Acura Key (NeiNiu)

  • In the early morning, the bright sunshine shone into Yang Tian's home. Yang Tian got up stretching and walked to the bathroom in a daze. He drank a little too much wine yesterday, which caused him to get up late today. Yang Tian pushed the door into the bathroom and did the first thing after he got up, releasing water. Ah A scream, as if to break through the roof, Yang Tian was stunned, only to see Mu Linger standing naked in front of him, crystal clear skin like crystal, so that Yang Tian woke up from a half-awake state. Pow.. With a crisp sound, Mu Linger's slap was thrown on Yang Tian's face. Yang Tian is completely sober, clenching his teeth tightly, he is also angry, I just want to come in and urinate! "Bastard, you bastard". Mu Linger crouched down, blocked his upper body and began to cry. Mu Linger's short hair drifted away, and the jade skin on his back met the eyes of the sunny day. I'm not.. Yang Tian just wanted to say two cruel words, "whine." Mu Linger began to cry. Yang Tian is really helpless, this is not the first time he has experienced the matter of looking at the human body, the first time was in Xiang'er's house, mistakenly thought there was a thief, but caught a Xu Xiaoman, this time in his own home, saw a Mu Linger. I didn't mean to! You know, I drank a lot of wine last night and got up in a hazy way. This is my home. I'm used to it! You also understand me. Yang Tian carefully defended himself, always crying like this is not a thing ah! Mu Ling'er suddenly raised her head. The part below her neck was covered by her hands. Her face was covered with traces. She shouted, "How can I understand you? I haven't been in the bathhouse since I was a child. My body has been seen by you. What do you want me to do?" What do you say? Why don't I take off all my clothes now and let you see it back? Yang Tian said shamelessly. He really couldn't think of anything good to say about the situation. Yang Tian, can you still be shameless? You were like that last night, and you said something like that today. Mu Linger roared. I didn't wash my face when I got up early in the morning, so naturally I was shameless. Said Yang Tian, frowning. Poof. Mu Linger was almost laughed out loud by Yang Tian, with a smile on her face. Then she pointed to Yang Tian. She didn't dare to move too much, for fear of being seen by Yang Tian again. But she didn't know that if Yang Tian wanted to see it, how she could use her hands to hinder it would be of no help. Get out of here. Get out of here. This kind of place of right and wrong, Yang Tian can not want to stay more, if this is more to see a few eyes, a look did not hold, there will be a girl lost her virginity. Yang Tian turned his head, left the bathroom quickly, closed the door tightly, and went to the living room. Whew.. Yang Tian took a big breath, just in the bathroom, he was able to control, but now come out, found that his whole body is hot, Inflatable indoor park , a part of the body still has the meaning of anger. Be honest with me. As soon as Yang Tian patted Xiao Yang Tian, he shouted at him. The sound of crying came from the bathroom, although the bathroom door was closed, but it could not block the tears of crying. Yang Tian listened to Mu Linger's cry, his heart ached, he did not feel that he liked Mu Linger, but did not want to deny that Mu Linger's vitality really attracted him. Fifteen minutes later, Mu Linger walked out of the bathroom in a towel and watched the sun sitting on the sofa, his teeth tinkling with hate. Asshole, get your ass in your own room. Mu Linger screamed. I think I'd better hide in the bathroom. Yang Tian's face was stiff, and he didn't wash his face when he got up, which made Yang Tian feel very uncomfortable. Yang Tian did not shy away and went straight to Mu Linger. What are you doing? What are you doing here? Mu Linger's heart became nervous and watched Yang Tian approach her step by step. Yang Tian walked to Mu Linger's side, Mu Linger felt that his heart would not be able to bear, when the distance between the two was only one centimeter, Yang Tian shook his head sideways, bypassed Mu Linger, and his body almost stuck to the door. The heart said, "What do you think I want to do?"! You are standing at the door like a stone carving. I want to go into the bathroom, but I can't pass by you! "Go to hell," said Mu Linger angrily. He pressed the back of Yang Tian's head with one hand. Yang Tian opened his eyes wide, and he had already seen the action of Mu Linger, but he could not escape. "When", the face of the sun day on the toilet door, but also his mother has no justice, I just said that he is shameless, is polite, you really do not give me face ah! Chapter 205 bitter husband. "Cluck". Mu Linger covered her mouth and snickered. She had tears on her face. After a long smile, her face was blurred. Looking at the sun, her whole face was pasted on the door. Her heart said, "You have no face to see people now!"! As soon as Yang Tian pushed the door, he didn't haggle with Mu Linger. He locked the door with a sound of "Dang". If he didn't close the door, he wouldn't be putting water on himself. Then she rushed in and kicked her buttocks. When the time came, there would be no place to hide and no place to hide. Maybe she would have to leave a sequela for herself. When she saw people lifting their legs, the tendons would be soft. On a sunny day, he put water comfortably and gasped for breath. When he got up in the morning, he was most comfortable at this moment. Yang Tian's action is very quick, three minutes later, finished washing, but also added that half a ton of urine. Yang Tian's action is fast, Mu Linger's action is faster, when Yang Tian walks out of the room, see Mu Linger has already put on the clothes to walk out, although still can see the tears on that face, but Mu Linger's face has become cold. Move out of my way Mu Linger walked to the front of the sun, cold tunnel. Yang Tian got out of the way, Mu Linger went to open the door, and Yang Tian followed him. Don't go out with me. Mu Linger was so cold that he said again. I'm going out to work! Yang Tian said in a weak voice. Hum, I manage you,inflatable floating water park, I go out 15 minutes later, you go again. Mu Linger said coldly that Yang Tian lived on the most side floor of the community. He walked normally and went downstairs and out of the door for no less than ten minutes. He didn't want Yang Tian to keep up with her because she wasn't sure if she would leave tears after she went downstairs. She didn't want this man to see her tears again. Then why don't I go first, and then you go out in fifteen minutes? Don't you have nothing to do? Yang Tian said.