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  • This is to see the big from the small and this phenomenon will exist in many industries This is also the reason why Ye Qian wants to play with these people Ye Qian does not think how tall he is how loyal but these people are the borers of society the people hate them deeply for them it is absolutely not soft With them it is the common people who suffer At noon and in the evening the young policeman brought Ye Qian a rich meal Ye Qian is also very useful fawning words used a lot and gave him more than a thousand yuan There was no expression on the young policeman's face but he was very happy in his heart thinking that he had caught a turtle today In fact the wages of the patrolmen in this form of employment are not high and there is no five insurance and one fund and most of their income depends on these As for Bai Yushuang there Ye Qian is not very anxious he did not go the name will not leave there will be no danger for the time being In fact Ye Qian sometimes is not very clear why nameless to let oneself to protect the white jade frost in the name I believe that no one can hurt the white jade frost Moreover what is the relationship between white jade frost and nameless Ye Qian is also very confused However now that he has promised others Ye Qian naturally has to do his part and do it well Besides Ye Qian also wants to take this opportunity to explore the unknown Sports & Entertainment background perhaps can confirm more Ye Qian has also thought looking for Huangfu Qingtian or Yan Dong they have seen their father Ye Zhengran if they see the nameless must be able to confirm whether he is his father However it is impossible to think carefully I don't know where he is and I don't know when he will come to me I can't let them follow me every day can I Besides if they follow their side I'm afraid the nameless will not appear Therefore from the white jade frost body to find flaws that is the only way The detention room was deserted only Ye Qian was alone the iron door was tightly closed and no one was guarding it In fact if you want to leave here it is a simple thing how can a small iron gate trap him It's just that you should finish what you start If you want to play you should have a good time After all it is a detention room although with the account of Gao Zhuang police Ye Qian's treatment here can not be the same as in the hotel right At dinner time the young policeman brought food and some drinks and never came again They do not want to stay here all night with Ye Qian that is not idle egg pain Therefore the deserted detention room gave Ye Qian some quiet time to think about some problems Also do not know why Ye Qian's mind is always coiled around the figure of the girl called Bai Yushuang involuntarily took a look at the photo the more look more familiar Those eyes look like a person Ye Qian was slightly stupefied and suddenly said "Ah no wonder you look so familiar These eyes are exactly the same as Keer's" This thought through China Factory Ye Qian more and more felt that this white jade frost's facial expression has eight points of similarity with Hu Ke on the facial features may find many Hu Ke's shadows Ye Qian was stunned for a moment is there really such a similar person in the world Or what is the relationship between Bai Yushuang and Hu Ke However Ye Qian has never heard Hu Ke say that she has a sister It seems that all this has to find a flaw in Bai Yushuang's body ww w xia oshu otxtco m Chapter 1620 confusion After thinking about it carefully Ye Qian still dialed Hu Ke's phone and if he didn't confirm it he couldn't put it down all the time Hu Ke has now entered the Haotian Group helping Song Ran to manage the business there responsible for the entertainment industry under the Haotian Group After all before Hu Ke is also a resplendent boss also has the experience to this aspect does some matters also to be familiar with does not have the big question Besides Hu Keben is an intelligent person and he can do a lot of things just by learning a little Ye Qian still remembers the first time he went to Haotian Group Most Office & School Supplies of them were women and they were all women with good temperament and appearance Ye Qian also did not know where Song ran came from to recruit so many beauties the entire Hao Tian Group is simply a beauty group Nowadays Lin Rourou and Hu Ke have also gone to Haotian Group which is a real beauty group After the phone was connected Ye Qian chatted a few words got down to business and asked "Keer I have a question to ask you" Do you have a sister Hu Ke was slightly stupefied for a moment and said in surprise "Why do you ask that" "Oh" It's all right I'm just asking Ye Qian said "Yesterday I occasionally met a girl in the street who looked like you I almost took her for you" "Is there anyone like that" Hu Ke was also a little surprised and said "I don't have a sister I was brought up by my grandfather My parents died in a car accident when I was very young" Later my grandfather sent me to Yunyanmen I haven't heard Grandpa say that I have any sisters and I don't remember them at all "Oh that should be the likeness" Ye Qian said "It's a miracle that there are people who look like each other in this world" By the way how about now Are you used to it in Hao Tian Group Don't be too tired Sometimes when I think about it if it wasn't for you I really don't know what to do You really helped me a lot "Oh you don't like to say such affectation" Hu laughed for a moment and said "Thank you or thank Sister Ran I didn't help you I just came to make a living and get some salary to support my family" With a smile Ye Qian said "Sister Ran definitely wants to thank you and so do you" It is said that a man is thirty years old and I am going to be thirty years old Thirty-five years old When I am thirty-five years old I will retire and take you to live a dull life together "Come on you've been given these visions" Hu Ke said "Where are you now" Have things been settled in Angola 。