, the world tree was the first to be targeted by the meta-world, and in a short moment of one in a hundred billion, the world tree lost 70% of its energy and material. The weakened world tree almost withered and collapsed. Fortunately, he also had a strong spirit. He escaped from the evil hands of the yuan Realm in a hurry. While absorbing the huge energy torrent of the universe when it was born, he fled boundlessly to the depths of the new universe. As a result of the atrocities of the yuan Realm, the ancestors of the Elves, such as the Queen of the Green Moon, were born from the world tree, and their strength was extremely weak. For example, the green moon queen in the ancient God war, her strength is only insignificant in the existence of the main God level, than other original strength, this strength is too weak. On the contrary, the first generation of elves who were born earlier than the Queen of the Green Moon, Pietra Gray Marble ,White Marble Slabs, the descendants of those elves who naturally copulated and naturally multiplied, these second and third generations of elves, when they were born, had the weakest lower gods and the strongest upper gods. After a long period of cultivation and evolution, a god-level leader has gradually emerged among them. And the Queen of the Green Moon, the first generation of elves, their talents are more powerful than these elves, and their bodies can accommodate more powerful elves. Therefore, the speed of their cultivation and evolution is not as fast as that of these descendants. To put it bluntly, the Queen of the Green Moon is a group of premature babies! Linzi grinned gloatingly. "They were born by the World Tree before they were really mature.". So they need more energy the day after tomorrow to really activate the original law they have mastered. This is called the awakening of the source! "Exactly!"! Queen of the Green Moon, they are indeed a group of premature babies! According to my estimation, according to the fighting power and mastery of the rules shown by the Green Moon Queen in the Archaic War, if she was born in the most perfect state, she should have at least the strength of a three-star royal king. The sweet-scented osmanthus tree chuckled. "And this Alandor.". There is no doubt that he is also a premature baby. He has only stepped into the realm of God, but because of the erosion of the energy of hell and our plunder of the world tree, his strength has been weakened to the peak level of God. "Unlucky fellow!" Linzi grinned. Linzi had no pity for Alandor and the Queen of the Green Moon. What he was concerned about was the message from the words of the dawn gods. What does it mean that other gods will not come for hundreds of thousands of years to come? What's going on in here? In addition. The gods of the dawn, they guessed that the Queen of the Green Moon had awakened-all right. Their guess is wrong. But since they can guess this, it proves that they have heard of it. One question is how many of the Elven Protoss in this world are like the Queen of the Green Moon. With the identity of the first generation of elves, but as an ordinary elf God to participate in the ancient God of war? These guys are dangerous. How many of them will suddenly wake up after having a large number of believers with endless power of faith to enhance their strength and stimulate their evolution? Another question that made Linzi even more uneasy was that the first generation of elves were born from the world tree, but what about the Achille Protoss? What about the other Protoss? Are they in the same form as the elves? If so, in these gods, is it also hidden that they originally belong to the original creatures, but because they have been plundered by the original energy, they can not have the existence that should belong to their real power? In other words, Mu Wei, Lu Sijia, the God of dawn, the God of punishment, are they hiding a horrible guy who may awaken the power of the source at any time? Their strength is strong enough now, if under the stimulation of the endless power of faith, they have recovered from the serious injury of the ancient God War, their strength will advance by leaps and bounds again! Will one of them suddenly activate the law of origin in his body and have the power to sweep everything away? "So, destroy these gods, kill them all, and there will be no such trouble!" Hell's words are always very direct, he simply said: "Kill them, their body and soul as all the nourishment for me to absorb, so there will be no trouble." Lin Qi nodded slowly, a little entranced, he did not notice that the medical God in front of him had stopped in front of a small hall, Lin Qi's strong body hit a guy,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, almost did not knock the medical God to the ground. The white-haired God of medical treatment glanced sullenly at Linqi, but thinking about the huge storm Linqi had made today, the God of medical treatment wisely did not say even a word more.