Online Shopping Addiction: Pretty Wife Comes to Disaster

  • Chu Luochen put it heavily on the plate. "Give me your cell phone. I want to call my mother." Yu Jingxi looked at her with an expressionless face, got up and went to the table, and took out a new mobile phone from inside. When Chu Luochen saw him walking toward him with his cell phone, he twisted his good-looking brows and said, "I want my cell phone!" Yu Jingxi took a faint look at her and put her cell phone on the sofa. "Your cell phone is not confidential. Use this." "I don't need to keep a secret when I call my mother!" Yu Jingxi said in a deep voice, "You are a soldier, and it is a soldier's bounden duty to obey orders." "I.." Don't tell me you don't want to be a soldier again. You have access to the top secret of our army, and it is not up to you! Chu Luochen was a little mad, but what could she say now. He angrily picked up the phone and poked the number keys on the screen. Yu Jingxi raised her eyebrows slightly and turned to the other side of the laptop. As soon as the phone was connected, Chu Luochen changed his voice and said jokingly, "Hello, I'm looking for Mammy Chu." "Is the dead girl pretending to be a ghost to frighten your mother again?" Chu Jia would rather pour his voice, which was so loud that even Yu Jingxi could hear it clearly. Chu Luochen pursed his lips tightly, peeked at Yu Jingxi, and went out with his cell phone. I said, "Mother Chu, can't we speak softly?"? Be careful not to get married! There was no one in the living room, and Chu Luochen relaxed a lot and put a faint smile on his face. Can I still get married with you as a drag? "In case you meet a blind man." "Don't tease me,uns s32760 plate, your skin is itchy!"! Wait for you to come back, see I don't break your dog leg! "I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you, and I won't be able to go back for a while." I've been missing for days. Why don't you ask me where I've been? "It's better not to come back all my life. It's better to meet a blind man and marry you. Then I can live a few more years." “……” Chu Luochen Yujie, this precipice is not her mother! Boss, how can you talk! Give me the phone! The voice of Luo Hongying, the second mother, came from the phone,x70 line pipe, "Lolo, how are you after walking for so many days?" "Mother!"! I'm not doing well at all. Come and save me! "That what." Third brother, your dust wants to talk to you. “……” She knew that the second mother would come to this move! "Dust, I am the third mother." "Hello, Sister Dust, the number you dialed is not in the service area.." "Dead girl, you're still so naughty when you're a soldier!" Dust Xiaochen laughed and scolded. You know I'm a soldier? "You must know!"! Your leader has been here and showed us the notice of enlistment. Dust, ah, go to the army and do a good job. Don't worry about the three of us. By the way, your leader also gave us a sum of money to settle down. As for the amount, I won't tell you, lest you think about not working well every day. “……” Is she that kind of person! "Dust, 316l stainless steel pipe ,uns s31803 sheet, even if you don't like to listen to it, the third mother will nag you a few words. We are soldiers now. Do you know what a soldier is? A soldier is.." "Laosan, table 1 is missing one of the three, you go to fill the seat quickly." The voice of the aunt came in. I'm on my way. Dust, the third mother does not tell you, you work hard, do not do anything wrong to the party and the country! Come on, ha ha, see how I kill all sides today. Doodle.. There was a busy tone on the phone, and Chu Luochen curled his lips. None of her three mothers was reliable! Chapter 21 playing with dry humor. When Chu Luochen returned to the study, Yu Jingxi had already sat at his desk. Chu Luochen didn't look at him. If she had, she would have found the smile on his mouth. Yu Jingxi took the Bluetooth headset in her ear while she turned around. Chu Luochen went straight to the front of the laptop and saw that the U disk had been taken away. "Have you made a backup?" She still didn't look at him when she asked. Uh "So I can delete things on the computer?" "Well.." Do it after breakfast. "I'm full of gas." Chu Luochen rolled his eyes in the corner he couldn't see. I think you are waiting for the roast duck. ” With the sound of ice ballast, the cold diaphragm should be people! Play cold humor with me, and my aunt won't give a shit about you! Scolding in the heart, the hand is not idle, crackling to knock on the keyboard. Ten minutes later, when everything was done, he pushed the laptop aside and stood up, "Where do I live?" She just wants to sleep now! "I'll take you up to the fourth floor." Yu Jingxi stood up. Chu Luochen gave him a hard look and followed him out of the door. The mansion is good, with a total of four floors and an elevator. Yu Jing Xi advanced into the elevator, early Luo dust hesitated to follow in. In the elevator, two people's station is one after one two big opposite angles, but even if this kind of station method, the early Luo dust is still some uncomfortable, why? Because when she stood in front, she always felt a pair of eyes staring at her. Suddenly looking back at Yu Jingxi, this fellow with a black face of facial paralysis, is looking ahead. They didn't even look at him! Hey! Think too much, no. Chu Luochen turned back in frustration. As soon as she turned her head, Yu Jingxi's line of sight drifted over, and her black eyes shone like diamonds. Elevator to the fourth floor, out of the elevator, the early Luochen just breathed a sigh. Yu Jingxi raised his hand and pointed to the second room on the right hand side. "What's missing in your room? You can make an internal call, and someone will send it to you." Chu Luochen ignored him, walked quickly to the second door, pushed the door and went in. The door was locked with a clatter. Yu Jingxi shook his head helplessly and returned to the elevator and went downstairs. Although he didn't sleep all night, he still couldn't sleep because there were more important things waiting for him to do. After entering the door, Chu Luochen first looked at the room, where everything can only be described by a "big" word, big flat number, big bed,316 stainless steel plate, big sofa, big TV. Pushing open the door of the bathroom, there is a big bathtub inside. The sink was filled with her unknown toiletries.