Sheng Chong Xia _ Er yuan

  • "Remember to tell me what you like, what you don't like, what you are willing to do and what you don't want to do, so that I can write it down forever." After a pause, he repeated softly, "I really won't forget it." It's like a promise. That's clumsy as hell. In fact, Fu Zheng is not a clumsy person, but in the face of Mei Ru, he can do nothing. For the first time, he opened his heart and said such a thing, sincerely. Just like when a person loses his eyes, he will panic and he will be confused. Still like a self-confident puppet, to the world, stretched out a tentative hand. Today, Emperor Yanchang called him into the palace to discuss Liaodong. Fu Zheng was so restrained and calm that his mind was full of the small appearance of Mei Ru's grievance last night. The two of them were angry until now, and Meiru simply ignored him. But she was so stubborn that she bowed to him for her brother's sake, softened her posture to him, and let him do whatever he wanted. Just thinking about it, Fu Zheng felt sad. Emperor Yanchang asked him if he wanted to go to Liaodong, which was a chance for him to make contributions. Fu Zheng was reluctant to go to Meiru, so he hurried back to the mansion. But when he came back, Fu Zheng had no face to see Mei Ru. Last night, he touched her body in anger,Inflatable indoor park, which made her even more embarrassed. After suffering in his yard for a long time, Fu Zheng came to Lixue Hall. Seeing the shadow reflected on the window of the study and thinking of the letter paper that had been collected properly, Fu Zheng was suddenly relieved. It's enough that she's around him. What else can he care about? Fu Zheng fundus rolling up some hot, facing the boundless dark night, he said softly: "Aru, I am most reluctant to part with you uncomfortable." His voice is too soft to be like him. Meiru's eyes suddenly turned red and her body trembled gently. This kind of trembling makes people feel distressed, this kind of quiet makes people desperate, Fu Zheng raised his hand and patted her on the shoulder, Mei Ru broke away. As soon as his hands were empty,large inflatable water slide, he looked at Mei Ru. Fu Zheng was stunned for a long time. He said, "I know you don't like me here. I'll go back to my yard tomorrow. You don't have to worry." After a slight pause, Fu Zheng said, "It's late at night. There are still empresses in your yard. You can only be wronged again. I'll go to the soft couch to rest first." He got out of bed in his shoes and lay down on the couch with his clothes on. With his eyes open in silence, Fu Zheng was just facing the shadow of the plantain swaying gently on the screen window, and a few wisps swaying on the pillow. The book was placed on the soft pillow, and Fu Zheng slanted his head and looked at it. He reached out and rubbed it gently, and his eyes were a little hot. He thought, Mei Ru always has a little bit of him in her heart, after a long time, she will have more and more of him in her heart, two people can always get better. Quiet for a long time, Mei Ru held her breath and quietly opened her eyes. It was still dark in front of him, and behind him was the sound of a man's steady breathing. After listening quietly for a while, Meiru moved her arm carefully. Previously, she was hooped in her arms by Fu Zheng for too long, Inflatable meltdown ,Inflatable outdoor park, and her body was already stiff and numb. She stretched out her hand, moved her legs, and turned quietly and silently. Through the gauze curtain, Mei Ru saw a tall figure lying on the couch. Staring for a long time, see Fu Zheng no other action, she slowly at ease. Fu Zheng was summoned to the palace early the next day, Mei Ru was bored in the house alone, Meng Yunlan actually came! Mei Ru was overjoyed and asked her to come in. After getting married, she and Meng Yunlan had not met yet, and when they met, the two sisters held hands and had endless words to say. Cong Cong, when I heard my sister go back and talk about you, I was itching to come and see you. Now that you're a princess, you won't blame me for being abrupt, will you? Meng Yunlan tilted her head and asked deliberately. Mei Ru also deliberately said, "Yun Lan, you are famous all over the capital now. I can't even invite you. How can I blame you?" This year, Meng Yunlan wrote an article to celebrate the New Year, which was appreciated by Emperor Yanchang. Without Zhou Suqing, she has now become the first daughter in the capital. Don't mention it. I don't want it. Meng Yunlan wrinkled her nose in disgust. Her face was white and clean, her eyes were big, and such a wrinkle added a lot of loveliness. Mei Ru poked her in the head, and Meng Yunlan whispered to her: "Follow, my old lady and her sister want me to see her these two days." She is one year younger than Mei Ru, and this year, it is reasonable to say that ordinary people should be anxious about marriage, but little Qiao Shi is a broad-minded, did not think of it, but also Mrs. Meng and Mei Qi work hard. Mei Ru giggled and asked, "Who is it?" Meng Yunlan's face wrinkled even more: "I don't want to know." "If you tell me, I can ask your Highness to inquire about it." Meiru hurried. Meng Yunlan snorted, "Why are you like your sister?"? Sure enough, it's no fun to marry someone. "Not worried about you?" Meiru was about to poke her forehead again. Meng Yunlan slanted her head and hid. She saw a miscellaneous book lying beside the couch. Curiously, she took it in her hand and turned it over. Then she heard Meiru ask, "You're here. Why isn't Second Sister here?" Meng Yunlan shrugged her shoulders and said, "Aren't you going to wait on my mother?" Think of little Qiao's kind of temperament, Mei Ru secretly shocked, and for a moment some lucky, fortunately Fu Zheng did not have a mother and concubine, otherwise can not call her into the palace every day to grind. Mei Ru asked again, "How is Second Sister in your house?" Meng Yunlan blinked her eyes and whispered, "You know how difficult my mother is to deal with. My father and my brother can't resist it. My sister has a really good temper. She always smiles when she is angry, but she doesn't see any annoyance." Thinking about the situation of the second sister, Mei Ru sighed again. Suddenly, Meng Yunlan gave a cry and picked up a letter in the book. "Who wrote this to you?" She exclaimed? Why do you keep it here casually? Meiru couldn't remember. She was stunned for a moment. She took it over and looked at it. Mei Ru smiled. "I don't know who wrote it," she said. I saw that the stroke was very beautiful, so I put it away. "Is it?" Meng Yunlan asked again, "can I see it?" "What's wrong with that?" Meiru said frankly. These lively words floated outside, Fu Zheng Leng Leng stopped his steps, he quieted down. It should be Meng Yunlan who exclaimed, "This stroke is really good,inflatable amusement park, isn't it written by Your Highness?" Fu Zheng's heart sank, and the heaviness pulled his heart and began to ache faintly. If she values anything, she won't show it to others.