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  • No one knows the end, but the sun shows the future. Inevitably, I began to grieve. There was still the cinnabar mark on my forehead. I wanted to erase it, but I looked at it for a long time. Three years later, my life was caught off guard by a bunch of sunshine, dazzling, hot, domineering and irresistible. Wherever I went, it seemed that he always followed me. He could see me at a glance in the crowd and find me in the low bushes. But what was his purpose. But that man, dangerous and silent, before revealing his purpose forever let me elusive, unpredictable. Is the heart has begun to change quietly, I do not know, just a bunch of sunshine I do not want to refuse, do not want to indulge in it, I think, I am still lonely for too long. It is a difficult problem for me to continue to wait alone or wait for an opportunity to move. Sunlight and wind silently pass through the empty sky. The meaning of Miryang is in the place where the sun is dense. Love's Incomplete Teeth (Part 1) The river stops water. The air was filled with a thick and humid smell, showing a faint coolness. The sky was gray, like a light mist. The slight cold wind in early winter, with a chill to the bone, indicates the coming of deep winter. Jiang Feng and I walked in the campus, facing me yawning and walking around, he obviously had some helplessness, "Little sister, how come you haven't seen your skills for a few years, and you can't stay up all night?" I fell on him and put my hands around his shoulders. "I'm old, withered and withered!" His expression immediately became very suffocating,Inflatable water park on lake, pulling as long as a carrot, I guarantee that he can say this sentence must be thoughtful, otherwise he will not break ground on the head of Tai Sui Ye, he opened his mouth, his voice is not loud but like thunder, "It's withered before it opens. What kind of life is this?" Not only narcissistic, but also wicked, he was immediately kicked by me. Sleepiness disappeared more than half, suddenly I remembered last night without saying goodbye,Inflatable 5k obstacle, hurriedly pulled the corner of Jiang Feng's clothes, "Madman, will it be all right if we defected last night?" "Cut, what can happen? We're not the main characters anyway." He curled his lips, "No one calls me. My mother doesn't love me, and my father doesn't love me. At least it's not easy for me to come back. If you don't give me a welcome, just ignore me!" I smiled and changed the subject. "Jiang Feng, I think it's very strange. The old man is just a professor. At best, he is a leading figure. Isn't it a bit sorry for socialism to celebrate his 80th birthday with such a big show?" He laughed twice, "It's none of the old man's business. It's our little aunt who married a good family. She has power and influence. She's the kind of person in China. If she doesn't come here at this time, when will she wait.." I waved my hand and shouted, "I'm not interested in these things, and I don't understand them. I never ask about the affairs of the Jiang family." "Hey-" Jiang Feng raised his eyebrows, his eyes flashed a trace of contempt, which made my scalp tingle. "You are a member of the Jiang family in life and a ghost of the Jiang family in death. Don't evade responsibility casually." He immediately threw him a wink, "find someone to marry, the married daughter poured out the water." His expression suddenly became lonely and his voice was lazy. "By the way, we are really the failure of this family." When I looked up at him, there was a green beard on his firm chin, inflatable air dancer ,Inflatable dry slide, which was indescribably depressed, but it was different from the temperament immersed in artistic creation, which was the kind of decadence that saw through everything and was careless. Just as he wanted to say something out loud and draw a picture, he turned his head and shone at my eyes, "Forget it, don't mention it, I want to eat dumplings, leek stuffing, bean stuffing, shrimp stuffing, shepherd's purse stuffing, whatever stuffing is good, I want to eat!" I took out my wallet, "Be good, baby, sister gives you money, aunt dumplings, go out and turn right, Xinbai, Laidi, Jinrunfa in Longjiang District, don't tell me you don't know the way." "I don't want to eat aunt dumplings, I want to eat little sister dumplings, dear little sister, you cook for me to eat!" I rolled my eyes and thought seriously for a moment. "If you can find the place and the material, I'll do it for you.". ” Jiang Feng patted his chest with the complacent look of a three-year-old child stealing candy and playing with it. "Well, wrap it on me!" When I got back to the dormitory, I fell asleep until there was a slight sound of rain outside the window, which rustled slightly on the glass window and gradually made a sound. In the dim light, I struggled to think about why there was a continuous drizzle in the early winter of this year, whether something sad would happen, or whether this winter was doomed to be particularly sad. The day also has the sentiment, the day also is old, in the world of mortals how many people can see through. Urged by Jiang Feng's phone call, he waited for me downstairs in the dormitory, holding an umbrella, standing under the sycamore tree, falling leaves from time to time, he just stood quietly, but the corners of his mouth still hung a disdainful smile, looking straight ahead, as if no one was watching. Such Jiang Feng, familiar and strange, like me, he has two souls, sober and confused. I went downstairs to greet him, and the girls around me looked back at him from time to time. I was so playful that I took his arm with a smile. "Handsome Jiang, I can't let you stand here to harm the little girls any more. Let's go to the market!" Jiang Feng was greatly puzzled by my behavior of going to the market instead of the supermarket, especially in the face of the muddy ground and the humid air mixed with all kinds of fishy smell of fish. Master Jiang was very dissatisfied, "Little sister, how good it is to go to the supermarket, why come here?" I disliked his noise and pointed to the pork. "Do you want hind leg meat or streaky pork?" "Half of them. Isn't it more tasty to mix them together?" Before he had finished speaking, the uncle who sold meat laughed. I quickly grabbed the words, "Master, take this piece and help us grind it into meat paste by the way. Come and get it later." Jiang Feng scratched his head helplessly, "I can wrap dumplings, but the ingredients really drive me crazy. How can I divide the pork meat? How can you divide it clearly, little sister?" I gave him a white look,Inflatable mechanical bull, "where does the unworldly young master know, saying that you know that pigs are raised, not from trees!" He gave a dry laugh. "This joke is so cold. I'm freezing to death." 。 joyshineinflatables.com