Become an immortal after a hundred refinements

  • There is a layer of haze between the eyebrows of the moon. At this moment, whether the monks or the demons appear here, it is not good news. The young master's alchemy is in the most critical period. Without hesitation, the moon immediately followed the sound and flew past, with a thick murderous look on her beautiful face. Of course, "although the little girl is very careless temperament, but with Lin Xuan for so long, also learned to be clever, the same display of stealth, although not as magical as the nine-day Xuangong, but also first-class." Eh! Originally thought to meet some fierce guy, even the old monster of yuan Ying's transformation period, Yueer was ready for a bloody battle. Can see clearly in front of the scene recommended to read the website Chinese library, but the girl is dumbfounded. A little beast, to be exact, is a cute little fox with two jewel-like eyes all over the body, which looks very cute. At this time, the little guy did not know where to find a walnut, and pushed it forward with his front paws, making a gurgling sound like rolling forward. He startled himself,x56 line pipe, and it turned out to be this little guy. "There was a warm smile on the face of the moon. Girls like this kind of cute animal." Come to my sister's side. See the moon suddenly appear … The little fox was obviously frightened, and his two eyes turned to show the color of alert. The moon did not care so much, and the lotus moved slowly like a little fox. The other side naturally took a few steps back. Afraid of me!! The moon frowned and stretched out her hand to turn over the white wrist, and the jade vase with a silver chop appeared in the palm of her hand. The refreshing smell of uncorking the bottle drifted out. This is called the incense pill, which is a kind of elixir that can enhance the magic power of the monks in the foundation period, and the effect is very good, which can be regarded as a very precious thing among the lower monks. Moon,x60 line pipe, of course, can not swallow, as to why it will be carried on the body … She also forgot the reason. In addition to this Dan can be recommended to read the Chinese library of the website, the taste is much better than the secular sugar pills. The little fox sniffed his nose and his eyes clearly showed his desire. Come to my sister and have something good to eat. The moon shook the bottle. As if driven by the fragrance of the elixir, the little fox came over carefully. The moon couldn't help but be overjoyed, one person, one fox, only two or three Wen's distance left, a flash of white light, the little thing actually disappeared from the original place, the moon was stunned, and before she could react, she felt that the light jade bottle in her hand was flying into the distance by a group of Reiki bags. How can the magic from the small fox body clearly did not feel the fluctuation of magic power, is it that he was cheated to throw the real body is the demon clan? All kinds of thoughts turned in my mind, uns c68700 ,347 stainless steel, the moon was busy releasing the divine consciousness, and soon there was a harvest in the corner of the cave. The little guy is hiding behind the rock. How dare to deceive me, the moon's slender hand waved a few wisps of sword gas flying out, of course, she is not to slay the little fox, just want to force him out. However, the little fox opened his mouth and spurted out a piece of glow, which easily broke her sword gas. Then, in a flash, he stretched out his mouth and grabbed the jade bottle and flew away like a cave. What was particularly exasperating was that he even turned around and blinked at the moon as if he were demonstrating. How dare you laugh at me. The moon stamped her feet and recommended the Chinese library of the reading website. As soon as the figure turned into a glow, she caught up with it. No one knew about this little episode. And in the mysterious valley of Baihua Mountain, which is about one hundred thousand miles away from here. In the spacious cave, there stood several demons in the period of transformation, one of whom was "about thirty years old, black, long and waist-length, handsome and handsome, but at the moment his expression was full of irritability." After all these days, my daughter hasn't been found yet. What do you do for food? The Snow Fox King's blood-red eyes and terrible spiritual pressure spurted from his body. Patriarch, don't be angry. Your subordinates have tried their best to give us a little more time. They will bring the little princess back safely. A horse-faced old man opened his mouth with a smile, and all the other demon clans in the period of transformation also showed a look of silence. Patriarch Xiu Wei is unfathomable and has excellent self-restraint on weekdays. He has not seen his anger for hundreds of years. Needless to say, this time he must be extremely angry. "Mouth orchid time has passed more than fifty days is not enough, but you do not have a clue if my daughter has the slightest mistake, the words of the snow fox king did not finish, but other people have not dared to touch his eyes, secretly crying in the heart, the horse-faced old man and others dare not even speak.". The Snow Fox King is really right to recommend the reading website Chinese Library by a group of angry gits. Fortunately, it took a lot of effort to get away with it at the party without any mistakes. Will there be an accident now that Xiang'er has been missing for so long? An idea flashed through the mind of the Snow Fox King, but it was soon rejected. No, although the daughter has not been born for a long time, her special magical power is almost comparable to that of the second-class demon clan. Besides, this place has passed the peak of the ice soul, and there will be no human monk activities. Tied to a monster? The snow fox clan is the overlord here, not to mention the blood lines of the royal family on the body of Xiang'er. "Even if the strength is stronger, they will never dare to provoke.". Where on earth did the ghost girl go? The Snow Fox King had a headache. Just as he was stroking his forehead with his hand, suddenly a ray of sunshine flew into the cave, and a young man of more than ten or twenty years old appeared. To be able to change the human form, needless to say, nature is also in the period of transformation. It is somewhat similar to the Snow Fox King. young master The other old monsters clasped their fists and saluted. However, young people are recommended to read the Chinese library of the website, frowning and somewhat out of mind. Why did you come here, Jianer? The Snow Fox King's face showed a different color and then showed some joy. "Could it be that your sister has news?" This young man is the son of the Snow Fox King. His aptitude is very good. He was in the advanced stage of transformation more than ten years ago. Of course, he is far inferior to his younger sister, but he is also quite remarkable. It's not the news of the younger sister,316ti stainless steel, but it can also be said that it has something to do with her. In short, "the young man muttered a few words and said them incoherently. The mindless Snow Fox King frowned when he heard them." What did you say.. " The boy did not open his mouth and grinned. Get out, all of you. The Snow Fox King waved his hand to the other monsters in the transformation period. Chapter 767 the secret war between the demon clans. "Yes!" 。